I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 129

I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 129

Chapter 129: Fulfillment in its own way

I knew of its existence, and it’s not like I wasn’t interested. However, in the countryside, it’s difficult to get books that are suitable for entertainment.

So, I came across it without seeing it much…

I gently opened the page.

As I flipped through it, there were cute illustrations. I hesitated for a while, then eventually sighed and hung the book on the chair next to the fireplace.

“Well, I’m tired… so maybe this is a good time.”

Besides, since Dennis recommended it to me, it would be a shame not to read it. And, it might not be a bad idea to try reading something like this once in a while.

With that in mind, I wrapped a stole around my body and started reading. 

It has been almost two weeks since I was ordered to be under house arrest.

My mother also sent me a letter, expressing her worries and telling me to listen to Jeremiah from now on. She also wrote about how foolish and idiotic I was in multiple pages.

In response, I wrote a letter full of apologies and decided in my heart to even prostrate myself if I were to return home. I don’t think I’ll actually do it, but I still feel sorry enough to consider it.

I also received a reply from Dorothea.

It had a similar tone to my mother’s letter, expressing her worries and calling me foolish. She also wrote about Lucia.

She apologized for causing me trouble and said that they would take care of things from now on. I wonder how they will take care of it. There was a hint of anger in the letter that was a little scary.

Lucia should have received a letter from her too, but I wonder what was written in it.

By the way, Mrs. Morena was once again troubled by Lucia’s love-struck behavior. Although she couldn’t take her eyes off her, she complained to me about how Lucia has no eye for men and how she wishes there was some kind of medicine for it. It was annoying in its own way.

I had prepared myself for boredom, but surprisingly, I was living comfortably without any problems. 

As evidence, the area around the chair I use by the fireplace is slowly being eroded by books, and it looks like I could trip and fall if I’m not careful.

I spent my time like this without particularly worrying about it, my eyes fixed on the book.

Apart from the time spent with Jeremiah and attending gatherings such as small dinner parties and tea parties held at Duke’s mansion as suggested by Paula, this is how I spend most of my time.

Then, light footsteps echoed outside the door.

I looked up.

At the same time, the door opened elegantly, and Dennis, who had fully recovered after resting properly, entered with new tea, snacks, and a book in her hand.

“Lorraine-sama, I brought you some tea. And this too.”

With that, Dennis gently placed the book on the table in front of me.

“Thank you!”

I eagerly closed the book I was reading and put a bookmark in it, then picked up the new one. The cover was inscribed with these words:

The Bride’s Song ~ A Kiss on White Fingertips ~

Looking at it, I sighed contentedly.

Then, as if on cue, Dennis offered me tea. I thanked her and took a sip of the slightly sweet-smelling tea.

“I’m glad you like it.” 

While serving as a waiter, Dennis said with a somewhat proud tone.

Knowing that her eyes were directed towards the books around her, I smiled vaguely.

Yes, I didn’t think I would like it so much either. I liked books even before my reincarnation, but I was somehow not good at romance novels… What kind of change in my mindset is this?

While tilting my head, I looked at the book that Dennis first recommended to me and then at the books placed around me. Most of them were by the same author, but there were also some by different authors. However, they were all romance novels.

All of these were collected by Dennis.

She originally had some of them, but since Dennis couldn’t afford to buy many books, she brought back some that she had borrowed from a rental bookstore.

I suddenly remembered when Dennis returned.

She came back with a strong spirit and asked me with such force that I felt like I had to ask her for something, “Do you need anything?” I said that I wanted to read the continuation of this story as if I had been waiting for that line. 

After that, Dennis gathered books for me at an incredible pace, and I was soon surrounded by them. I remember Jeremiah coming to check on me and being completely freaked out.

Later, Paula came and said with a serious face, “Maybe it’s better to let her go outside after all.”

By the way, although I was a little confused at first, I soon got used to it and thought, “Well, I can’t go out anyway.”

In fact, it even felt like a familiar sensation.

So, I am enjoying my life as a shut-in.

I think I was already used to not being able to go out because of my weak body, but I feel like I need to exercise a little because I seem to have gained some weight.

While drinking tea and looking at my belly, there was a knock on the door. When I answered, Dora came in with a stern expression.

“What’s wrong?”

“…Lorraine-sama has a guest…”

Dora hesitated to speak. There shouldn’t be any guests who would make her look like that.

However, there was no reason for the person who immediately came to mind to visit, so I searched for any other possibilities but couldn’t find any.

After all, even though it had just entered spring, it was still cold.

Most of the acquaintances in this capital city should be spending their time in their own territories. If they were to come out, it would have to be during the Javier festival. That’s still a little ways off.

For now, I asked Dora what was going on.

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