I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 134

I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 134

Chapter 134: Step closer

With a blank expression, I remained motionless in Jeremiah’s embrace, and he spoke in a dissatisfied tone.

“What are you trying to get me all worked up about? Besides, if you don’t say that, you’ll distance yourself from me right away, won’t you?”


I didn’t remember doing such a thing, so I immediately refuted him.

“I didn’t do that.”

“I know you’re trying to do that. But probably unconsciously, I can’t let my guard down because you won’t stay close unless I tell you to. It’s not just physical distance, but also emotional. I want to be closer.”

——But we’re already so close!

I screamed inwardly, but there was no way he could hear me, so I fell silent.

“I want to hear more of your true feelings.”

The voice was right next to my ear. Finally, I understood what Jeremiah wanted to say. However, I didn’t think I could do it right away.

I trust Jeremiah.

But I thought it would be difficult.

Perhaps sensing that, Jeremiah moved away slightly and spoke quietly.

“You don’t have to hurry. But I want you to remember.”

“…I understand.”

While I replied like that, I thought about why I ended up in this situation and what the cause might be. But it was something I didn’t even notice about myself, so there was no way to come up with an answer right away. 

“No, I’m sorry for suddenly bringing it up. By the way, Nee-san called you today too?”

“Oh, yes. She said she would need me later, but it’s a bit much, and I feel bad about it.”

“Don’t worry about it. She’ll be happy if you do as you please.”

Jeremiah said that and then smiled a little at the corner of his mouth.

“That’s better for me too.”

“Why is that?”

“When something like today happens, I feel relieved if she’s by your side. I wish I could always be with you, but it’s not possible.”

Then he said in a low voice, “I’m glad nothing happened,” and I felt a warm sensation around my chest.

I was happy to be noticed, and my face naturally relaxed into a smile.

But that’s not all.

Earlier, Jeremiah deliberately changed the subject. He noticed that I was in trouble. Each and every thing he did made me happy.

I nodded obediently and said “Yes.”

Jeremiah looked satisfied and brought up another topic. We talked for a while until the servant called us. 

It was the afternoon of the fifth day since Emilio’s visit.

The spring air had become stronger, and the scent of flowers had begun to drift, so I stopped staying in my room and took a walk outside.

After all, I hadn’t exercised properly.

If I continued like this, I would become fat. Dora strongly recommended or rather pleaded with me to move a little, saying that it would be so sad if the lovely dresses Lady Astorga had prepared for me no longer fit. So, I decided to wander around the garden of the Duke’s mansion.

However, it was not just a garden like that of a small mansion.

The Duke’s mansion, which has a considerably large site, is about the size of a park, and it is even possible to run horses.

I stroll through such a garden with Dennis as my companion. The paths maintained by the gardener have a few spring flowers blooming, and I feel somewhat uplifted.

However, since the wind is still cold, I intended to finish in a short time.

While walking in the garden, I suddenly thought that I never expected to have such a long stay. Life is unpredictable.

Well, it was because of Paula’s strong request, but this was the first time I had ever left the Valcourt territory so far.

While thinking about such things and looking at the magnificent mansion, I remember when I first arrived. The biggest difference from that time is not just the season. The biggest difference is probably Lucia. 

I gaze into the distance and think of the beautiful girl who is probably still at the mansion seeking advice from Paula.

Since then, Lucia, who had been obsessed with handsome men, had completely stopped and began to devote herself to learning how to behave like a lady. She had become incredibly charming.

Her clothes were no longer plain and outdated imitations of mine, but rather sophisticated outfits that she had cleverly put together with Paula’s advice, without spending too much money.

I am a little envious of how effortlessly she can do things that are impossible for me, but there’s nothing I can do about it since we have different abilities.

However, if Lucia were the way she is now, Paolo might have fallen for her. She had changed so much that I couldn’t help but think that.

Well, I don’t think they’ll see each other again.

Mrs. Morena, who had changed her ways, was by Lucia’s side, and a noble lady who could go anywhere without feeling embarrassed was almost complete. Whenever I saw her, I couldn’t help but exclaim “Wow!” and stare at her.

“Well, there have been a lot of changes.”


Dennis nodded. If I hadn’t come here in the first place, I wouldn’t have met her and had such a hard-boiled experience.

As I gazed at the small flowers swaying in the wind, I murmured. 

“It’s getting cold, so let’s go back for now.”

“Yes, then let me prepare some tea when we return.”

I bid farewell to Dennis and headed towards the mansion. Eventually, as I arrived at the entrance, I noticed that there was a guest.

While wondering who it could be, I felt like I recognized him somehow.

He was a young man with red hair and slender limbs. He was tall and even his back view looked impressive, but his clothing was not that of a noble or upper-class person. Was he a new servant? I thought as I watched him.

Then, that person turned around and looked at me.

I was startled when I saw his face and stopped in my tracks.


A groaning voice flew out of my throat involuntarily.

Such a shocking person was standing there.

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