I reincarnated as a villainess, but I become a gorimacho and avoid engagement – Chapter 3 – Part 2

Chapter 3: The Heated Muscle Lady – Part 2│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

It’s not futile at all. We both love each other.

Hey, hey, hey! Look at me.

Don’t come to conclusions on your own.

You’re a simple-minded person if you fall for a macho woman so easily.

Let’s go head-to-head and see if we can get through this.

No, I’m not talking about physical, I’m talking about mental, of course.

We’re both nobles of high society, afterall.

Come on, come on, come on.

No. Instead of waiting, wouldn’t it be better if I were to confess honestly?

It’s a little complicated for a woman’s heart, but if I stay passive, the muscles I grew up with will laugh at me.

Okay, a woman has to have some guts!

Gogo muscle!

“No woman would turn down a marriage proposal from a wonderful man like Sir Seifgad!

Well… Including me, of course.”

“…What, really!?”

He’s clearly turned his attention to me!

This is your chance to make the big move!

Let’s do it, me!

“I, too, have long admired you.

The man who was willing to accept this well-trained body, which many called ugly, was Viscount Seifgad of Owen. You are the only one.”

“You can’t mean… It’s that simple!”

The Vice Commander looks incredulous.

“Fufu… So you say it was simple?

I can’t tell you how happy I was at that moment. How delighted I was.

I’m sure you never realize it.

But it is your sincerity that saves me more than anything else.”

I lightly flexed my left arm and lovingly stroked the raised biceps with my right hand as I completed my confession.

No, I was too embarrassed with our gazes intertwined.

I’m trying to find peace of mind by touching a muscle that’s like my own child.


I’m sure this is what makes me unattractive.

Now I turn my melancholy eyes to Lord Seifgad.

“You said earlier that you were attracted to me because of my mental strength. I’m just a weak, ordinary woman.

I hope I haven’t disappointed you.”

Yes, Vice Commander. Did you get the idea?

This is the part where you deny it.


“… No. No, I’m not.

There’s no way I’m disillusioned with you, that’s for sure.”.


I almost did a belly flop.

But I’m a marquess, so I need to be graceful.

“Then, once again, will you accept this engagement!”


I couldn’t be more fortunate to have you as my wife.

I am now overwhelmed with joy.”

“Sir Seifgad…”

The smiling nobleman!

Perhaps it’s because he usually works as a Royal Guard, but even in private, his smile is rare, you know!

It is such a pure and sweet, innocent smile, as if he were carrying a hazelnut on his back!

This ultra-rare smile is only for me!


I have no regrets in my life!


In the long, long discussion about the future that follows, it is discovered that he is a conservative man who won’t even give you a kiss until the wedding ceremony… But if I can have him as my companion, it’s only a small matter.


I don’t care if we don’t hug even though we’re in love. I don’t mind.

Really, sincerely, yes, yes.

… W-Well, at least hold hands with your fiance a lot, even if not in public.

Do you want to work out together?

If you can teach me some simple counter attacks that I can do with my bare hands, then yes, of course.

Yes, I’d be happy to. Mm-hmm. OHo-ho.


I’ve always thought of myself as normal, but maybe I’m just a perverted woman with a big heart.


I’m not crying. I’m not crying, you know!


A few months later, we had a party to announce our engagement, which caused a lot of excitement among the nobles.

It was only natural that you would try to snatch the number one man you wanted to marry.

I thought I’d get harsh criticism from all sides.

But contrary to my expectation, I was surprised to see that the mood changed to one of congratulations quite easily.

According to what I heard from my friends, even among the daughters who were my rivals in love, most of them were convinced that Lady Macholda was the one.

Yes, but I am Matilda.

Of course, there were some who were afraid to mess with a marquis and a gorilla.

But the main reason seems to be that there are a certain number of daughters who have been grateful to me for the self-satisfied acts of kindness I’ve done for them, and that they and the people around them are grateful to me.

It’s true that mercy is good for no one.

I never thought that my daily deeds would come back to me in this way.

On the contrary, Sir Seifgad seems to have been challenged to a duel several times.

He seems to be the son of a lady I once helped, and he claimed he was testing him to see if he was worthy of my admiration and that he would confess his love to me once he had prepared himself physically and mentally.

Of course, Sir Seifgad got all his competitors out of the way.


For a nobleman, he’s a bit naive or dreamy. I feel sorry for him.

A maiden’s flowering season is short, so I can’t wait for years without knowing him and without a promise.

In fact, I fell in love with Sir Seifgad, who was the first to praise my muscles, right?

I’m quite infatuated with him now, you know.

That was a little rough, wasn’t it?

I thought I was a muscular, grieving woman, but suddenly the fact that I was popular was revealed, and I was unworthy of my position.

I’ve got to work on my goody-two-shoes thinking before the man I love gets tired of me.

But will I ever be able to fix this?

Well, whatever it takes!

I, Matilda, the muscled-gorilla who got rid of her villainous role by becoming muscular, was able to meet the happiest ending ever with the strongest and most handsome man, Seifgad.


700+ 𝗔𝗱𝘃𝗮𝗻𝗰𝗲𝗱 𝗖𝗵𝗮𝗽𝘁𝗲𝗿𝘀 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗖𝗼𝘂𝗻𝘁𝗶𝗻𝗴



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I Reincarnated as a Villainess, but I Become a Gorimacho and Avoid Engagement

I Reincarnated as a Villainess, but I Become a Gorimacho and Avoid Engagement

Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei Shita kedo Gorimacho ni Natte Konyaku Kaihi Shimasu, 悪役令嬢に転生したけどゴリマッチョになって婚約回避します
Score 7.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Japanese
A former Japanese woman who was reincarnated as the villainous daughter of a certain anime avoids her engagement to the first prince by becoming gorimacho. After getting her freedom, she goes out into society again in search of a partner who will love her even if she is gori and macho.


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