Marriage by Contract? No, It’s a Marriage of Convenience – A Countess Who Had Her Engagement Broken Off Lives Vigorously in the Northern Lands – Chapter 10

Chapter 10: To the Northern Territory

Two days later, Liddellina set off on a journey to the territory with Friedrich. Naturally, the carriage was separate.

As expected, she was able to avoid him. However, a week after the long journey ended, she thought it would have been better to have faced him and talked with the expressionless Friedrich without spending long hours in the same carriage, which was torture.

However, the most amazing thing was that as soon as they entered the territory, the road called the country road continued to shake and the carriage swayed, causing Liddellina to suffer from carriage sickness.

In addition, there were no inns, and they had to camp for two nights while continuing their journey. Even though it was still summer, the cold in the morning and evening was painful.

The Marquisdom was also far from the capital, but since the neighboring Marquisdom was thriving, there was no need to camp out on the way to the capital.

It seems that the territory is large, but it is unsettling to go to an undeveloped land. Of course, the Northweller soldiers who came with servants and guards took care of me, so she was not too inconvenienced.

She left the capital on the seventh day and entered the Weller Marquis’s territory. It is said that his ancestors protected this land from the people called the barbarians.

The carriage advances towards the castle on a cobblestone road. The town does not have a desolate atmosphere, but it is not lively either.

Then, as the carriage ran further towards the small hill, the Weller Marquis’s castle came into view. It has a rough stone appearance and looks more like a fortress than a castle, with a cold feeling. In the back, a strange tower that looks like a watchtower pierces the pale blue sky.

Passing through the castle gate, it splits into two paths. Friedrich heads towards the castle called the main house. The carriage carrying Liddellina goes to another house. This is according to the contract, but Liddellina was not able to greet her husband while still in the carriage.

However, when Liddellina got off the carriage at the other house, she was surprised. A three-story beautiful mansion was built in front of a well-maintained garden.

Stepping into the spacious entrance, the chandelier reflects and swings with dazzling light in the atrium. The interior is elaborate and the floor is warm with parquet.

A fluffy carpet was laid in the salon that was led to, and even a dedicated servant for the other house was provided. It seems that she is welcomed…

She had forgotten the shocking contents of the marriage contract because it was too much, but he did say that he would treat Liddellina as a wife with courtesy.

Even if the other party is the daughter of a baron, he seems to be a man who keeps his promises.

“Okusama, if you have finished unpacking, would you like some tea?”

Dorothy, Liddellina’s exclusive maid whom she met for the first time today, asks with a bright smile.

In the baron’s household, the maids treated her negligently after her cousin went abroad, and Liddellina did everything from laundry to preparing meals herself, but everyone here is very kind and helpful.

The Marquis’s behavior is cold, and he did not see Liddellina’s face during the long journey, but she was feeling depressed under the cold sky of the north. However, considering the kindness of this treatment, there may not be any malice. He must be that kind of person.

Maybe she can manage to do it somehow. A feeling of gratitude has sprouted in Liddellina, who has been drifting so far.


While enjoying the fragrant tea and simple baked sweets unique to the north, Dorothy approached her.

“Okusama, you must be tired from the long journey. Would you like a bath?”

Liddellina’s body was covered in dust from the journey, including the camping, and she was exhausted, so she was happy to have a bath. At her home, she only wiped her body, and she had not been in a bathtub for a long time.

“Yes, please.”

Before the bath, Dorothy brought fruit water. It was a very kind consideration.

“Okusama. The bath house is ready, so please come this way.”

“Bath house? Not a bathtub?”

Liddellina was confused by the words she heard for the first time.

“Yes, the bath house is the pride of the Weller family. Please try it out.”

Dorothy guided Liddellina and went down to the basement from the first floor. After walking down the chilly stone corridor for a while, when she opened the door at the end, steam rose, and on the other side of the marble floor, there was a spacious bath that was rectangularly cut out. It seemed that five or six people could easily enter.

“W-What is this?”

She gapes at the bath filled with hot water.

“This is a hot spring. In the past, it was used to heal the injuries of soldiers and for the convalescence of nobles and ladies after childbirth.”

“How wonderful. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

She was moved to the point where her voice shook.

“This is normal in the northern Marquis’s house. There is also a hot spring in the first floor guest room. There is a small bathhouse in Okusama’s room on the second floor, but unfortunately, it is not a hot spring.”

“I-Is that so? That’s amazing. I never expected to have a bathhouse instead of a bathtub in my room.”

“If the first floor with the hot spring is okay, I can move your room there.”

“N-No need. I really like the view from here.”

That was the truth. Liddellina’s room had a view of the garden. They definitely prepared the best room for me.

“That’s all right. Here’s your clothes, Okusama.”

She was served by someone for the first time in a long time and took a bath.

She was a little embarrassed, but she was used to living that way because she had been doing it until three years ago.

It was clear that Liddellina’s treatment had worsened since her cousin went abroad to study. Thinking back, he might have been the only conscience in that house.

She slowly soaked in the bath to heal the fatigue of her journey. It seems that the vague anger and sadness she had until now melted into the water and her feelings were purified. The rising steam was comfortable. She wanted to stay in the bath for a long time, but she got out of the bath because she was told that the water was getting hot.

And cold water prepared for after the bath.

“Wow, that’s great, everything has been prepared.”

Furthermore, she doesn’t have to take care of her husband.

(Is this happiness… she just don’t have to hope for her husband’s love)

She’s a little worried about rude relatives, but if this is the case, she might get some change back…


And she drank a soup with a clear red color that is unique to this region during her solo dinner. When she put sour cream in it, the beautiful ruby color becomes muddy, but the sourness is just right and the taste is very good. Meat was also served. It has a simple taste, but it is as delicious as a royal meal.

Meat must be a valuable thing in the northern region. Liddellina directly thanked the servant and the chef for their kindness.

At the end of the tea after dinner, a young steward named Howard came from the main house. He was in his mid-twenties. Unlike the owner here, he was a friendly young man with a smile on his face all the time.

“Okusama, she will be in charge of Okusama’s education. May she start the lessons on land management tomorrow? Or would you prefer to get used to the territory here first?”

His words were soft and she felt grateful for his kindness.

“From tomorrow, please. Thank you.”

There is no point in delaying such things. She decided to start studying immediately.

(My husband has fulfilled his promises more than enough. Then, I will do the same…)

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