I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 132

I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 132

Chapter 132: Can I be proud?

“Oh, I see. Thank you for telling me,” I said, my face involuntarily breaking into a smile.

I stroked the bundle of papers that had helped me in that place several times. 

This bundle of papers, or rather my memoirs, had done a lot for me while I was confined to that castle with nothing else to do. Thinking about it, I felt a strange sense of affection for them.

Then I turned to Emilio, and he seemed to be avoiding my gaze with a bewildered expression.

“Oh, no. If you’re happy with it… um, yes. It seems that not only His Highness but also His Majesty became interested in people with memories after this series of events. So maybe the situation will get even better.”

“That’s amazing.”

I was just surprised by the facts that Emilio revealed one after another.

However, the news that everyone’s situation might change was undoubtedly good news.

“Yes, I was surprised too. At first, His Highness only saw them as mere criminals. So he only thought of using them as tools to find people with interesting memories. If Miss Lorraine hadn’t spoken up at that time, His Highness wouldn’t have been moved at all. And without your memoirs, they might have been treated even worse… You really are an amazing person.”

“Oh, no… it’s not like that.” 

If you praise me that much, I feel like I’m not myself and have no place to belong. I feel embarrassed and uneasy, so I tend to deny it.

Then, Paula, who had been silent until then, spoke up.

“…It’s okay not to be humble about it, Lorraine.”


“You did something significant. You should be proud of it. Don’t you think so?”

I felt even more shrinking inside when she asked me that, but Emilio also agreed with Paula.

“That’s right. You should be proud of it. If you weren’t there, they would have had a harder time.”

Being told by both of them, I didn’t know what to do. In the first place, in this kind of situation, shouldn’t I be humble? I thought, but apparently it was different for the two of them.

After thinking about it for a while, I said one word.

“Um, thank you very much.”

Then Paula and Emilio looked at me with a subtle smile and sighed disappointedly.

Well, I couldn’t find any other words. I’ve never been told something like that by anyone before.

“Well, it’s typical of Lorraine.”

“That modesty is also attractive. And yet there are bold aspects that you showed to His Highness…that’s good.” 

They express similar, yet subtly different opinions to each other.

Certainly, I’m not good at asserting myself, so it’s fine, but Emilio’s words are hard to listen to. I wish he wouldn’t secretly mutter pick-up lines.

As I’m thinking this, Paula seems to have thought the same thing and furrows her brow.

“Lieutenant Colonel Caldelara, if you do anything indecent to my sister-in-law, it won’t end well for you.”

“Oh, I’m sorry if you overheard me talking to myself. That was rude. But I just thought that way.”

“I see. Well then, are you done with your business?”

Emilio nods with a disappointed expression from the bottom of his heart as if he was told to leave between the lines. He stands up with a sigh and looks at me.

“To be honest, I’d like to bother you a little longer, but I’m busy too, so I’ll excuse myself for today. Oh yeah, please come visit the barracks. Not just His Highness, but I’ll be waiting too.”

Emilio says this and closes one eye towards me. He looks so good that I can’t help but stare. Again, I think it’s persistent, but this man is really handsome.

“In that case, I’ll visit with you too. I’m worried about Lorraine being alone. I can’t let her go to a place full of men without an escort. Oh, and maybe we should bring Jeremiah too. Is that okay with you, Lieutenant Colonel?” 

“Y-Yes, yes, of course..”

Asked with a smile by Paula, Emilio’s expression tightened slightly. It seemed like he was planning something suspicious. I silently thanked Paula in my heart and hoped to meet everyone again soon.

Then, Emilio’s expression changed from that of a playful person to that of a soldier, and he said, “Well then, see you later.”

“Ah, yes.”

After replying, the reluctance in his demeanor disappeared, and he briskly left the room. I hesitated for a moment before standing up.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going to see him off. I was able to learn what I wanted to know…and he brought this too.”

“I see. Take care. But don’t go outside. And when you’re done, come back to the room.”


Nodding at Paula’s words, I left the room to see Emilio off. He had gone quite far ahead, so I ended up having to chase after him at a jog.

After a while, Emilio noticed that I was following him and stopped in surprise.

“What’s wrong?”

“I came to see you off. And also, I wanted to properly thank you again.”

“You don’t have to do that.” 

While saying that, Emilio smiled happily. It’s strange how he looks like a normal handsome young man.

“I’m doing it because I want to. Please don’t worry about it.”


He said that and started walking. However, his pace was quite slow. I decided not to think about whether he was being considerate of me or if there was another meaning.

We walked in silence for a while.

I glanced at Emilio from the corner of my eye.

Suddenly, I remembered the look he had when he saw his brother Aurelio. The emotion that came to mind was familiar to me, but looking at him now, it seemed like he had nothing to do with that feeling.

As I stared at him like that, Emilio looked uncomfortable and turned his face away.

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