I Was Forced To Quit Being a Nun and Get Married Because of a Divine Prophecy ~the Wise Prince Who I Am Actually Marrying Is Someone Who Dotes on Me Excessively~ – Chapter 17

I Was Forced To Quit Being a Nun and Get Married Because of a Divine Prophecy ~the Wise Prince Who I Am Actually Marrying Is Someone Who Dotes on Me Excessively~ – Chapter 17

Chapter 17: It’s Different

The next day, I woke up in an unfamiliar, soft bed and still felt like I was dreaming even after waking up.

The maid who discovered me waking up rushed out of the room. After a while, doctors and maids came in large numbers.

“Are you okay? How are you feeling?”

“Shall I bring you breakfast? Would you like something to drink? I’ll bring it right away!”

“We’ll call Athanasios-sama, please wait a moment!”

Everyone was in a hurry. I quietly received a medical examination and drank the orange juice handed to me by the maid.

However, there was no one who directed hostility or ill feelings towards me. As expected of the people who work in the royal castle of Styx Kingdom. It seems that the people who work under a kind ruler are also kind. It’s a big difference from the Uranos Principality.

Anyway, Thanasios arrived. He came quickly with a stern expression. The doctors and maids immediately gave way because he was too intimidating.

Thanasios sat on the chair next to my bed and let out a big sigh.

“I’m glad… I was worried.”

Saying that, Thanasios placed his hand on my right cheek. I wish my cheeks were plump and soft to the touch, but unfortunately, they were thin. Still, as Thanasios’s fingers touched my cheek, my cheeks blushed as if feeling the heat from his fingertips.

“I knew it would be okay because of the oracle of the main god Styx, but I was still worried.”

“I’m sorry for causing you concern.”

“Not at all. Anyway…”

I put down the orange juice as instructed, and the maid promptly took it.

“The oracle was about you.”


“Yes, Ioel.”


Ioel, the young man with glasses who was standing behind Thanasios, answered.

“The oracle goes like this: The main god Styx promises to make Eleni Athanasia Cypnimus, the wife of the wise prince Athanasios Cypnimus, the chief priestess of the main god Styx and bestow blessings upon her.”

It seemed that everyone in the room except for me knew about the oracle. I was surprised and shocked to learn that I was being treated as Thanasios’ wife, with a formal name change, more than the idea of divine protection. I felt embarrassed and happy at the same time, realizing that I had truly become Thanasios’ wife.

However, Thanasios seemed to take it as a serious matter.

“Ioel, please ask everyone to leave the room. I want to talk to Eleni.”

Ioel quickly followed his instructions. Everyone except for Thanasios and me left the room without any objections, and the door closed. Thanasios then spoke to me again.

“Well, Eleni. There may be some difficult things to talk about.”

“I have something to tell you, Thanasios-sama.”

I leaned forward a bit, eager to speak my mind.

I didn’t want to keep any secrets from Thanasios. I didn’t want to deceive this kind and loving husband who called me his wife.

I told Thanasios everything about my conversation with Styx, including the surreal dream-like location.

Thanasios listened attentively, not missing a single word.

“You promised revenge to the main god Styx?”

Thanasios was more surprised by this than my story of becoming a priestess of the main god Styx and receiving the most blessings.

In reality, the main god Styx is not a goddess who gives anything. She doesn’t even make deals with humans because she is the greatest god. Prayers should be offered to her, oracles should be fulfilled, and faith should be revered. Therefore, it was almost unthinkable that I would become a priestess and in return, give revenge and divine punishment to the Duke of Uranos.

I think it’s because the main god Styx is particularly fond of Thanasios and I’m being spoiled by her favor, but it’s still a miraculous event. After all, she could have just given me an oracle to become a priestess, but she went out of her way to give me blessings as well. Perhaps it’s the whim of a goddess, or maybe it’s the sincerity of the main god Styx.

I took advantage of that sincerity.

“Just revenge for my mother’s killer… that’s all.”

I couldn’t make a wish for the greater good.

I couldn’t come up with a wish that would be worthy of Thanasios’ kind wife. I ended up having a disrespectful desire towards the main god Styx, stemming from my disbelief in God, my aversion to prayer, and my intense anger towards my father who abandoned my mother.

I don’t want to think that it’s natural. I became scared that I might have done something that would shame Thanasios.

I made an excuse.

“But I don’t want Thanasios-sama to do that for me. I absolutely don’t want to make Thanasios-sama dirty his hands for such a worthless person. Such a thing should not happen for the sake of such a trivial human being!”

No, it’s not that. Even if I’m ugly, I don’t want Thanasios to be involved in it.

I can’t deny my desire for revenge, but that doesn’t mean I want to involve Thanasios in it.

I wanted to convey my feelings somehow, but I couldn’t find the right words. I was moved to tears by my own powerlessness.

When I finally couldn’t speak anymore and tears overflowed from my eyes.

Thanasios hugged me tightly, pressing my face against his chest and gently patting my back.

“Don’t worry. If the main god Styx promised it, we can achieve revenge without doing anything. You don’t have to worry about it. That’s just how it is. Be more shameless.”

I was hugged tightly and couldn’t come up with a clever response. Maybe Thanasios was rubbing his cheek against my hair. Although he had made it look nice, I didn’t want him to touch my messy hair, but I couldn’t stop him.

“Anyway, you’re amazing. Did you catch the attention of the main god Styx?”

“Yes, I…”

“Is it because you were a nun? The main god Styx is no exception and probably likes pure and devout humans. Then you fit that description perfectly, more like a saint than a priestess.”

Thanasios said cheerfully above my head, trying to encourage me.

It was painfully clear that he was trying to cheer me up. I felt sorry that someone like Thanasios was worrying about me.

I really can’t face Thanasios. I kept my head down and spoke in a strained voice.

“But, am I not ugly? If that’s the case, you don’t have to hesitate to distance yourself from me.”

I felt terribly miserable. Yet, Thanasios began to speak while placing his face above mine.

“Eleni, let me tell you a legend. The saint I just mentioned is a woman who created the divine realm Arche of Apeiron a long time ago——.”

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