Limited Time, Kitchen Maid of the Fourth Knight Order ~I Got a Job Because I Don’t Want to Get Married~ – Chapter 73

𝐒𝐭𝐫𝐮𝐠𝐠𝐥𝐞 𝐢𝐧 𝐯𝐚𝐢𝐧

The next day, I felt somewhat off.

Lack of sleep and overthinking had left a haze over my mind. I thought I had hidden it well, but it seemed everyone had noticed.

I was told to stay in my room for the day, and I nodded in agreement.

“You must be tired. Since coming here, Alice has been very active every day. For the sake of Alice’s health, you should rest.”

“It’s just a little sleep deprivation; I’ll be fine.”

In reality, I just couldn’t sleep due to the surprise of the confession, and it felt like playing hooky.

“It would be good for you to rest when you can. We may have to move again suddenly. For Alice’s sake, someone should stay behind.”

When Roa-sama says so, I can only nod.

“Would you mind stopping by Marina’s lab after school? I will write a letter to Thor. I came after class, but you were not there, so I will come again. I will hide the fact that I am not feeling well. Otherwise, Thor, who I just met again yesterday, will try to see me somehow.”

I can’t imagine that Thor would stay away knowing that I’m unwell; the mere thought is terrifying.

“Alice is right. He’ll probably try to contact us in some way and say he wants to come to the room.”

Rolf’s words were spot on. When it comes to me, Thor tends to go a bit overboard.

As Roa-sama nodded, Chris moved immediately.

“I’ll bring the stationery. Let me deliver it.”

“In that case, Edgardo will stay behind first.”

My heart gave a little thud.

With Roa-sama’s decision, everyone started to move, and the room was filled with the hustle and bustle typical of mornings. I couldn’t possibly say no for personal reasons.

Once everyone but Edgardo had left, silence filled the room.

“Will you write the letter in the room?”

“Eh? . . .Yes, I will.”

It’s not that I’m avoiding Edgardo; it’s just a bit embarrassing to have someone watch me write.

I returned to my room and carefully chose my words so the letter could be read by anyone.

In summary, it says I couldn’t meet today but will come again soon, so please focus on your studies until then.

Holding the dried letter, I left the room.

“Edgardo-sama, could you please review this letter? I tried to make it as natural as possible for anyone to read, but I’d like to confirm.”

“Understood. Please hand it over.”

Edgardo’s slightly elongated eyes earnestly followed the text.

“Overall, this is a letter intended for someone close to you. If you are going to say it’s from Tianne, it should be more formal.”

“How should I change it?”

“Let’s see. . . you could remove the greetings and the part about focusing on your studies, and simply write that you’ll contact him when there’s a reason. He knows the circumstances, so he’ll realize that he’ll be called when he can be. We only need to make it acceptable for anyone else who might read it; actually, you can go meet him without calling.”

“Thank you! It seems better to write it while consulting with Edgardo-sama.”

I brought ink and a pen from my room and wrote while consulting with Edgardo.

We’re a bit too close, but because Edgardo maintains his usual demeanor, I can also act as if it’s nothing.

After finishing the letter and placing it in the room, I returned to find Edgardo had brought a bottle of tea.


“Let’s take a little break. Would you like some pie? We also have Florentine.”

Sitting next to Edgardo on the sofa, the tension that had momentarily eased somewhere resurfaced.

Edgardo slumps beside me.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make Alice uncomfortable. I didn’t know it would make you feel so sick. . .”

“That’s not it! I just didn’t get enough sleep. . . .It was my first time being confessed to.”

The phrase “in this lifetime” comes to mind.

It’s not entirely wrong since it was my first sincere confession.

“Is it your first time?”

Edgardo’s cheeks flush a rosy color, emitting a sense of allure I can’t replicate.

“Yes. So. . . I’ve been overthinking.”

“Just knowing that you don’t dislike it makes me happy.”

A voice calls out, “Alice.”

The voice is sickly sweet, like sugar reduced to a syrup.

“May I touch your hair?”

“Ah. . .I’m a little uncomfortable with my head being touched.”

“Then, just the tips.”

I’m not used to being pleaded with like this.

“Is there something stuck in it?”

A low chuckle is heard.

Edgardo pulls out a beautifully embroidered handkerchief from his pocket. It’s ornate because it’s meant for use as a valet.

He carefully picks up a strand of my hair as if handling fragile glass. He kisses the handkerchief that envelops the hair.

“I hope at least some of my love reaches you through this.”

The handkerchief is folded, and the strand of hair, now infused with love, returns to its original position as if nothing happened.

“Let’s take a little break. You look pale from the lack of sleep.”

I watch Edgardo go to the kitchen to clean the dishes.

I’m aware my face is red, but I blame it on Edgardo.

“So, is this what Edgardo-sama’s struggles will continue to be like?”

Neither my heart nor my body feels like it can hold on much longer.

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