I Don’t Care About Being Liked by the Capture Targets. I Will Be Myself and Free! – Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Spring at the Age of 11 (Part – 6)

“Chloe?! What are you doing there?!”

Her cousins are surprised and taken aback.

Pushing them aside, Steed rushes over in a panic.

“Chloe!! Are you okay?!”

(Oh no. . .I messed up. . .)

If someone were to roll out from behind the hedge at this timing, it would be obvious that she was peeking.

There’s no helping it now.

Chloe rejects Steed’s hand as he tries to help her up and stands up on her own, puffing out her chest.

She doesn’t realize that the tip of her nose is dirty with soil.

“I heard everything! Yes, I’m the villainess!”

“The villainess. . .?”

Her cousins are used to Chloe’s “villainess declaration,” but Roland is not. He glares at Chloe, the intruder, with suspicious eyes.

“You think your noble blood is so pure? You have such vulgar blood that you have to peek, and yet you have the nerve to say that.”

“――Wait. What did you just say to her?”


Hearing Steed’s low voice, Chloe has a bad feeling.

Looking up next to her in a hurry, oh, there it is.

He has a smile that is often described as angelic, but his eyes are not smiling at all.

This is the expression that Steed shows only when he is seriously angry.

Seeing Steed, who had been more inclined to defend Roland until now, getting irritated, Roland narrowed his eyes with interest.

“Huh? Are you in love with that woman? She’s a mean-looking, nasty woman. What’s so good about her?”

“I won’t tolerate insults towards Chloe, no matter who the opponent is. Withdraw your words immediately, Roland.”

Steed steps forward in front of Chloe, hiding her from Roland’s gaze.

He must be trying to protect her.

But Chloe doesn’t accept that.

She can handle things on her own, even if he doesn’t protect her.

She’s not ashamed of her stubbornness like she was when she was a child.

Rather, the current Chloe, who has encountered picture books, takes pride in this face.

“You’re in the way. Move, Steed. This is not a scene where I can show off my skills as a villainess!”

She can’t let him steal her spotlight.

A promising boy who came to the castle.

She can’t let a pathetic little villain like Gideon take on such a wonderful role as opposing him.

Pushing Steed aside, she steps forward in front of Roland.

Roland looks at Chloe, the new enemy who has appeared, with an attitude that seems to say he’s ready to take her on.

But then――

“. . .Huh?!”

A stone thrown from behind hits Roland in the temple.

Roland winces in pain and puts his hand on the spot where the stone hit.

“Hey, are you okay?!”

Chloe rushes to Roland without thinking and is startled to see a trickle of blood running down his cheek.

A dirty attack that caught him completely off guard.

The one who launched it was, of course, Gideon.

“Ha! Serves you right! Look, everyone! The dirty blood of the commoners is flowing! I bet his mother was dirty too!”

(Gideon, what is he saying. . .)

“. . .You’ve got some nerve. It was you who made the first move.”

A bright light leaks from Roland’s palm as he speaks in a low voice.

A dazzling golden lightning-like radiance.

(That’s magic. . .!)

“I’ll make you regret making me angry. . .”


Roland is about to cast a spell towards the frightened Gideon.

The radiance that swelled up on the palm of his hand continues to grow larger and larger.

He has no intention of holding back.

The moment Chloe realizes this, she becomes angry.

(Gideon is at fault, but that’s going too far. . .!)

“Stop it!”


Shaking off Steed, who tries to stop her, Chloe grabs the teacup that was on the table in the garden.

After confirming that there is no steam coming out, she splashes the cold tea towards Roland.


It was an unexpected turn of events.

Even Roland, who is usually composed, is wide-eyed and speechless.

Due to the surprise of being soaked, the lightning-like radiance disappears.

“Hey! What are you doing?!”

“That’s my line!!”

Chloe crosses her arms and glares at Roland.

“What were you trying to do?!”

“What. . .magic. If you look, you’ll under――”

“You’re the worst!!”

Chloe shouts over Roland’s words.

“What was that magic just now?! It was so strong, wasn’t it?! I was impressed when you defeated Gideon with your words earlier, but to solve it so easily with magic is just too disappointing. Give me back the excitement I felt when I thought a promising student had come!!”

“Chloe, calm down. . .”

“Steed, stay quiet! If you attack with magic without permission, you’ll be suspended! It’s terrible, you’ll be locked up in the tower and won’t be released until you reflect on your actions.”

“Phew” finishes speaking while catching her breath.

Chloe has actually been locked up for using magic before.

In Chloe’s case, she didn’t try to use offensive magic.

However, she was still given a five-day suspension, so if she had hurt someone with magic, she would have faced serious consequences.

Roland stares back at Chloe with a blank expression.

Suddenly, his cheeks turn bright red.

“B-Badum. . .”

(Why is he blushing?)

Chloe finds Roland’s sudden change in behavior a little strange, but it’s not the time to think about it now.

“H-haha! It’s embarrassing to be scolded by a girl!”

Gideon regains his composure and starts insulting Roland again.

This unrepentant man needs to be punished.

Chloe walks over to Gideon and grabs his collar forcefully.

“Gideon, you’re persistent! The content of your insults is also of poor quality. I can’t stand listening to a low-level villain! Come up with more sophisticated content and defeat your enemies with your words!”

“What?! You’re saying I have low standards?!”

“That’s right. Especially saying bad things about your family is the worst. Wouldn’t you feel like it’s a violation of the rules if someone said bad things about your beloved mother?”

“What are you talking about, ‘beloved’? Don’t say creepy things.”

“Oh, are you denying it? Even though you’re such a mama’s boy that you can’t sleep without her sleeping next to you.”

The moment she said that, Gideon turned pale.

“H-How do you know that?!”

“I have various pieces of information. For example, even if you’re just a little unwell, you want your Okaa-sama to feed you by saying ‘aah’?”

“Stop it! Don’t say any more. . .!”

“As a villainess, I have to be well-informed. Don’t underestimate my information network.”

“Damn it. . .Why are you so wicked. . .!”

“Well, that’s obvious. After all, I’m a villainess!”

Gideon must have thought that he couldn’t bear to have any more embarrassing secrets exposed.

He closed his mouth, almost in tears.

(I win!)

Placing both hands on her hips, she raised her chin with a smug feeling.

Chloe, who was enjoying her sense of superiority, didn’t even notice that Roland, who was still blushing, was staring at her intently.

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