“I Don’t Love You,” Said the Ice Magician to His Unrequited Love, Who Was Disguised as Me – Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Motion

Surprisingly, it seems that the 《Ice Magician》 is in love with the 《Witch of Dawn》. 

She confirmed it so persistently because she couldn’t understand the meaning, but he didn’t change his opinion at all, so his words are probably true. 

“. . .What do you like about her?”

Finne says while hiding her inner turmoil. 

“That person has some human problems, or so I think she might have harassed me.”

“Is that the kind of person you know as 《The Witch of Dawn》? Interesting.”

He looks at me intently and then squints his eyes. 

“The 《Witch of Dawn》 I know was a kind person. She treated me for free when I was as good as dead and kept telling me how wonderful it is to live. I thought she was a person with a warm heart and deep emotions.”

(Is my harassment being interpreted in an extremely positive way?!)

She was acting with 100% pure malice because she didn’t like the way he looked at her when he said ‘kill me’. 

“But, isn’t it just a one-month event from four years ago? It doesn’t seem like something to keep thinking about so much.”

“For me, it was the moment when I felt for the first time since birth that I wanted to ‘live. ‘ It was the most valuable month of my life. I was saved.”

“But, in just that amount of time, you wouldn’t know much about the other person.”

“I can’t say that I know everything about her. But she told me a lot about herself. That there’s something mixed in with the smell of books that gives happiness. That listening to the sound of rain calms the heart. That the wind on a summer night feels good. That drinking soup made from wild grass on a rooftop is really delicious.” 

Finne is perplexed. 

(Why such harassment has become a beautiful memory. )

“More than anything, what I felt was wonderful was her way of thinking.” 

Zion says. 

“Even in an unfavorable environment, one can be happy depending on their way of thinking. Her positivity and strength shone brightly. It’s also nice to be able to feel happy in the small moments of everyday life. The unusual things that make her different from ordinary people are also great. For example——”

(Is he really praising me so much?! Is he in love with me?!)

Finne is dizzy from experiencing something she has never experienced before. 

Zion suddenly realizes and says, “I’m sorry. Did I hurt you?”

“No, it’s not that. I’m actually happy to hear more.”

“Why does it make you happy?”

“Well, I like love stories. Especially stories about unrequited love.”

It was a lie that came out spontaneously, but it was fortunate that it became somewhat convincing. 

There is a general image that women like stories about love, so he seems to have understood. 

“But I don’t want to confess my feelings to her. She seems to come from a poor background, and the Duke family, which we belong to, has a bad reputation. We are not allowed to get married, and I might hurt her by getting too close. However, I want to meet her again and express my gratitude. Thanks to her, I was able to feel like I wanted to live.” 

It was a mixture of love and sadness. 

(No, it’s me. . .)

He never seemed to dream that he was already married to her, and that she was right in front of him in an ongoing relationship. 

(W-What is this situation?!)

Finne is flustered but tries hard to hide her inner turmoil.

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