“I Don’t Love You,” Said the Ice Magician to His Unrequited Love, Who Was Disguised as Me – Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Luxurious rooms and delicious snacks

She thought it was an absolute lie. 

She was so angry that they used whatever means necessary to make Mia tell such a lie in such a short period of time. 

(Really beautiful. . .)

The villa where Zion, the next head of the family, lives. 

The room prepared on the second floor was so luxurious that it made her eyes dazzle. 

A beautiful crystal chandelier. 

At the back of the spacious room, a large bed like the one the royal family sleeps in was placed, and the wind invited by the beautifully decorated windows shook the deep red curtains. 

The carpet was as soft as feathers, and there wasn’t a single speck of dirt on any of the furnishings, from the dressing table to the small accessory case. 

In disbelief at the sight, Finne covered her mouth and her voice trembled. 

“Such. . .I can’t believe a room without any leaks at all exists in this world. . .”

[Your asking standard is a little too low. ]

Mr. Ghost said, holding his temple. 

“Finne-sama, I feel sorry for you after all. . .!”

Mia, the maid, said with tears in her eyes. 

“This is strange. This door is too smooth to open and close. Normally, doors should make a creaking sound like the end of the world every time you open and close them.”

[I’m sorry that my mansion is too shabby. ]

Finne was surprised that there were no cracks in the glass windows, tilted her head at the lack of sound from drafts, and jumped up in surprise at the soft bed. 

Every time she did so, Mr. Ghost looked sad and Mia wiped her tears with a handkerchief saying “Finne-sama, you poor thing. . .”

“Zion-sama is scheduled to return tomorrow. Please relax here until you meet him. I brought marmalade and cream cheese pie.” 

“Oh! This is a wonderful dish! With this amount, I won’t need to eat tomorrow!”

“. . .Eh? this is just a light snack.”

“A light snack?”

“Dinner will be served at 6 pm.”

“Dinner? At 6 pm?”

Finne was confused. 

Mr. Ghost and Mia nodded slightly while wiping away tears. 

“This pie is unbelievably delicious. . .”

She ate the pie with confusion. 

At first, her movements were hesitant, but they quickly became faster. 

After finishing the large pie in no time, Finne spoke. 

“I see. I understand the general aim of Duke Charles Creutzfeldt.”

“Duke-sama’s aim. . .?”

Mia tilted her head, and Finne continued. 

“Why would they treat a Count’s daughter who can’t even go outside and is being talked about behind her back in high society so well? The reason is simple. They want to enjoy the contrast.”

“The contrast?”

“Give hope and make them happy, then take everything away and make them despair. It’s something that a shady noble would think of.”

“T-That’s terrible. . .”

“It’s not a problem. Once we see through their aim, we will be in a better position than them.”

Finne smiled slyly. 

“Let’s enjoy it to the fullest. Suck up every bit of this luxurious time to the bone, and when it’s taken away, we’ll say ‘Oh, we knew it all along. ‘ They spent so much money on this, they’re sure to regret it!”

“That’s amazing. . .! Your toughness and meanness are perfectly layered like a mille-feuille, Finne-sama!”

“Once that’s decided, let’s ask for seconds of the pie. Mia, you can have some too.”

“Yay! Thank you very much!”

Thus, Finne had three servings of pie for two people during the first day’s snack, confusing the mansion’s cook. 

On the other hand, her body couldn’t keep up with suddenly eating so much, and she suffered from stomach pain, spending the rest of the time moaning in bed. 

When she desperately said, “Don’t throw away the dinner I couldn’t eat because I’ll eat it tomorrow. . .!” Mr. Ghost was at a loss for words at her stubbornness, but for some reason, the evaluation of the mansion’s cook went up, saying “Even in poor health, she still cares about not wasting our food. . .!”

And then, the next day arrived. 

It was the day of the meeting with the Duke family’s heir. 

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