Limited Time, Kitchen Maid of the Fourth Knight Order ~I Got a Job Because I Don’t Want to Get Married~ – Chapter 18

𝟏𝟎𝟎 𝐜𝐚𝐭𝐬

Recently, the sunlight has started to grow stronger. I walk cheerfully, inhaling the refreshing scent of greenery before the arrival of full-fledged summer.

Weekends filled with culinary adventures and cooking practice have become the norm for me, Edgardo, and Rolf. We’ve become much more at ease with each other than we could’ve initially imagined. Usually, they come to my dorm on weekends, but today it seems they have some other plans.

Given that, I decided to spend the morning relaxing, making use of the hammock Edgardo gave me.

Once a month, I buy a lot of cake, and Edgardo, perhaps feeling guilty, asked me the other day if there was something I wanted.

Cooking practice is fun, and so are our culinary outings. I told Edgardo I didn’t want anything, but he wasn’t satisfied, so I eventually settled on a hammock. A portable and cute one.

Edgardo seemed puzzled for a moment, then had a quiet discussion with Rolf, and briskly left, saying he needed to get permission.

“Well, this is royal land after all. It’s better to get permission beforehand to avoid complications later.”

“With just a hammock?! I’ll go stop Valka-sama!”

“Ah, don’t worry about it. Edgardo is probably just happy to finally be able to do something.”

“Eh. . .Wanting to do something? Doesn’t Valka-sama not move much every day?”

“Well, he’d go there?”

“Is he slacking off? But Valka-sama doesn’t seem like that type.”

“Edgardo is working diligently every day. Listen, if you make such a misunderstanding, he’ll be stuck in training indefinitely.”

While Rolf was clearing up my misunderstanding, Edgardo came back. His glowing face made it clear that he got the permission, but since he looked like he wanted to say it, I asked anyway.

“Welcome back. How did it go?”

“I got the permission! I’m very happy, but. . .Miss Norchev, you seem to have connections with various people.”

“Is that so?”

The only people I interact with are friends who have become married women due to a marriage rush and the lord knights of this knight order.

While I can’t meet my married friends as before, we keep in touch through letters. I’m busy with my job, and they’re busy adapting to their new lives in marriage.

A friend who married into a higher-ranking family might have some acquaintance with the royal family. To find this out so quickly, I must be under thorough investigation.

I received the hammock with somewhat mixed feelings, but the hammock itself is innocent. I set it up in a pleasant spot not far from the dorm, bathed in dappled sunlight.

The light green is easy on the eyes. I’m also wearing a uniform in a similar shade of opal green, so I blend in with the trees.

Why am I wearing a uniform on a day off? Because I don’t have any other clothes. I didn’t bring many day dresses because I thought I didn’t need them given that I have a uniform. It’s not a good outfit for cooking practice, and I’ll run out of clothes if they get dirty.

I’ve been told the uniform can get dirty, so I plan to use it to the fullest extent.

I take off my shoes and lie down on the assembled hammock.

“Ah. . .this is a new sensation.”

Sleeping in a cradle as a baby must feel something like this.

While reading a cookbook, I unknowingly fell asleep.






“Quit messing around! Do you have any idea how hard I’ve been working?! While you were busy chasing women!”

A dull thud resonates.

“I’ve been tirelessly practicing my swordsmanship from dawn to dusk! What, huh?! I hope you get stabbed from behind by a woman and die!!”

Ugh, so noisy. . .

A unique lethargy from napping has overtaken my body. As I slightly open my eyes and turn my head to the side, a soft pink color is swinging like headbanging.

“One day, I’ll beat you to a pulp in front of everyone and crush your pride!”

Rene Kukura is there.

An angelic face, always taking the lead to eat and complimenting the taste, a true lord knight. But now, he has a demonic expression, violently beating something resembling a scarecrow with a wooden sword.

“Eek. . .”

The moment I involuntarily swallow my breath, the noise abruptly stops.

With jerky movements that remind me of a puppet, Rene’s burning eyes lock onto me.

Scary face!! Rene’s eyes aren’t smiling even though the corners of his mouth are lifted.

“Ah. . .Miss Norchev.”

Despite the situation, I can’t help but be both scared and impressed by Rene’s audacity to keep up his charade.

“Perfect timing. Want to talk?”

“Um, sure. Would you like to come to my dorm?”

“Huh? Aren’t you scared?”

I wish he’d stop suddenly throwing off the act.

“I am, but. . .”

There are security magic tools in the dorm. If need be, I plan to put a pot on my head and fight back.

“Ah. . .Well, whatever. I’m thirsty. I’d like some tea.”

“Is water okay?”

“You’ve got guts.”

I just don’t have the confidence to make good tea yet. I guess I’ll just have to get him to put up with any bitterness.

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