I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 57

I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Marquis’ son, begin

After sending the invitation, we headed to Samoneliva Mansion, a hunting lodge built by the late Marquis Castalde. It is located furthest south among the Castalde family’s properties and the cold is somewhat mild.

The mansion, surrounded by rich nature, is built with stacked red bricks. As the mansion suddenly appears in the middle of the forest, it is also known as the Witch’s Mansion.

Although it is smaller than the main residence, it has many rooms, which shows how much power and wealth the Marquis family had at that time.

Bruno arrived the day after we arrived.

I secretly rejoiced at their earlier than expected arrival. After telling them the situation and asking for their cooperation, Tatiana eagerly nodded.

“Indeed, it’s a perfect opportunity. There’s also the material of having to entertain as the host, so why not start by asking for a dance?”

“I see. So, what else do women like to do?”

When I asked, Tatiana looked at her husband intently and then blushed a little before saying, “Um, well…” and taught me various things.

I took notes one by one and engraved in my heart to try everything that I could.

From the next day, guests began to gather little by little. They came in order from those who were close by. Since the Palmara family was a little far away, they arrived five days later.

The number of guests had already reached almost everyone who was invited, and events such as balls were being held.

My mother was happily directing things and chatting with the invited ladies. I participated in hunting and waited for the time to come.

In other words, I was waiting for Baroness Palmara and her daughter, Dorothea, to come and greet us with Lady Lorraine.

Soon enough, they arrived.

I politely enjoyed their company and saw Miss Lorraine after a long time. It had only been about six months, so she shouldn’t have changed much, but I thought she looked even more beautiful up close.

However, I felt that her appearance was too plain as usual.

It was ridiculous to think that any random stone on the ground was more stylish than her. I felt that this was also a manifestation of her lack of confidence in herself, and I had a desire to improve it no matter what.

Nevertheless, she had a lovely face, shining hair, a slender figure, and a beautiful posture. Why did she persistently try to eliminate decorations to this extent?

There must be a reason why she never tries to appear in front of anyone and blend into the shadows, even to the point of erasing her presence.

I wanted to know.

With the guidance I received from Tatiana, I asked her to be my dance partner during this party first.

The reason was to avoid the daughters who were looking for a marriage partner.

It was said that being too obvious from the beginning would make them run away.

To be honest, such a roundabout way was extremely troublesome. However, I decided to endure it because I wouldn’t be able to find out if she ran away.

As soon as I parted with her, I headed to her room.

In my hand is a folded paper letter. It only said that I wanted her to come to a certain place. If she doesn’t come as a precaution, I would have to think of another way.

After all, I had plenty of time.

Unlike in the capital, there was a reason to casually call out to her.

I slipped the paper into her room and headed to that place.

I called her out to the vegetable garden behind the mansion. It was just a place where evergreen trees were flourishing with green leaves, and there was nothing else. However, it was a perfect place for a secret meeting because it was surrounded by trees.

It was only when Tatiana told me that I realized that I was apparently the biggest target for the young ladies invited to this modest party.

In other words, she warned me that if I was seen being friendly with Miss Lorraine, it might cause resentment among those young ladies.

Therefore, I was told that I might not be able to meet her unless it was in a place where no one could see us. And if I could successfully persuade her to accept the conditions, I was told to keep her as close as possible.

I thought it was great to have Tatiana as a confidant.

Soon, she arrived.

The moment I saw her, I felt a little weak. That’s because she had a gray stole on her head, making her blend in with the surrounding rocks.

She looked like a nun.

Anyway, I called out to her.

“Lady Lorraine? I’m glad you came.”

“Oh! Yes. Um, this…”

She said that and showed me the paper I had left behind earlier. Seeing her small, white hand holding the paper, I felt an urge to grab it.

However, I had to hold back here.

“Yes, that is something I left there. Actually, there is something I would like to ask of you, so I called you here.”

“I see. Um, what is it that you would like to ask me?”

Her golden eyes, staring straight at me, blinked a few times. They were big eyes, clear and very beautiful, and I found myself staring at them absentmindedly.

“Um, what is this talk about?”

