I Don’t Care About Being Liked by the Capture Targets. I Will Be Myself and Free! – Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Dangerous Tea Party with Natural Enemies (Part 4)

Zach invited Chloe to a small lavender field in full bloom.

Whether it was a hidden gem or he had cleared the area of people, the beautiful purple carpet belonged to no one.

She had imagined a boring tea party in a typical courtyard, so she was caught off guard.

Sandwiches and muffins were prepared on a quilt placed in a spot where the flowers wouldn’t be crushed.

Although steam rose from the teapot, there was no sign of any maids around.

“I had the servants step back so we could be alone. I’ll serve you myself.”

Zach’s smile seemed suspicious to her.

His contrived behavior made her trust him even less.

“I didn’t need to be alone with you. It’s suffocating to be with only you.”

She didn’t need to pretend to dislike him.

With Zach, she could speak harshly to him as much as she wanted.

“The servants are professionals, so you should just leave it to them. I don’t want to drink poorly made tea from an amateur.”

“Don’t worry. I’m quite skilled. The girls in town love it.”

“Talking about other girls in front of your fiancée candidate? You’re such a scumbag.”

“I’m happy! Are you jealous?”

“As if I would be.”

She just wanted to call him a scumbag.

(How can he be so nonchalant when he’s being called out for talking about other girls? He’s too frivolous!)

This kind of person is not suitable for Marion.

Zach skillfully made tea and offered a teacup to Chloe, but she rejected it with a snap.

“That’s fine. I’m picky about the taste.”

“I don’t hate girls who get jealous and angry.”

“Hey?! We’re done talking about that!”

“I’ll leave the tea here.”

“. . .”

Nothing he says seems to have any effect.

Looking at Zach’s cool face, Chloe can’t help but feel irritated.

(I can’t let myself lose!)

If sarcasm doesn’t work, she’ll have to try a different approach.

“Ahh, my feet hurt from walking in the woods!”

Chloe takes off her shoes again and lies down on the quilt.

This is not something she would normally do in front of others, but if it means not being liked by the other person, it’s a different story.

(Hmm, this position is actually quite liberating!)

The view in front of her is a vast blue sky.

The wind blowing her bangs is gentle and pleasant.

If only Zach weren’t here, this would be the perfect picnic.

“Hahaha. You’re still funny. I’ve never seen a girl like you before.”

(Hey, why are you laughing?! This is where you’re supposed to back off, isn’t it?!)

“I’m not funny at all!”

As she screams and sits up, she meets Zach’s devilish smile again.

“The more you say that, the more fun I have.”

This boy is truly twisted.

“You’re weird. Normally, if someone says something sarcastic, you get angry, and if you see a girl with such bad manners, you should be repulsed! It’s crazy that you find it amusing.”

As soon as Chloe speaks, Zach bursts out laughing. 

It’s different from the smirk he had until a moment ago.

Seeing his attitude of not being able to hold back his laughter, Chloe had a bad feeling.

“. . .What’s so funny?”

“Oh, I laughed, I laughed. What’s funny? It’s because you’re so honest.”

“. . .What do you mean?”

“I wonder why I’m not angry? Haha. Of course, I’m not angry. Because I can’t help but find it cute that you deliberately say harsh words to make me angry.”

(W-What did he say. . .?!)

Her blood drains from her face all at once.

(Did he notice that I was trying to make him hate me on purpose?!)

At the same time as feeling shocked, she becomes unbearably frustrated.

She thought it was a perfect plan.

Being seen through is nothing but humiliation.

And to think that as a result, she ended up entertaining Zach, she felt pathetic.

“You’re not the type for schemes. It’s too easy to understand. Did you think that by making me hate you, you could get me to break off the engagement?”

Zach leans forward on the quilt and peers into her face.

The moment the distance between them becomes so close that she can feel his breath, Zach distorts his handsome face and laughs.

“Too bad. Your plan failed.”

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