Marriage by Contract? No, It’s a Marriage of Convenience – A Countess Who Had Her Engagement Broken Off Lives Vigorously in the Northern Lands – Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Is life in the territory going well?

Two weeks have passed since she came to the territory. Her studies are going well, and she has also learned about the local specialties. She has not seen Friedrich since leaving the capital, but she is not worried.

She has been given high-quality dresses to wear, and she does not lack for anything to wear. Above all, she does not have to prepare her own food, and if she wants, she can take a bath in a spacious hot spring every day. There is also a bath in her room if she wants to take a quick bath.

Dorothy said the tub was small, but compared to the bathtub, it was much wider and she could relax with her legs stretched out.

This wonderful environment is a world of difference from before. She already likes it here. All the servants are kind and make good conversation partners. Or will she eventually be unable to endure the loneliness and loneliness of not being loved by her husband if she continues for a long time?

(No, probably not…)

Her husband has a handsome appearance, but he has a scar on his face and a sense of intimidation, so she doesn’t really want to see him if she can avoid it… maybe?

However, she wants to tell him directly, rather than in a letter, about the good treatment and gratitude she feels for this.


During a break from studying, she drank tea and happened to look out the window, and the tower that always stood tall towards the sky caught her eye. It is a fine one, but it seems abandoned with no sign of people.

“Dorothy, is that tower not in use?”

“Yes, she heard that it used to be used by His Lordship when enemies would attack this territory, but now it has been closed.”

“I see…”

Liddellina’s family mansion is not a castle, but just a large house. Therefore, there is no gate and no tower. So she was somewhat curious.

However, since she has been assigned a place to live, she cannot go out on her own. In addition, this separate residence is too spacious for Liddellina to live in alone, and even has a garden. There is no further luxury.

“I would like to see the inside someday.”

“I heard that it is dangerous because it has not been maintained for many years.”

“Yes, that’s too bad.”

Liddellina quenched her curiosity there and returned to studying. she has to work as the acting lord of the territory while her husband is away from the territory. He is a soldier and she doesn’t know what might happen, so she wanted to learn as much as possible as soon as possible.

Suddenly, she felt like she heard a distant howl of a wolf in the middle of the night and Liddellina woke up with a start. It was still not dawn.

She couldn’t fall asleep and got out of bed, opened the curtains and saw a big full moon floating in the night sky. It was not beautiful, but rather eerie, in a pale red moon. The tower stood quietly under the falling starry sky. she felt a fleeting light pass by there.

Liddellina stared intently. No mistake. The light was flickering and moving on the top of the tower.

Dorothy said for sure that the spire was closed. Could it be thieves? No, there is no way thieves could invade from such a high gate. There are also Weller’s private soldiers and tough gatekeepers here. Thinking that far, Liddellina became scared and quickly closed the curtains.

“No way… a ghost?”

That night, she crept into bed trembling.


“Okusama, there is a letter from the capital.”

In the afternoon, Dorothy brought two letters. Without being told, she prepared tea and cake with consideration. she came to trust her without realizing it. At the same time, her husband’s presence became faint.

When she looked at the address, one was from her uncle and the other was from Gilbert. she was about to throw them away without reading them, thinking it was too late for anything, but she was curious about the matter. she reluctantly cut the seal.

The letter from Gilbert said that Yvonne was suffering. Yvonne had lost her place in society after the Duke blamed her in front of everyone, so Gilbert wanted me to come to the capital in the Duke’s place and apologize to everyone at a ball in front of everyone. she immediately rejected this. she had never thought Gilbert was so foolish.

She was about to throw it into the fire, but she decided to keep it for safekeeping.

After that, she reluctantly cut the seal on her uncle’s letter. However, the content was a little serious, saying that the Duke had broken his promise and would not repay the debt. Could this be punishment for the matter with Yvonne…?

Although she is not inclined to take her uncle’s words seriously, she has to check the truth because she still doesn’t know what kind of person her husband is. After all, she came here to marry into debt.

She immediately asked Howard to arrange a place for me to talk to her husband. she gave him her uncle’s letter at the same time.

The next day, she received a reply in a letter saying that he wanted to wait a little because there were things to confirm. she wanted to meet and see his face, but he still did not seem to want to see her.

To correspond by letter while living on the same property…

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