I Don’t Care About Being Liked by the Capture Targets. I Will Be Myself and Free! – Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Dangerous Tea Party with Natural Enemies (Part 8)


The person Steed had warned her about multiple times.

The person who was supposed to lead Chloe to ruin.

The boy who met young Marion in this summer resort and developed a fleeting love.

Information about Oliver Bloom races through Chloe’s mind.

No matter how confused she is, she understands that she has made contact with Oliver in the worst possible way.

(That this man is not Zach Neal, but Oliver Bloom. . .)

If Steed says it, it must be true.

But how did Steed know that he was Oliver?

“. . .Am I a fake? How can you say that for sure?”

Oliver, or rather Zach, asks the same question that Chloe had.

Oliver is more agitated than ever before.

He can no longer maintain his sarcastic composure.

Chloe feels a sense of relief.

She knows it’s not the time for that, but she sticks her tongue out in the corner of her mind.

“It’s simple. You must have seen Marion’s face before. I have seen Oliver Bloom’s face too.”

Upon hearing Steed’s words, Chloe realizes.

(Oh! That’s right. Steed saw Oliver in the game!)

“His face? Hmm. That’s strange. I was abroad for my father’s work until three months ago.”

“Are you saying that you were shut in without seeing anyone for three months?”

“No. I like socializing. But I choose my companions. I don’t think I’ve met you guys before.”

“Oh, I wonder what’s going on.” 

“But the girl who played the substitute, isn’t she a commoner? Rough and rude with no manners. She’s just doing what poor nobles like Marion tell her to do, even being a substitute. Your appearance isn’t bad, but you’re hanging out with that kind of girl. It doesn’t seem like a high rank.”

To catch two princes and say ‘It doesn’t seem like a high rank.’

Certainly, neither Steed nor Roland have had many opportunities to show their faces in public as princes, as they haven’t yet been involved in official duties.

It’s natural if you don’t even know what they look like, unless you’re a high-ranking noble. 

However, Oliver’s proud face as he makes misguided guesses is pitiful. 

Besides, even Chloe deliberately made many breaches of manners.”

“Haha, this is good.”

Roland bursts out laughing.

Steed seems to be unhappy that Chloe was made fun of and begins to mutter dangerous soliloquies like “I really want to kill him.”

It doesn’t matter if they were mistaken for commoners.

Chloe’s head is full of the fact that she has unknowingly become involved with Oliver.

Looking back, he had the personality that Steed had heard about.

Frivolous and womanizing. He lies as easily as he breathes and never speaks his true feelings.

(Why didn’t I notice. . .)

At the same time as feeling disgusted with herself, she felt her emotions sinking.

Approaching him as a boy, she turned out to be a heroine who seems to lead herself to ruin.

Sometimes, the person you thought was someone else turns out to be a capture target you shouldn’t get involved with.

An irresistible force of fate seems to be at work, and no matter how much you struggle, things seem to go according to the game’s scenario.

A shiver runs down Chloe’s spine.


Suddenly called by Steed, she looks up in surprise.

Perhaps sensing her fear, he gently embraces her shoulder, reassuring her.

Her chaotic feelings suddenly become lighter.

It seems that Steed has become a stabilizing force for her, and she can’t deny it anymore.

With her composure regained, Chloe looks around while feeling Steed’s presence beside her.

Roland, who probably understands the situation the least, has a face that says it’s okay as long as he knows who the enemy and ally are.

On the other hand, Marion seems to want a little more explanation.

“Marion. Just as you switched places to avoid the arranged marriage, Zach Neal took similar action. Before meeting you, I visited the Neal family to find Chloe and received an explanation from Zach himself. And regarding the engagement with you, I made a promise with Zach to refuse it.”


Marion looks puzzled as to how that could happen.

Perhaps Steed used his influential position to make it happen.

Of course, Steed is not the type to wield power, but he is the type to use different weapons depending on the situation.

“What? Did that Zach guy spill the beans?”

Oliver said indifferently.

“Well, if that’s the case, there’s no need to hide anymore. Zach asked me to help him by taking an unpleasant attitude and persuading you to reject the engagement.”

“Why. . .?! But I can’t refuse from my family’s side. . .”

“Even if they’re wealthy, the Neal family is just a merchant family. To be proposed to by a noble family and easily refuse, do you think you’re in a position to do that? Even if Zach wants it, his parents won’t allow it. Just like your parents.”

Chloe was taken aback by unexpected words.

They had assumed that they were in a position where Marion’s family couldn’t refuse.

But thinking about it, it was only natural that it would be difficult to refuse from the merchant’s side.

(Both of them were scheming to have the other side reject the engagement. . .Wait a minute?!)

Then why did Oliver interfere?

“Hey, Oliver. Why were you pretending not to know? If both of you don’t want the engagement to happen, wouldn’t it be much better to cooperate?”

(I wonder why Zach asked him to make sure the engagement is rejected from Marion’s side?)

However, Oliver gave an unexpected response.

“I told you earlier, didn’t I? I was enjoying the farce you prepared. Even though I saw through everything, you were trying so hard to make me dislike you honestly. It was truly a masterpiece. It’s the first time I’ve encountered a toy that can entertain me as much as you.”

(. . .What did he just say?)

“But toys easily break, don’t they? They become tattered and quickly disappear from my hands. I’m sure you’ll be the same, so I wanted to crush you in a spectacular way, trampling over your feelings for your friends.”

