I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 130

I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 130

Chapter 130: Uninvited visitor

“Um, so who is the visitor?” 

Then, Dora twisted her already stern face into an even more disgusted expression as she uttered the name.

“Lieutenant Colonel Caldelara. That criminal.”

If it were an ill-mannered person, Dora would have spat out saliva with a face that seemed to say that even uttering his name was filthy.

Of course, I didn’t want to hear that name either. For some reason, I met him again when I was being held captive by the memory holders, and he even confessed to me again.

Well, thanks to that, I could understand his charm, but that was all.

However, he has a high status, seems to be doing his job properly, and behaves properly.

He is like a different person from back then.

Above all, if he observes etiquette, there is no reason to be rude to him. Absolutely not. Unfortunately.

However, there was one thing that bothered me.

It was Paula, the mistress of this Duke’s mansion. She hasn’t left the mansion today and should still be here. After all, she came with a seamstress to adjust my dress a little before changing into evening wear later and took some clothes with her while talking to Dora.

That means Paula should know about this.

“…Is he already here?”

“Yes, shamelessly enough, he’s in the reception room.” 

“Well, Lady Paula allowed it.”

When I said that, Dora finally changed her stern expression to a thoughtful one and said, “Yes, that’s right.”

“Moreover, Lady Astorga herself guided him to the reception room. Can you believe it? Do you have any thoughts on this?”

――Paula guided her herself?

Even I was surprised at that.

Why did such a situation occur? If I had to guess, maybe she was asked by a superior, not for personal reasons.

If it had been for personal use, he would have been kicked out early.

The only other possibility is that Paula had some kind of idea. Maybe she wanted to ask Emilio, who was involved in this incident, something.

I came up with various speculations, but ultimately it would be quickest to meet with them in person.

To be honest, I’m only worried about Jeremiah not being here because Paula and Dennis are here.

Besides, Emilio might know what happened to everyone who has memories. He might be involved in some way even now. After all, he said he was forced to pursue that incident.

If that’s the case, there’s no way to completely rule out the possibility. After all, his superior, who seems to be a “noble person,” is interested in everyone with memories. 

To be honest, it has been bothering me for a while. But since I have caused so much trouble, I couldn’t tell Jeremiah or Paula, and I didn’t know what to do.

This is a rare opportunity.

I don’t want to meet Emilio, but if I think about it, it’s not a big deal.

Thinking that way, I looked at Dennis and saw that she had a very stern expression. Perhaps because I had only seen her calm smile recently, seeing her with the professional switch turned on after a long time was still a little scary.

Well, I’ll get used to it eventually.

Anyway, there’s no point in just sitting here forever.

I stood up and said to myself, “Alright. Let’s go and see. Denny, come with me.”

“Yes, understood.”

Dennis immediately replied and headed towards the door with brisk movements. Dora looked a little worried as she followed me and said,

“Lorraine-sama, if you don’t want to go, you don’t have to force yourself…”

“It’s okay. I’m not that scared anymore, and Dennis and Paula are with me.”

Actually, I’m not as afraid of Emilio as I used to be.

Perhaps it’s because I have experienced something scarier this time, I thought.

“But if you don’t want to go, please come back early.” 

“Understood. Oh, by the way, about this… if possible, I’d like you to keep it a secret from Lucia. I’ll ask Paula too, but you know, it’s complicated.”

It would be a big problem if Lucia found out that her beloved Emilio was here. If it has already been conveyed, then there’s nothing we can do, but if not, I don’t want her to know.

“Ah, yes. I’ll talk to Lucia’s maid.”

“Please do.”

With that, I opened the door and headed to the reception room with Dennis, who was waiting for me. 

I knocked on the door of the reception room. Immediately, Paula replied, “Come in,” and I entered the room through the door opened by Dennis.

The first thing I felt was a very tense atmosphere.

――It’s hard to enter…

However, I felt that if I hesitated, I would be thought of strangely, so I took a step forward with the feeling of “let it be.” As I approached the two of them, my eyes met with Paula’s.

“You came. Please hang your coat there.”

“Ah, yes.”

I thought about greeting Emilio, but obediently followed Paula’s instructions. Then, I timidly looked at the guest.

Emilio still had an unreadable smile on his face and nodded at me while looking at me.

“I’m glad you came. I thought you might refuse.”

“…I wouldn’t be so rude.”

Just when I thought he was going to say something cheerful, he said something like that, so I sighed.


“Yes, really.”

“Then, can I come to see you occasionally or exchange letters?”

He suddenly said that, and I was confused. Very confused.

So I blurted out.


“Why? Because I want to see you and exchange letters with you. Haven’t I been saying that for a while? I’m interested in you.”

I don’t understand it at all. I looked at Emilio with suspicious eyes. However, his impenetrable mysterious smile didn’t crack, and he just narrowed his eyes happily.

I didn’t know how to respond and silence fell in the room. The one who broke it was a big sigh.

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