“I Don’t Love You,” Said the Ice Magician to His Unrequited Love, Who Was Disguised as Me – Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Determination

Even if things weren’t going well with her partner, life continued at an unchanging pace.

The university job that Finne started as a temporary researcher was getting busier day by day.

The amount of work requested kept increasing.

“Finne-san! We need your help!”

“Please come to our lab! We haven’t been able to solve this problem for three months.”

“Are you the female researcher rumored to be incredibly capable? There’s something we really need your help with——.”

She could refuse simple cases, but she couldn’t treat them rudely because everyone brought difficult problems that they were really struggling with.

Above all, the complex magical research they brought fascinated Finne.

For her, who had been studying alone in the ghost mansion on the border, the research in the outside world was fresh and interesting.

She wanted to help the distressed and exhausted faces seriously, and above all, it was really fun and satisfying to solve problems that no one else could solve and be appreciated.

They asked her to come to work three days a week, but if possible, five days, and even every day.

However, Finne had something she had to do besides helping with research.

That was to obtain the 《Mirror of Cucumericulus》 necessary to complete Mr. Ghost’s research.

It seemed that it was in an unknown location since the former head of the Duke Creutzfeldt family, who was supposed to have it, was betrayed by his son and imprisoned.

[Originally, only former head Bernard knew where the 《Mirror》 was. It seems he managed the information very strictly.] 

“It seems like he was a really cautious person. It would be great if we could go and talk to him directly.”

[Well, that’s difficult. The current ruler, Charles, is keeping a close eye on the Bernard faction of nobles. Even insiders don’t seem to know where Bernard is being held.]

“I don’t want to do anything that would make them suspicious of me.”

Finne thought for a moment before speaking up.

“Additionally, it seems like Bernard believes that the 《Mirror》 holds something extremely important that cannot be given to anyone else.”

[That’s true. Considering the power of that 《Mirror》, it’s only natural.]

“Hey, about the power of that 《Mirror》——.”

Finne trailed off and stopped speaking.

“Never mind, it’s fine.”

[Are you sure?]

“If I ask, I’ll have to think about a lot of things. I prefer to leave those kinds of troublesome things to other people.”

“Wow, you’re amazing. You sound so cool saying that.”


Mr. Ghost thought for a bit before speaking up.

[But if the 《Mirror》 has special powers, there’s a possibility that I could misuse it. And considering the possibility that you might get dragged into it as well…]

“Misuse it?”

[I won’t, but…]

“Well then, there’s no problem.”

Finne let out a sigh.

“How long do you think we’ve been together? I know Mr. Ghost better than anyone else. I know he won’t use it in a way that would cause trouble for anyone. And above all, you’re not the kind of person who would do something so grandiose.”

[Well, when you put it like that, It feel a bit small and complicated.]

“I like that about you, It makes me feel safe.”

As a wizard, Mr. Ghost was an amazing person, but Finne liked that he never acted superior. It had been that way since they first met. Even when he said outrageous things, he would look her in the eye and take her seriously.

(He was the important person who talked to me a lot and saved me when I was alone after losing my parents.)

That’s why Finne wanted to repay Mr. Ghost. Even though it was not enough compared to what he had given her.

(I will definitely get the 《Mirror》 and complete Mr. Ghost’s research.)

With determination in her heart, Finne said,

“Our next goal is the former head’s villa. Let’s sneak in and look for clues about the 《Mirror》.”

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