Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 96


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟗𝟔: 𝐊𝐲𝐥𝐞’𝐬 𝐏𝐎𝐕

“Yeah. Even if they regretted they were wrong,

His mother is already gone, right?

Even if they wanted to atone, it’s too late.

And yet, the sin is too heavy to bear.

So, by being cold to Kyle, 

They probably wanted to think that they weren’t wrong after all.”

“Having said that, I feel that way.

I could have left without ever seeing me,

But they deliberately came to throw stones.

If they really hated me, they should have just not come to see me, I thought.

Klaus had a face that looked cornered.

Maybe, he had faintly noticed it since that time.”

“But the ones who suffered were Kyle and Okaa-sama.

. . .I think it’s okay not to try to understand it forcefully.”

There were several things that came to mind.

If throwing stones at me had satisfied them,

They should have looked more relieved, I thought.

Even though I was the one who was hurt and in pain,

I felt it was unreasonable for Klaus to look hurt.

Now that time has passed and I can think objectively,

I realize that Klaus might have been suffering too.

The environment where young Klaus was placed was harsh.

Separated from his mother, filled with malice, and he had no choice but to believe it.

There was no escape in the closed-off Ahrens.

That may still be the case.

Klaus will continue to be in Ahrens.

He cannot escape from Ahrens, from the past.

I will probably never return to Ahrens.

I am no longer imprisoned by Ahrens or my mother.

Because the princess, because Sofia saved me.

“It’s Sofia.

Sofia needed me.

She said she wouldn’t be lonely if I was by her side.

She told me she wanted to be with me forever.”

“Did I save Kyle?”

The person who saved me probably didn’t have any intention like that at all, though.

But even when tormented until broken, Sofia’s eyes remained beautiful.

I wondered how much strength it would take to remain unbroken.

“I decided to live by Sofia’s side.

To become stronger than anyone else, so that Sofia will never be hurt again.

Well, I do ponder about Ahrens again and again like this,

But I know well that I’m no longer a person of the Margrave.

So, I might feel a little guilty.”


“I’m happy now.

Looking at Klaus, he didn’t seem very happy.

I’m not saying I don’t resent the past, but I think it’s okay now.

I don’t mind if he lives happily somewhere unrelated.”

I may not be able to look back at the past like I have,

But I don’t want my father and brothers to be unhappy.

It might seem heartless from my deceased mother’s perspective, but something more important has come into my life.

“. . .I see.

If Kyle is happy now, that’s good.”

“Yeah, I’m okay.

I can hold Sofia like this.

So, I’m happy.”

Even as she grows, the small Sofia fits snugly in my arms.

A slender body that seems like it could break, swirling with strong magical power.

Embracing Sofia, full of life,

I feel like I’m truly alive here.

If I hug her a little too tightly, I think it might hurt,

But she smiles happily, pressing her cheek to my chest.

I’m glad she lets me do as I want,

I desperately hold back from losing control.

Unlike when she was a child, there’s a soft feeling when I embrace her.

I know she has grown up,

But when I hold her, it comes through more clearly.

. . .I should have learned from Arno’s case, but the answer doesn’t come.

Sofia won’t just be mine.

She has decided to live for this country, as a queen.

I know. But my heart can’t fully accept it.

I really want Sofia to be only mine.

I don’t want to sully her, but I want to make her mine.

As her fiancé, I’m embracing her like this, wanting her to get used to it,

But we haven’t done anything sexual yet.

Usually, it would be time to put her to bed by now,

But I keep holding her since Sofia doesn’t say anything.

Eventually, Sofia starts dozing in my arms because she’s sleepy,

But I can’t let go, and I keep watching her sleeping face.

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