I Was on the Verge of Dying From Overwork, so I Ended Up Getting Married to a Prince From a Neighboring Country – Chapter 39

Chapter 39: No one’s going to hurt you

“He had a head injury and burns on his left hand… Fortunately, it’s not life-threatening, but he will need to rest for a while.”

“…I understand. Thank you.” 

His Highness is in bed, and the doctor in the castle has seen him.

What happened has already spread.

His Highness has been hurt.

The rumors quickly spread.

an accident that happened during my work.

Isn’t this on purpose?

Rumors are circulating in the royal city.

[She has finally revealed her true nature, which she had been hiding.]

There has been much speculation.

The Knight Commander and Minister Morgen summoned me to the Order’s reception room.

“Can you tell us what happened, Phyllis-sama?”


I inform them of the situation.

It was quiet. 

Nobody else spoke except for me… They didn’t even crack a smile.

No, of course they didn’t. 

It’s not a pleasant situation.

The other knights and doctors present also seem heavy-hearted.

“I see. I understand your predicament. However, there are many unanswered questions—what do you think, Minister Morgen?”

“Well… Normally, I would inquire about His Majesty’s wishes, but… Phyllis-sama, could you please stay in your room for a while?”

I’m being investigated.

They suspect that my will is involved in this incident. 

I’m terrified of how they look at me.

They’re staring at me in ways I’ve never seen before… I’ve never seen them stare at me so intently.

I look down and respond.



“No! Lena-chan-sama, Leoness-sama!”

“How come I can’t go in there?!”

“Onesama did nothing wrong!”

“Not until his Highness regains consciousness, at least.”

Outside, there is a commotion.

It’s Leo-kun and Lena-chan’s voices. 

They’re concerned about me.

They are lovely kids.

Neither of them appears to believe it is my fault.

That’s a relief. 

Yes, it isn’t me.

Clearly, whatever His Highness touched at the time had been prepared by someone other than me.

Has someone placed an explosive ornament without my knowledge?

It had already been mixed in before I realized it.

Was it aimed at His Highness from the start? 

Or was it originally intended for me…?

If that’s the case, His Highness has suffered on my behalf.

“… I…”

Oh, my God.

This would not have happened if I had checked first.

If anyone had been harmed, it should have been me.

In agony, regret grows.

After a while, it gets dark outside.

I’m still in my room at dinnertime.

I informed them that I did not wish to eat.

I’m not in the right condition to let it pass through my throat.

I hurt someone with something that was meant to be fun.

I hurt His Highness.


“? No, I don’t!”


Outside, I hear a commotion.

Is someone arguing? 

Is it Leo-kun and Lena-chan again?

However, that voice…

“Just leave—this is the bedroom of my wife.”

“――Your Highness?”

I jumped out of bed and dashed to the front door.

The door bangs open at that precise moment.

“Isn’t it completely dark?”

“Y-Your Highness!”

“Phyllis, at least turn on the light.” 

“H-How did you… Aren’t you hurt?!”

As I panic, His Highness sighs.

He took his time and lit the room.

His left hand and head are wrapped in bandages.

“It’s nothing—didn’t the doctor say it’s not life-threatening?”

“B-But you should rest.”

“I will. Right here.”


His Highness lies down on my bed. 

With a puzzled expression on my face, I look at him.

I make eye contact with His Highness.

“Sit next to me—let’s talk about it.”


I do as instructed and sit down beside His Highness.

He brings his face close to mine and begins to speak in a voice that only the two of us can hear.

“Don’t worry about it.” 

“Y-Your Highness…?” 

“It’s about the explosion—you were not to blame. I don’t believe you could have made that error. Someone set you up and blamed you for it.”

His Highness analyzed the situation calmly.

He had just woken up from an injury.

“So? What do you think? Was that really your grant?”

“N-No. I didn’t do it. It must have slipped into it somehow…” 

“I knew it. It’s almost certainly the Schwigel faction. The rumors are the appetizer, and this is the main course. Perhaps they’re attempting to pit you and I against each other.

“…I’m sorry.” 

I apologize in a hushed voice. 

I can’t even look His Highness in the eyes.

“If only I had double-checked…”

“…Then you would have been hurt back then—do you think it would have been better that way?”

“It’s better than his highness being hurt…”

“Face me!”


When I looked down, I was forced to look forward with my cheeks clamped together.

His Highness’ face is almost touching mine.

Even our breathing is audible to each other.

Suddenly, I get a rush.

“I don’t doubt you—I’m not even mad at you.”

“Your Highness …”

“The only problem is that I’m a prince—you are more of a victim in this situation. You are not required to feel responsible.”


“The others are the same. They don’t doubt you, Minister Morgen, the Knight Commander; they have their positions, and “they” are keeping an eye on them. So they had to react accordingly, but they’re really worried about you. I met and spoke with them when I awoke earlier.”

In a gentle tone, His Highness informed me.

that they didn’t hold it against me.

that they believe me. 

My heart shook when I realized this.


Tears flowed.

“Don’t cry. It’s not over yet—Isn’t the festival just around the corner?”

“B-But Your Highness is…” 

“Don’t worry about my injury. In a week, I’ll be fine. I’ll do my best to recover in time—will you help me?”


I wipe away my tears and make up my mind. 

From now on, I will not fail.

For His Highness and those who have faith in me.

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