Marriage by Contract? No, It’s a Marriage of Convenience – A Countess Who Had Her Engagement Broken Off Lives Vigorously in the Northern Lands – Chapter 14

Chapter 14: The first job

The next day after he left for the battlefield, Liddellina’s room was moved to the mansion. To take over Friedrich’s duties.

When she entered the office, the remaining documents were neatly organized and a catalog was even prepared for Liddellina. Liddellina went through it and tried to grasp the current state of the territory.

The first job was the preparation for the winter of the territory, which he had started halfway through. According to him and Howard’s calculation, there will not be enough firewood this year.

Friedrich had prepared even a proper handover and instructions.

“Amazing. Was this prepared after the war was decided, her husband?”

“Yes, this week has been spent preparing for Okusama, who has been left behind every day and night.”

She can’t help but feel that he is putting emphasis on “for Okusama.”

Howard may wish for the couple to live normally in harmony.

She can sometimes feel it from the edges of his words. But this is all up to Friedrich. After all, he can’t even shorten the distance because he can’t meet.

“I see. That’s kind of you. But again, it’s a war with the neighboring country…”

Despite feeling like she was actually married, her husband left for a distant battlefield.

“Yes, I’m afraid the diplomatic issue has become complicated. I thought it ended two years ago, but it has started again.

Howard says it regretfully.

Currently, the second prince of this country is in charge of diplomacy. She has heard that he is proud and has a fierce temperament. It makes her feel gloomy to think that Friedrich, who is his subject, is involved.

“Danna-sama is a strong person, so I’m sure he’ll be fine this time too.”

Howard tries to comfort her. He is gentle and considerate, unlike Friedrich. How much has she been saved by coming to this house? But when she looks at the lined up servants, she suddenly has a doubt.

“Are there no female servants in this castle?”

“If you need one, we can bring one from a separate residence that Okusama likes.”

Howard answers with a clear face, but this seems strange to her.

“Yes, please bring Dorothy. I plan to gradually increase the number of maids, but is that okay?”

“As you wish, Okusama.”

Howard bows his head.

Does he hate women, or is he as rumored to be homosexual… However, he has said that he lacks emotions.

Liddellina stopped thinking there and decided to focus on the work in front of her.

When she looks at the ledger, she sees that Friedrich has taken his own knights and soldiers with him to the war. And he has also taken the military equipment. A significant portion of the budget is going there. If it’s a royal command, he has no choice but to go to war. If the war drags on, it will put pressure on the economy of the territory. she learned for the first time that war has a great impact on the finances of the territory.

But there is something she has to do now.

First, she must execute the top priority items in Friedrich’s instructions.

“Let’s go ask for firewood in the neighboring Sylnov territory. she would like to leave by the day after tomorrow if possible.”

“You don’t mean, Okusama is planning to come?”

Howard said in surprise.

“Of course. It’s a visit to our neighbors, and I also want to pay her respects.”

“But there are no inns on the way, and it gets cold here at night, unlike in the capital. I’m sorry, but it will be difficult.”

He lowers his eyebrows in confusion.

“It’s okay. I have a strong body, so don’t worry. Also, can you prepare the specialty of this place, the woven fabric?”

The woven fabric is the only specialty of Northweller territory.

“What do you plan to do with the woven fabric?”

“Surely you don’t expect me to go empty-handed?”

Not only Howard, but the other servants also widened their eyes.

“Danna-sama has never done anything like this before.”

“Fufufu, I’m not the lord, I’m just acting on behalf, and I’m a newcomer. So I want to pay her respects to our neighbors, and to ask for something, I need to bring a gift. After all, the instructions say that minor details are left to Liddellina’s discretion.”

At any rate, it won’t matter if she does this because the instructions say that minor details are left to Liddellina’s discretion.


Two days later, Liddellina set off for the neighboring territory to purchase firewood. It was urgent.

She took the letter of introduction that Friedrich had prepared beforehand and got on the carriage. She had to somehow get it done before the territory was completely sealed off by snow and ice.

She had promised him to protect the territory.

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