“I’m sorry. I’m just trying to organize my thoughts a bit, so please wait.”


She tilted her head with a puzzled and slightly troubled expression. Even so, she didn’t take her eyes off me. Being stared at like that made me feel uncomfortable.

I shivered and my smooth cheeks turned red. If I followed the golden strands on her face with my eyes, they would lead to her lips.

Her plump lips were slightly dry, perhaps due to the cold. She moistened them with her tongue without noticing.

At that moment, the words I had prepared flew out of my head.

Next, a faint irritation arose towards her blasphemy she was committing against her attractive appearance.

Why doesn’t she take better care of herself?

Perhaps because of that, my tone became a little arrogant.

“Tonight, I would like you to dance with me and only me!”

Then, she returned a hesitant and flustered response.

“…Um, that’s fine, but why me? I don’t really understand. We haven’t talked much, and I’m just an average-looking person. There are so many other beautiful flowers blooming, so why me…???”

It seems that she really lacked confidence. She didn’t even realize that she was also one of the beautiful flowers. I had no choice but to ask.

“Well, can I take that as a yes?”

“Yes, I have no reason to refuse. But it’s still strange.”

“If it’s okay even if it’s strange, then that’s good! Thank you, I look forward to it.”

As I said that, her cheeks became even redder. I wanted to touch her, but now was not the time.


There was an air of inconvenience, but I felt that now was the time to present my conditions.

There must be a reason to always be together.

I had to come up with a reason, no matter how flimsy. I said the words I had been thinking about all this time.

“Well then, shall we start with a lesson so that you can dance with me on an equal footing?”


I panicked when I saw her face twitch a little. Because of that, my true feelings slipped out of my tongue as sound.

“I don’t want you to dance randomly since you’ll be dancing with me. It could lower my dignity, you know. But it’s good that you’re not one of those high-minded ladies who can’t be asked to do such things. I would like you to be my partner until this gathering is over.”

Oh, I’ll give you a reward too.

Shall I send you some jewelry, or would you prefer a dress? Well, you can decide that for yourself.

Oh, you’re making a strange face. I see, I forgot to mention something important. Let me explain it to you step by step.

I know that I am seen as a good marriage partner by you ladies. However, honestly, I don’t feel that way yet. So, I want to make it look like my attention is only on you by dancing with you tonight.

I think this kind of request is more suitable for a lady with a bad reputation or a widow, but I am a host on the side of the master, so it would be awkward if I only socialized with such people. If I only entertained those people, what would people think of me, who invited them? You can understand that, right?

However, you have a faint presence, you don’t stand out, you’re plain, you seem obedient, and you seemed to understand what I was saying. Also, there is no problem with your background… that’s why I asked you for this favor.

Um, did you dislike it, by any chance?”

I wanted to strangle myself as I closed with a smile.

What a way to put it.

Even if you say that you can get away with being so blunt, you’re going too far. This is what happens when you try to be clerical.

I realized that lying was not the right thing to do.

Eventually, Miss Lorraine spoke in a relaxed manner.


The unexpected words jumped into my ears, who had prepared myself for the worst.

“Well, since I accepted it, I’ll do my best.”

After that, she gave me a strangely challenging look. I thought her eyes shining with anger were beautiful. At the same time, I was relieved from the bottom of my heart.

I thought it was all over, but she was still Lady Lorraine. When I looked into her eyes, which flickered with golden flames, my mouth naturally relaxed.

Anyway, I caught her.

All that’s left is to slowly persuade her.

I took her hand and said quietly.

“Thank you very much. In exchange for accepting this troublesome role, I will make sure you enjoy it.

Well then, I look forward to working with you.”


A modest reply.

She doesn’t know what she has taken on. I wonder how surprised she will be when she learns of my purpose.

Anxiety always lingers in my heart.

Will she accept me properly?

The gaze directed at me feels more like goodwill than hostility. Can I be conceited and think that she likes me?

Anyway, the plan has begun.

Now it’s a showdown between her and me. At least, I won’t give up. I waited for six months. Waiting a little longer won’t make much of a difference.

Now, let’s begin.

[S2 End]

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