Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 98


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟗𝟖

“Did you call for me, Sofia-sama?”

Milan, who came to the crown prince’s office as soon as the afternoon arrived, is smiling as usual.

Although small in stature, she’s a little plump and ties her near-white blonde hair into one at the back.

She’s a little younger than grandfather, but she’s actually at an age when she should have retired long ago.

Rather, since I insisted on bringing her back after she retired, 

I can’t say much about it.

“I’m sorry, Milan.

I called you to have this checked.

Do you know whose handwriting this report is?”

When handed the report, Milan is looking at it, moving it closer and farther from his eyes.

. . .Maybe she can’t see very well.

“I apologize. My eyes have become blurry for a few years now,

I can somehow read it by looking like this, but the letters appear blurred.

I can’t really tell by the handwriting alone. . .

Is there something wrong with this report?”

“That’s what it is.

These reports have the same handwriting, so I think the same person wrote them,

But the names on the reports were different.

There were four of them, and I was wondering who wrote them.”

“Four people? May I ask?”

When David tells the four names, she starts to say something unexpected.

“Ah, one of them,

Celine was someone I thought should meet with Sofia-sama.”

“Meet with me?”

“Yes. I was thinking of recommending her as a chief court lady candidate.

She’s very competent, serious, and reliable.”

“So, is that what the court lady wrote?”

If Milan trusts her, there’s probably no problem with her character.

If so, is this person writing the reports of the other three as well?

But if so, why is she doing the work of others? The question remains.

“Sofia-sama, if it’s someone the chief court lady wants to meet,

Why don’t you call her directly and ask her?”

“Celine here?”

“Yes. How about asking her about the other three reports at that time?”

It’s not possible to call all four and ask, and if you’re going to call a representative to ask,

It’s good to call Celine, David seems to think so.

Pausing from work, I turn my eyes to Chris and Kyle, who were listening to our conversation,

To hear their thoughts.

“Yeah, I think that’s good too.”

“If you’re curious, just call and ask.

If you still doubt, why not have someone investigate behind the scenes?”

“If Kyle and Chris think so too. . .

Alright. Milan, can you tell Celine to come?”

“Understood. There is something you want to investigate.

I’ll leave the matter undisclosed to Celine.”

Even though I mentioned doubting Celine, whom Milan trusts, 

I summoned Celine without informing her about the purpose.

I thought she might take offense, but Milan laughed cheerfully.

“Fufufu. If she can’t handle being doubted, she can’t be a court lady.

If she is being doubted, it is Celine’s duty to explain.

Feel free to interrogate her as you please.”

“So that’s how it is.

Understood. I’ll ask Celine.”

Maybe Milan believes in Celine that much.

If that’s the case, I’ll try to throw out a question without worrying.

Celine came to the Crown Prince’s chamber an hour after that.

Despite the sudden call, the tall Celine,

Doesn’t seem to be disturbed by it.

She bows gracefully, and I tell her to raise her face as she keeps her head down.

She has a plain face without makeup, but her green eyes stare straight at me.

She doesn’t seem to have anything to be guilty about.

A court lady that Milan can trust.

“Sorry for calling you suddenly during work.

Celine, you wrote this report, didn’t you?”

When I show her the report signed in Celine’s name, she nods and says, “Yes.”

There doesn’t seem to be any hesitation in her reply.

“Was there any problem?”

“No, the writing is very beautiful, and there is no problem with the content.”

“Oh, the writing was transcribed by a colleague, so there should be no problem.”

“Eh? Transcribed?”

“Yes. My handwriting is messy, like a scrawl, you see. . .

A few years ago, I realized that the chief court lady had trouble reading it,

So I’ve been having a colleague with beautiful handwriting transcribe it before submitting.”

Transcribed! I see.

Her messy handwriting is embarrassing, and her expression breaks slightly.

But she talks about it without hiding, so she must think it’s not a problem.

Perhaps the other three are also transcribing. . .No, that can’t be the case.

The way the reports are written is too similar.

If it were just transcribed, there would have been more differences.

“Who is transcribing it?”

“It’s Chloe, a court lady of the same year as me.”

A court lady of the same year.

Celine seems to be in her late twenties.

If Chloe is of the same year, she should be the same age.

But I’ve never seen a report written under the name Chloe.

. . .A court lady without a charge at this age?

That would be a strange story in itself.

“. . .Could you call Chloe for me?”

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