I’m Going to Marry a Poor Count in the Middle of Nowhere and I’m Going to Work Hard to Reform My Territory – Chapter 8

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“First of all, I need to have my luggage carried.”

“Oh, yeah.”

They left Frederic and the others waiting outside.

“Where do you want me to carry my luggage?”

“It’s a little better upstairs…”

She went up the stairs, and it was indeed a little better.

The servants and their assistants began carrying the luggage at Frederick’s direction.

Serge’s castle servants also pitched in.

The upstairs was also very old, with damaged floors and walls, but the furniture was in good condition, and the doors and windows were not broken.

It had been thoroughly cleaned.

But it was a tiny castle.

There were not many rooms, and half the roof had collapsed. The rooms on the west side were almost unusable.

The east wing, on the other hand, which housed the master’s rooms, was undamaged, and the ladies-in-waiting, who had taken Angelique’s belongings to the master’s bedroom, placed her clothes in the ladies’ dressing room.

As Angelique looked around the room with Serge, she noticed that there was only one large bed with a canopy.

“Is that the only bedroom?”

“There’s a guest room and several children’s rooms, but I’m only using this one at the moment.”

“You only use this one?”

“It’s the only usable room…”

As expected.

“Is there a problem?”

Angelique shakes her head and laughs.

The wedding had not yet taken place, but the deed had been signed by the king. There was nothing wrong with them sleeping in the same bed, since they were already married on paper.

Angelique would sleep alone with Serge in this room starting tonight.

At that time, Serge and I will…

She was sad and bitter, but also a little nervous and excited.

This had never happened to her before, when she was to marry Prince Ernest.

She had just assumed it would be difficult because Mrs. Berean, a special education teacher, had told her that they would have to do things like this once they were a couple. It’s a little gross, but everyone else puts up with it, so she figured she would too.

She recalled that while she was walking through her territory, she noticed the young men and women happily hugging each other. She envied them, thinking that if they were with someone they cared about, they could accept hugs, kisses, and other tender gestures with joy.

a joy she could never have.

It’s only been a few hours since they met. She doesn’t even know what Serge is like.

“Ah, that reminds me, what about your family?”

Angelique inquired abruptly.

The other rooms are empty. That means Serge is the only one present.

After asking, she was concerned that she had asked the wrong thing. She was sorry if there was any inconvenience.

“My family is in the capital.”

Serge replied.

Angelique was relieved. It is comforting to know that they are still alive and well.

But if they are living apart for some complicated reason, it’s best not to ask any more questions.

But it’s really strange that a nobleman who has a castle in the capital lives in such a remote place.

Serge gushes out, noticing that she is making a difficult face.

“Don’t look at me like that. I’m fine. I have an older brother, so I was just given the extras.”

“I understand. But if you’re a count and you have an older brother…”

Serge is a count despite ruling a remote region.

His family must have a high standing.

As if sensing Angelique’s doubt, he told her.

“I was born a son of the Dukes of Barnier.”

It was a famous family like the Dukes of Montan.

Angelique knew in her heart that she was already convinced after hearing that.

That explains why his father agreed so quickly.

The king probably felt the same way. Even if Ernest was angry and wanted to end the marriage, it would not look good if the duke’s daughter, who was betrothed to the prince, was married to a simple landlord.

At least they could choose a marquis or even a count who held a high position in the center of the kingdom.

Nevertheless, Serge, of all people, was chosen. Although descended from the dukes, Serge ruled over one of the most remote regions of the country.

Her former fiance, Ernest, was probably eager to keep Angelique as far away from him as possible.

On the one hand, she was curious about Ernest’s behavior, but on the other hand, Angelique was grateful for the fate that had fallen into her lap as a result.

Angelique was almost convinced, but then Serge dropped a bombshell.

“My parents disowned me, though.”

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