“I Don’t Love You,” Said the Ice Magician to His Unrequited Love, Who Was Disguised as Me – Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Royal Magic College

“Helping out at the Royal Magic College?”

It was dinner time.

Zion nodded in response to Finne’s question.

“Yeah. Honorary Professor Austin really wants you help with his research.”

She remembered the white-bearded man she met at the post-wedding reception who had eagerly invited her after she accidentally proved a difficult hypothesis.

“I don’t think it’s an overestimation, and I don’t want to disappoint him, but I really don’t want to go if I can help it.”

“You’re a talented wizard. You’re the disciple of the 《Witch of Dawn》, after all.”

“. . . Is that so?”

“Yeah. You’ll definitely be able to hold your own at the Royal Magic College.”

It was an unexpected compliment.

(I don’t feel bad about it.)

Finne thought.

(It might be good to experience what the university level is like for future reference.)

This life could end at any moment.

This might be her only chance to enter the Royal Magic College.

“I understand. If there’s anything I can do, I’ll be happy to help.”

—A week later.

After seeing Zion off for work, Finne headed to the Royal Magic College by carriage.

The comfortable vibrations and unfamiliar scenery of the capital city passing by outside the window.

Upon arriving at the university, Finne was overwhelmed by its magnificent facilities and infrastructure above all else.

The clock tower that exuded a sense of long history and the largest library in the kingdom.

The beautifully manicured lawns reflected light with a refreshing sheen, and the presence of magic and magical experiments could be felt everywhere. 

(This is the university…)

Austin, the honorary professor, welcomed Finne, who was breathless in this unknown world.

“Thank you for coming, Finne. Come this way, please.”

She was led to the honorary professor’s laboratory.

The eyes of students and teachers were drawn to them along the way.

“Hey, who’s that?”

“That’s the rumored Count’s daughter. The honorary professor is making a fuss about her being a genius.”

“I see, so that’s her.”

(I’m getting a lot of attention…)

Feeling bewildered in an unfamiliar situation, Finne walked down the hallway of the research facility.

“Excuse me, Honorary Professor.”

The man with silver-framed glasses called out to them.

He was accompanied by four other professors and spoke in a cold voice.

“It is against university regulations to allow outsiders into the laboratory. Is that not so?”

“I think there is no problem with inviting excellent researchers from outside according to the rules.”

“Well then, if she is an excellent researcher, there is no problem. However, she has no achievements. Isn’t it true that she has been studying alone at home all this time?”

The man with silver-framed glasses spoke in a calm tone.

“There is no way someone like that could have acquired university-level knowledge and magical skills. Knowledge and skills are honed by interacting with people. If she is allowed into the laboratory, I will have to sue you for violating the confidentiality rules.”

“Her ability is real.”

“Then prove it. If she can pass the task I am about to assign her, I will recognize her ability.”

The students around them began to stir at that moment.

“Hey! Professor Stegen is going to do that harassment test again.”

“Seriously? No one has solved that task since the founding of the university.” 

“It was said that even the court magician of the Magic Empire couldn’t solve it.”

“Poor thing. I hope she doesn’t come to hate magic because the devil glasses…”

In an unexpected turn of events, Finne was at a loss.

(Somehow, I feel like I’m getting involved in something strange…)

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