Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 79


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟕𝟗

“…How come you know so much, Kyle?”

At that time, information about the Barrier Maidens was not disclosed.

Even in history books from other countries, nothing should have been known about witches.

Why does he know so much, even when it’s not even left in this country?

“I used to shut myself in my room because I had nothing to do.

My tutors taught me the bare minimum, and I had no one to play with.

All I could do was read old documents that were in the house.

I took dusty materials into my room and scoured through them.

Among them, there was something very interesting.

Just at the border of Margrave’s territory and neighboring Marquis Millecker’s territory, a barrier was created.

The witch trapped in that tower was Lilia.

She was still a witch who had not reached adulthood.”


Why that name?

A name that nobody called by the end.

“The Barrier Maidens were using their lives to create the barrier.

Naturally, one by one, they died, and in the end, only Lilia was left.

Lilia continued to create the barrier alone for fifty years,

And yet she continued to study magic within the tower.”

“Huh? She must have been drained of magic instead of magic stones, right?

It’s impressive that she still had the energy to study magic.”

“Lilia was apparently born into nobility.

She had far more magical power and knowledge than other witches.

Even when she became a sacrifice as a Barrier Maiden, she did it for the sake of protecting the country, so,

It seems she didn’t hold any grudges at all.

It’s amazing. A young lady, not yet an adult, thinking about living for the country to that extent.

For the sake of improving the country, making the lives of the people easier,

She continued her research in magic until the end, passing it on without reservation.

The book I read was written by a merchant who delivered food and living goods to Lilia.

Such a wonderful witch should not be forgotten.

It was passed down in Tyrnia, and was left as it was.”

“I see, it’s quite ironic.

A merchant left a book so the witch who lived for the country would not be forgotten,

And yet, it was only left in an enemy country.”

That merchant couple who wrote such a book.

They were happy to meet people and talk,

And when they came to deliver, they only talked while having a cup of tea.

If I let them stay too long, it might also affect the merchants, so,

I couldn’t speak much.

But they were always smiling, the wife, and the husband, who looked stern but was kind.

I see. . .That couple is no longer alive.

“That’s true. . . I loved that book and read it repeatedly.

No, I loved the way that witch lived.

A life lived for someone, even if not officially recognized by the country,

Made me feel like I shouldn’t give up either.”

“Ah, so that’s why Kyle worked so hard at the academy.”

“Yes. I wanted my parents to recognize me,

But more than that, I thought I should keep trying even if no one recognized me.

If a young lady before adulthood could do it, there’s no way I couldn’t.

If it weren’t for that book, I think I would have been rotten too.”

“I finally understand.

Kyle was not striving to be evaluated by someone.

No wonder I can’t beat him like that.”

“No, if Chris had been trying from the beginning, I would have lost.

You slacked off at first, right?”

“. . .No way. You knew?”

“Chris, you stood out from the beginning–we were in the same classroom, so I knew.”

A slightly sulky Chris, and a half-teasing Kyle.

I just listened to their conversation, as time passed by.

It didn’t matter if no one recognized me; it’s not like that.

It’s not something great.

There were times when I struggled, and it seemed like I would regret it.

There were many nights when what I was doing looked trivial, and I ended up crying.

It was painful that I couldn’t greet anyone when I woke up in the morning.

I couldn’t even bid farewell to the companions who were passing away.

I wondered why I was born.

I didn’t know the answer until the end.

But there was someone who knew me.

In this era, here.

Kyle knew me.

I was happy about that, and I felt a tremor deep in my heart.

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