(To say whatever you want. . .)

How insolent.

――When Chloe was about to retort.

“Shut up.”

Seeing Steed’s uncharacteristic tone and feeling his genuine anger, Chloe was surprised.

“Steed. Let me punch this guy after all.”

Interrupting the dangerous discussion, Roland stepped in.

“That would be too lenient. I won’t be satisfied unless I thoroughly torment him. How about casting a spell that will make him unable to speak forever?”

“No, both of you, stop!”

“Don’t stop, Chloe.”

“Yeah, let’s twist this guy’s smug face.”

“Not like that.”

Chloe pushed the two aside and stood firmly in front.

“The prey is mine! I will take revenge on my own!”

“Huh. . .”

She didn’t want to be just a princess who relied on others for protection.

What she aimed for was to stand at the forefront, as a villainess who used cunning and noble malice to crush her enemies.

“That’s right. Who would hand over such a satisfying prey?!”

Everyone in the room was taken aback by Chloe, who started laughing with a low voice, including Oliver, who was locked on.

“Just now, you have been recognized as my archenemy!”

She said terrible things to her friend Marion and mocked Steed and Roland.

“And to think he tried to steal my lips with that kind of magic. . .!”

Just remembering it makes her feel sick.

There’s no need for Steed or Roland to take his place.

“Prepare yourself! I’ll definitely get my revenge. I’ll make you suffer a hundred times more than what you did to me, for the rest of your life!”

“. . .For the rest of my life?”

“Yes, that’s right!!”

Oliver’s eyes widen.

(Hmph, it’s too late to be afraid now.)

“I’ll make you regret laying a hand on me!”

Chloe points at Oliver with a laugh.

“Be careful on the streets at night from now on!!”

“To spend your whole life, huh. That means you’ll be thinking about me for the rest of your life, right? Unlike those easily broken toys, you’ll entertain me until I die.”

“I’m not trying to entertain you, I’m telling you I’ll beat you up!”

“Hehe, I see. . .Hahaha. . .”

For some inexplicable reason, Oliver started laughing, shaking his shoulders.

However, his laughter now feels different from before, without the sense of evil.

Perhaps he has broken down from fear?

(Well, it doesn’t matter.)

She’s already declared war, and she has no more use for Oliver now.

Chloe turns away from Oliver and faces her friends who came to her rescue.

Marion, who met her eyes first, runs up to Chloe with a face that looks like she’s about to cry, and holds both of Chloe’s hands.

Chloe hurriedly reaches out her hand from her side.

“I’m really sorry, Chloe! I caused you so much trouble. . .”

“I don’t think it’s a bother. Thank you for coming to help me. But how did you know this place?”

“Well. . .I couldn’t help but be curious, so I secretly followed you. Then I saw the two of you heading towards the deserted flower garden, which made me even more worried. . .”

Feeling that something might happen, Marion seemed to have planned to go back home and bring the servants with her. It was on the way that she coincidentally ran into Steed and the others.

That’s when Steed, who recognized Marion’s appearance, stopped her and asked about Chloe’s whereabouts.

“So the three of you came to help. Thank you, Marion.”

Marion tightly closed her teary eyes and shook her head vigorously.

She understands Marion’s kindness. 

She doesn’t want her to feel responsible for the danger she was in at that time.

“Let’s continue being friends, Marion.”

She wants to convey this before she thinks about leaving. She preemptively expresses her feelings.

Marion gasped and then nodded repeatedly with a tearful smile.

While still holding hands with Marion, Chloe now looks at Roland.

“Thank you too, Roland. It seems you’ve started acting together with Steed.”

“Well, it was just a coincidence this time. You had a fight with Steed, right? He came back looking like it was the end of the world, and ever since then, he’s been absent-minded. It’s quite amusing to watch, so I followed along.”


Surprised, Chloe looks at Steed, who is unusually blushing.

“Don’t say unnecessary things, Roland.”

Steed scolds Roland and awkwardly averts his gaze.

From his blonde hair to the tips of his ears, he’s completely red.

Chloe, who has moved away from Marion, gathers her courage and stands in front of Steed.

She has to say something.

But there are too many things she wants to convey.

Where should she start?

“Um, Steed. . .Well, um, I’m. . .I’m sorry for everything. And. . .thank you for coming to help――”

As Chloe tries to say something, Steed’s index finger is pressed against her lips.

“Chloe, wait a moment.”

Steed’s face is still red, but his behavior is becoming more like his usual self.

“Huh. . .?”

“If you’re planning to thank me, I’d prefer it to be when we’re alone.”

Being sweetly pleaded with, her cheeks grow hot.

(Even though Marion and Roland are here. . .!)

She timidly turns to look at the two, only to find Marion, who is blushing and making a victory pose, and Roland, who is resting his hand on his waist with a look of disbelief, watching their exchange intently.

“So, you two are in that kind of relationship. . .! How wonderful!”

(N-No, that’s not. . .! Marion, please don’t misunderstand. . .!)

“Well, I’ve been seeing his depressed face, you know. I’ll leave it to Steed here.”

“To easily leave them alone like this, you guys are really something. A love-hate drama where you fight over her would be much more exciting. If you two aren’t interested, I can be the sacrificial lamb.”

The unnecessary remark that is heard at the end is from Oliver.

The audacity to interject here is quite something, in a sense.

As expected, everyone except Chloe glares at him, and they silently order him to keep quiet.

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