I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 55

I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 55

Chapter 55: Marquis’ son, to make up one’s mind

While avoiding young girls and their mothers who approached me, sometimes dodging them, I listened to the music and people’s voices that flowed around me.

During this time, I also kept my eyes moving around.

However, I couldn’t find her.

My frustration gradually closed my heart. Why isn’t she here? If she’s not here, then being here is just a waste of time.

Avoiding the eyes of the girls who seemed to want to dance with me, I sighed. If she’s not here, then there’s no reason for me to be here, but I’m hungry. I decided to head to the room where food was prepared to satisfy my hunger.

As I left the dance hall filled with heat, the wind blew in through the open window. The wind was slightly warm, indicating that summer was approaching.

In other words, the social season would soon be coming to an end.

Looking back, it was the longest stay I had ever had.

As I walked, I unexpectedly had such a thought.

There were no people in the hallway, and only the noise that could be heard from far away mixed with the wind. Then, another voice was mixed in.

I stopped suddenly. I recognized that voice. It seemed to be coming from the terrace. I headed in that direction.

As I approached, I could hear the intense exchange of voices.

“This… How many? How could you… How dare you dance in front of me…How…”

“It’s… Did you? That I… I like to do things in… What’s wrong with…”

The fragmented words I heard seemed to be a lovers’ quarrel, a familiar topic in high society. There was a woman’s voice filled with grief and a man’s voice that sounded troublesome.

It wasn’t anything unusual. It happened often.

However, the woman who was screaming in agony was the woman who betrayed Dario. I stopped in my tracks and suddenly thought.

Is the one who betrayed being betrayed in the end?

As I hesitated whether to leave or not, I heard a loud shout from the man and a sound like something being hit. Then, I heard hurried footsteps and saw a shadow walking towards me.

He was a slender man dressed in very fashionable clothes.

I think he was a nouveau riche whose parents made a fortune in one generation.

When he noticed me, he awkwardly said “Excuse me” and left.

As I watched his back, I heard another set of footsteps from behind and turned around. There was a woman holding her cheeks.

She looked at me with tears in her eyes and a sarcastic smile.

“Well, what a coincidence to meet you here. Or did you come here to hear about it? If so, it must have been fun for you. Are you satisfied now that I’m in such a miserable state…?

“Well, at least it’s been proven that your choices were wrong.”

Upon hearing this, she burst into hysterical laughter.

“Yes, that’s right. I realized it shortly after getting married. To think that the person I desperately tried to find turned out to be such a tyrant… But I won’t get a divorce. I still need his status.”

“…I see. Well, most marriages are like that. You just exchange something for something else.”

In front of me, she was putting up a brave front, but she was trembling slightly.

It must be unbearable with regret and sadness. Even though it was her own doing, her appearance was pitiful.

However, I didn’t want to comfort her.

So, I just stated the facts.

Then, she sighed self-deprecatingly and muttered to herself.

“That’s right. I only made a covenant with him to give me his status and children while he gave me the life I wanted. But if I had known, I wouldn’t have gotten married like this. Someone told me that not too long ago. Even if it’s an action for oneself, betraying someone is more painful… Being betrayed is painful too… I wonder if it was painful for “him” too.”

I was amazed by her change.

It was undoubtedly Lady Lorraine’s words.

“Oh, I’m sorry for holding you back. But let me say one thing, you can forget it right away… Hey, it’s said that acting on emotions is bad, but I think it’s better to act than to regret so much.

Nowadays, I think it’s wise to forget about such things if you find yourself in a situation where your reason is tested.”

Her eyes staring into the distance seemed to envy the past. And when she said, “Thank you for listening,” she walked away like a ghost.

Left behind in that place, I thought about the meaning of her words.

Perhaps she chose her current marriage because someone advised her to do so. But she implied that she wanted to be with Dario if that wasn’t the case.

Thinking that way, I felt like my grudges were melting away.

I felt pathetic for not being able to forgive her forever.

Isn’t it okay now?

“I see, that’s right.”

And I chewed on the last thing she said.

I should take action instead of worrying forever. I know where my emotions are leading me. If I hesitate, I might miss my chance.

I moved my feet again towards the room where dinner was prepared.

Lady Lorraine isn’t here. But tomorrow, I’ll beg my mother to hold one last event and invite her there.

As soon as I made the decision, I felt relieved.

I arrived at a room where several people were enjoying their meal and immediately took a plate of various foods prepared on the table and enjoyed them.

There were various dishes, from those that satisfy hunger, such as roasted wild birds, fresh seasonal fruits, and boiled red shrimp mixed with sweet sauce, to those that are easy to snack on, such as sandwiches with cold meat and small cakes. They were luxurious enough to be seen at any event, but not particularly outstanding.

Despite that, they tasted very delicious.

After finishing my meal, I returned downstairs. Without thinking, I peeked into the ballroom again and saw a dandy man and Baron Baiano’s widow dancing.

Apparently, his affair partner is the Baron’s widow.

Both of them seemed to be intoxicated with their illicit relationship. After taking a glance, I headed towards the carriage that had been waiting for me.

It’s already late today, but I’ll talk to my mother about it tomorrow.

I gently closed my eyes and imagined her honey-colored hair in my mind. At the same time, various expressions that I remembered were also recalled.

I want to see her up close.

I want to touch her, dance with her, and speak to her to see her reaction.

I noticed that my mouth was naturally smiling, but I left it alone. I was immersed in joy, looking forward to tomorrow.

That’s why I forgot.

Perhaps the Valcourt family has already left…

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