I Was a Shadow of the Royal Family, but Now That I’ve Been Reborn, I’m Devoted to You in This Life As Well! – Chapter – 5

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In the Kingdom of Brighton, there has been much talk about the [solitary King] Lorde Brighton, who has suddenly appeared on the stage

The former queen’s infidelity has been found, and the first prince, Eduard, has been taken off the royal register, made a commoner, and disappeared.

The position of Crown Prince became vacant.

Stild, the second prince, even though he didn’t have royal blood, stayed in the royal family because of his great achievements.

There had been a lot of mismanagement in the kingdom since the war, and now the corrupt nobles have been purged.

The Lord’s reputation spread across the surrounding lands because of how he became more involved in public affairs and showed people that he was a good ruler.

It is rumored that Lorde took the Duchess Lisel Jeus, Eduardo’s fiance, as his new wife and that he adores her.

No one knew that it was a young queen of seventeen years who had made the king change his mind.


“Lorde-sama! Don’t skip the vegetables! Please eat a balanced meal!”

“Hmm. If Lisel says so, I’ll eat some vegetables too. Now let me eat peacefully.”


Lorde, who should be twenty years older than Lisel, spoils him as if he were a child again.

Lisel’s cheeks turn red, and she carefully shoves the hot vegetables on his fork into Lorde’s mouth because she wants him to eat them.

Lorde chews the vegetables happily and looks at Liesel with a passionate gaze.

Lisel, who was married right away at the king’s request and is now his wife, is still not sure why Lorde is so affectionate.

Even though she tries to use her skills as a shadow to protect Lorde, Lorde indulges Lisel, saying that she doesn’t need to fight anymore.

In fact, Lorde has grown much more mature and stronger than she is, and lately, her heart is beating faster than ever.

“Lisel. Your face is so cute when you’re embarrassed. I can’t stop looking at it.”

“Mo~u… Lorde-sama!!”

He held her in his arms and put her on his lap even though they were eating.

Lorde hugged Lisel tightly as she fidgeted, saying that it was unthinkable for her to be in her master’s lap.

“Take your time. I will do nothing until Lisel sees me as her husband and is ready to be mine, body and soul. But there’s no way I’m going to let her go, so be ready for that.”

Lisel’s shoulders shook as she heard the deep, glossy voice of an adult, not the pretty voice of a child back then.

Lorde, who never touches Lisel except to kiss her, seems to be concerned about Lisel’s inexperience in love, even in her previous life.

“Lorde-sama, I-I am Lorde-sama’s [shadow]…!!”

“You have finished your role as [Milan]. Don’t you have the right to be happy as a woman this time?”


“I’m the only one who can make you happy. I love you, Lisel.”

The relationship between [Milan] and the boy prince has been reborn and has developed anew between Lisel and Lorde.

The relationship that has started up again makes her shy away from it.

When she looked up fearfully, she saw Lorde’s face at a short distance away, and their lips immediately met.

Lordeo doesn’t seem to be taking it easy on her.

Oh, my God… what am I going to do!!!!?

This is how the sweet and painful days of Lisel began.

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