Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 102


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟎𝟐

Taking Kyle’s hand, they checked the location, and then Chris, Kyle, and I transported there.

They must have chosen a place where nobody was around. There was no sign of people nearby.

“Is this. . .the west palace?”

“Yes, let’s approach invisibly.”

To think I would come here again. . .I lived here until I was seven, but 

Perhaps because it was getting close to evening, the place seemed dim, and the buildings looked quite aged.

It’s a palace that has been used as a warehouse due to deterioration.

It’s unthinkable that a court lady would have to work in the west palace at this hour.

As we walk down the corridor while invisible, a woman’s voice can be heard from inside.

Since it’s an empty building, even a quiet voice can be heard well.

Approaching to check, it seems like they are talking in the linen storage area.

Peeking inside, three court ladies were standing surrounding Chloe.

From here, only their backs can be seen, but their hair is close to blonde.

Perhaps they are court ladies from high-ranking noble families.

“Why are you always resting?

Thanks to you, the report isn’t ready.”

“That’s right. Hurry up and write the report.”

“Uh, but. . .um. . .”

Are those the court ladies from that report?

I can hear voices blaming Chloe.

It seems that Chloe can’t talk back.

. . .This must be how they’ve been dumping work on her all along.

“You’re getting paid, so

You should do some work.

We’re sharing the work with you, so be grateful.

Make sure you come and write the report tomorrow! Got it?!”

“Um. . .I wasn’t. . .resting.”

“What? . . .You weren’t resting. We didn’t see you in the court lady’s office.”

“That’s right. We looked for you, but you weren’t there for two weeks.

Thanks to that, we missed the deadline for the report.

Hurry up and come out and work.”

Because Chloe wasn’t in the court lady’s office, the report wasn’t ready.

It seems they didn’t even think to write it themselves.

Not only dumping the work but blaming someone else for what they couldn’t do.

I almost sighed, but I quietly entered the room without making a sound.

I was told to wait for a decisive moment, but 

I wanted to help right away after that.

I intended to stay as close as possible and watch over her.

“Um. . .I wasn’t resting, I was transferred.”

“Huh? Chloe was transferred?”

“Because you can’t work at all, you were transferred, right?”

“Eh? Could it be that you became a lower servant?”

“No way. Did you become a washerwoman?

Oh, how fitting!”

Three people’s laughter overlaps. A laugh that makes fun of Chloe.

Their heavily made-up faces, gaudy for court ladies, twist uglily.

. . .Ah, how disgusting. It reminds me of the former chief court lady’s laugh.

How can they look down on others and laugh like this?

I became worried that Chloe might be hurt.

Chloe, who had been looking down, raises her face.

Her face was strong as if she had resolved something.

“. . .I have been transferred to the Crown Prince’s office.”


“I am no longer attached to the court lady’s office, so I am not doing the court lady’s chores.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I am working with the head of the Crown Prince’s office!

So, I can no longer write your reports!”

Perhaps because she had been working with David for the past two weeks.

Chloe seemed able to speak with more confidence.

Though surrounded by the three and apparently frightened, she was trembling but speaking back properly.

However, that sense of relief was short-lived.

“What are you talking about, spouting such nonsense?

There’s no way Chloe would ever be chosen as the crown prince’s attendant.”

“That’s right. If Chloe gets chosen, then we would be chosen too.”

“Don’t tell such a ridiculous lie just because you don’t want to write the report.

. . .It seems like we must teach you a lesson.”

“. . .It’s not a lie!”

“Yeah, yeah, hold her down~.”


Assuming Chloe’s statement to be a lie, two court ladies grab Chloe’s arms.

Despite her struggle, the slender Chloe cannot shake them off, and another court lady approaches.

“I might get caught if I hit your face~.

But looking at Chloe’s face makes me want to hit her~.”

“It’s okay. Chloe, you always walk with your head down.

And you don’t talk to anyone.

Even if your face changes shape, no one will care.”

“That’s true too~.

So, let’s just go for the face until we get bored.”

In the remarks of the court ladies who seem to enjoy inflicting violence on others,

I felt a sensation as if everything in front of me turned bright red.

The court lady approaches Chloe with a grin.

As the arm swung down with all its might, Kyle’s scream was heard.


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