I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 141

I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 141

Chapter 141: 1/8 — (Jeremiah POV)

If humans find something that is truly important to them, they will do whatever it takes to obtain it. In fact, I was desperate this winter.

I, Jeremiah Castalde, was born as the son of a Marquis, and with my good looks, I was a pretty good catch for many ladies and widows. However, based on past experiences, I thought carefully about choosing a partner.

But no matter where I looked, there seemed to be only suitable compromises for partners, and the issue of marriage was always put on hold.

Then suddenly, a woman appeared.

Her name was Lady Lorraine Valcourt.

She erased my past and had a very attractive personality. I decided to make her my wife no matter what and struggled to finally get engaged.

However, since we were still in the engagement period, we couldn’t always be together. My sister Paula called me to the capital city to spend some time together. I was happy that we could spend some time together, but various incidents were happening in the capital city, and memory holders were involved in them.

As a result, Lorraine, who was a memory holder and a noblewoman, was involved in their incident and was kidnapped while I wasn’t there. I wanted to find her with my own hands, but in the end, I couldn’t do anything. 

While I couldn’t find my girlfriend, I thought about various things, couldn’t sleep due to anxiety, and was busy with work and chores. I distracted myself with work and chores, but eventually couldn’t take it anymore and went to talk to a police acquaintance to find someone who seemed to be involved in the incident.

Finally, I found out that the second prince of this country, Prince Adrian, was involved and he offered to cooperate and act together.

And then, I found her.

She was wearing dirty clothes that were far worse than the familiar shabby dress, her beautiful golden hair was roughly tied up without any decorations.

Her skin, which had a good color and luster, was slightly dull, and her body had become a little thin.

I couldn’t wait to take her home when I saw her like that.

I wanted to wipe away the dirt, give her plenty of food, let her rest slowly, dress her in beautiful clothes, and restore her daily life.

When Lorraine’s eyes met mine for a moment, she looked shocked. Then she looked at me with a happy, unbelievable, and above all anxious expression.

I don’t know how much I wanted to tell her that everything was okay.

However, soon after, Lorraine began to argue with people who were so intimidating that even I had to pull myself together.

I was surprised by that.

In the end, she even argued with the prince, which made me feel weak. 

I wonder where all that energy was sleeping. I never really speak up for what I want or raise my voice.

But it overlapped with a certain scene.

When I gently scolded the woman who had played with my friend.

At that moment, I felt like I saw Lorraine’s unchanged heart clearly.

Everything was over, and Lorraine was released, but she didn’t move from that spot. She should have known that I was there, but she didn’t even try to look at me. Her golden eyes, which usually stare at me as if they could pierce through me, didn’t turn towards me.

With a sense of impatience, I went to her and hugged her small body.

Lorraine didn’t look at me right away, but as we talked little by little, she finally turned to face me. She was trembling slightly and had tired eyes.

Looking at the color reflected in her eyes, I understood.

She was afraid of something. I didn’t know what it was, but I wanted to reassure her and continue talking. I also wanted to hear her voice. As we did so, Lorraine’s feelings seemed to calm down.

Perhaps because of that, on the way back in the carriage, she finally showed me her usual smile. I teased her a little, but it seemed to be good for her.

It was because she was unexpectedly seen in a vulnerable state. 

Either she was being reserved as usual or she still hadn’t completely let her guard down, but she didn’t touch me much and even became skittish when I approached her. However, at that moment, she leaned on me and fell asleep as if she had collapsed.

Seeing Lorraine’s peaceful sleeping face, I also felt relieved.

Finally, I saw the precious woman I had been worried about losing or changing her heart. But being close to her like this made those worries disappear as if they were foolish.

However, this incident made me realize that having someone important is not enough just by having them in your hands. If you don’t do anything, you will eventually lose them.

As I listened to Lorraine’s breathing while she slept, I thought about what I could do.

As we arrived at Duke’s mansion, Lorraine was still deeply asleep. Without thinking much, I naturally carried her to the room.

When my sister saw Lorraine, she finally relaxed her stern expression and immediately had a thoughtful look on her face.

Then she said to me…

For a while, we should keep Lorraine from leaving here. I thought it was a good idea. Lorraine was somewhat weakened. She could rest thoroughly while we came up with a plan. I readily agreed to my sister’s proposal.

Little did I know that I would regret that decision later… 

I ordered the coachman to stop the carriage and opened the door to step outside.

As soon as I did, I felt a chilling cold that made me reflexively pull my collar up. The sky was cloudy and gloomy, as if reflecting my mood. I let out a sigh and walked slowly.

Next to the museum was a building. I stopped when I saw the entrance, a beautiful and serene house with walls and pillars all in white.

It was the home of my friend in the capital. I came to consult with him about something this time. To be honest, I wanted his wife to be present as well. Her frank opinions were very helpful.

However, my friend had come to the capital alone for business this time. He would want to return to his territory soon, but he offered to talk when he saw me by chance. I had no reason to refuse.

That’s why I came here like this.

However, for some reason, I hesitated to enter right away and stood there looking at the building for a while. That’s why I deliberately stopped the carriage away from it.

But even so, there was no clear answer.

I made up my mind and reached for the knocker.

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