I’m Going to Marry a Poor Count in the Middle of Nowhere and I’m Going to Work Hard to Reform My Territory – Chapter 3

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Angelique went to her sisters’ room on the east side of the castle.

Angelique had two younger sisters, Marlene, 14, and Francine, 10.

Marlene had golden hair and blue eyes like their mother, and Francine had chestnut hair and hazel eyes like Angelique.

They are the sweet sisters Angelique has cared for since their mother died in an epidemic six years ago.

Since their mother was naturally frail, the maids had taken care of all her children. Therefore, their lives have remained relatively unchanged despite their mother’s death.

However, they still feel sad and lonely.

They needed someone to talk to from time to time about their problems and worries.

Angelique remembered her mother and tried to be as relaxed and polite as possible when she talked to them. This is because Angelique’s friends and ladies-in-waiting often complained to her that she was too quick and brash.

“Francine, Marlene. Calm down and listen.”

It was just about three o’clock, so she had her tea ready and stood in front of them.

“Onee-sama, Charlotte just told me something funny.”

“Charlotte said you were mean to everyone.”

Charlotte is the second daughter of Viscount Barabou, her father’s brother, and Angelique’s cousin. She is the same age as Angelique, 18.

Like Angelique, she is graduating from high school this year, but she is not yet engaged. She is in the minority among the ladies of the school.

Viscount Barabou’s castle is on the outskirts of the capital and Charlotte often visited the Dukes of Montan. The school was located in the central district of the capital, just like the castle of the Dukes of Montan.

And in the central district there were many stores selling clothes and fans. Charlotte argued that it would be a waste of time to return to her family’s castle every time she wanted to shop.

Angelique, on the other hand, was aware that she was passing the bill to the Dukes of Montana while she was at it.

She told her father once, but he just laughed and told her to think of her as a fourth daughter.

The Dukes of Montan clearly have a strong financial position, not only for their produce and dairy products, but also for teaching people how to sell their processed goods. It also doesn’t hurt that they spend extra money on a dress or fans. But Angelique still thinks there’s a difference between that and this.

Angelique and her sisters Marlene and Francine constantly make necessary visits to hospitals and nursing homes for the common people, while Charlotte does not.

It was not acceptable to use what was available but not do what was necessary for the people. Still, it’s pointless to complain. She didn’t want to blame anyone, so she just stated the facts and left the rest to her father.

“Charlotte told me that Onee-sama has broken off her engagement to Ernest-sama.”

“That’s not true. I know that Onee-sama will stay in the castle with Ernest-sama as her son-in-law from now on.”

“That is what I want to tell you, Marlene and Francine.”

Angelique chooses her words carefully.

“I’m going to see Count Voltaire in Bourg tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow? When will you be back?”

“I won’t be back for a while…”

Francine’s face contorted with worry.

“Francine, you have to be strong without me.”


“Marlene, take care of Francine too. You will make it together.”

She gently reminded them that if they had any questions, they should contact her.

There was a part of the state of the Dukes of Montan that was also near Bourg, and letters could be sent and received by horse-drawn carriage.

There is also an owl service for emergencies.

“Don’t you know how to use an owl?”

They both nodded.

The Dukes of Montan, whose lands were spread all over the country, exchanged letters with well-trained owls. They were primarily a means of communication for their own business, but for a fee they also delivered letters for their clients.

Since each intermediate station had its own specialized keeper, the cost of this service was high. Nevertheless, the speed of transmission was so high that the demand was absurdly high.

Angelique and the others had to get their father’s permission before using it. In emergencies that can’t wait for permission, they pay as customers.

Angelique confirmed to them.

“As often as possible, send only standard letters by horse-drawn carriage. It takes longer, but they won’t get lost with the Montan family’s horse-drawn mail service.”

“Will Onee-sama write too?”

“Yes. I promise to write to you as soon as I get settled.”

She smiled.

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