I Don’t Care About Being Liked by the Capture Targets. I Will Be Myself and Free! – Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Dangerous Tea Party with Natural Enemies (Part 3)

Chloe, who had left behind the pursuing Steed, dashed into the mansion and continued down the hallway without heeding her mother’s attempt to stop her.

“Well, that child! I wonder what’s wrong. She has such an unusually sad face.” 

Her mother muttered, audible from behind.

(I’m not about to cry or anything. . .)

Chloe countered in her mind, but she didn’t have the courage to look in the mirror right now.

The truth was, Chloe knew better than anyone that tears were on the verge of overflowing. 

Anger and sadness swirled within her, unable to be resolved or contained.

(I even said I didn’t want to see his face. . .)

Steed seemed as if he had been struck by Chloe’s words, wearing a pained expression.

(I shouldn’t have said something like that. . .? But it’s not like I wanted to blame Steed. . .Ah, I can’t take it anymore. . .)

Her head and heart were in disarray.

Nevertheless, as Chloe made her way down the wide hallway, she arrived at her own room, her emotions mostly consumed by guilt.

(I really went too far with my last words. . .)

As soon as she threw herself into her room, Chloe collapsed onto the bed with a thud.

She tried to hold her breath and calm her heart.

Otherwise, she felt like she would be swallowed up by the overwhelming guilt that surged towards her.

A heavy sigh escaped her lips.

“Ah. . .Why did I say such things?”

She knew that he was worried about her.

Unable to be honest and becoming stubborn, she uttered hurtful words. 

(I couldn’t stand the way Steed seemed to view Marion as an enemy. . .)

She couldn’t accept that fact, and in her emotional state, she ended up getting angry.

But if she calmed down and thought about it, Steed wasn’t at fault.

He only knew Marion from the game, and that Marion was the one who would bring about Chloe’s downfall.

She had always believed that Marion was the cause of her destruction and had been devising solutions. Even if she tried to convince herself that the Marion she encountered in this world was different from the one in the game, it was an unavoidable situation.

It was only natural that her claims about the real Marion would not be easily accepted.

(I should have conveyed my feelings to Steed, understanding his perspective on the matter, until he listened and understood the real Marion, no matter how many times it took.)

And if something different from the game’s content had occurred, it was only natural for Steed to be cautious.

In fact, she should have been grateful to him.

But she never once expressed words like “Thank you” or “I’m sorry.”

Instead, she said things like “Go home” and “I don’t want to see your face.”

Chloe felt an unbearable frustration and pressed her forehead against the cushion.

(I’m the worst. . .)

She was starting to dislike herself a little.

For Chloe, this self-loathing was a first.

First of all, she has never had an argument with Steed like that before.

That’s because he always laughed off and forgave Chloe’s stubborn words and attitude. 

(I’m happy when Chloe expresses her true feelings like that.)

(It’s okay for her to be as selfish as she wants in front of me.)

(Above all, I love even the angry you because you’re cute.)

When he said those words, it was embarrassingly overwhelming, but looking back now, it was his kindness.

Thinking that way only made her feel even more down.

Even Chloe, who was usually strong-willed, was greatly affected by her first fight with a friend.

(I should apologize to Steed.)

Chloe thought that with a heavy heart, in a very natural way.

She would keep her promise with Marion tomorrow.

But after that, she would go see Steed.

She knew it was a bit too convenient after pushing him away.

But even with so much regret, Chloe couldn’t just sit there without taking any action. 


The next morning, Chloe woke up feeling terrible.

She had a dream where she was desperately trying to talk to Steed, but her voice wouldn’t reach him, and when she woke up, she was completely exhausted.

She suddenly remembered that dreams are said to be influenced by the subconscious.

(I have to make up with Steed quickly.)

Feeling like having a nightmare was a punishment for herself, Chloe slumped her shoulders in disappointment.

(But first, I have to face off against Zach Neal.)

That boy is a tricky opponent.

She couldn’t imagine facing him with her depressed feelings.

Chloe took a deep breath and switched her mindset, jumping out of bed.


“Hey, my treasures. How about playing tennis with the family today?”

Chloe finished breakfast and stood up as soon as her father invited her.

“I’m sorry, Otou-sama. I’m going to challenge something more important. Okaa-sama and you can enjoy playing tennis together!”

“What?! Challenge?! What are you planning, Chloe?!”

“Chloe, are you up to something again?!”

She ran out of the country house, as if escaping from her mother’s nagging, and headed towards the path that leads to the river.

There should be a villa that Marion told her about on the other side of the river.

She fixed her skirt, which she had rolled up to run at full speed, and tidied up her messy hair with a comb.

By the time her lightly bouncing breath returned to normal, she could see a blue-walled mansion in front of her.

Marion was standing in front of the gate surrounded by lush greenery.

“Good morning, Marion.”

“Good morning, Chloe. I’m glad you came.”

“Of course I did! I wouldn’t betray my friend. I’ll wait here for Zach Neal to show up, so please stay inside the mansion, Marion.”

“What?! Leaving you alone like that. . .”

“I don’t feel like I’m being left alone.”

In the first place, this plan was proposed by Chloe.

Saying that, Chloe lightly patted Marion’s shoulder, who looked worried.

“Isn’t it bad if Zach Neal and Marion meet by chance? He seems sharp. It’s possible that he may not be able to tell which one is the real Marion over a small matter. So, leave it to me, and Marion, please wait! I’ll definitely deliver good news!”

Pushing Marion’s back to persuade her, Chloe manages to get her back inside the mansion.

“Well then.”

Alone now, Chloe immediately puts into action the plan she had thought of on the way here.

(Fufufu! First, a preemptive strike!)

As she takes the planned pose and smirks, Zach Neal appear before her without waiting long.

Zach Neal, who had been leisurely walking down the old path under the sunny sky, widened his eyes at the sight of Chloe.

“Huh. . .What are you doing?”

He asks, completely caught off guard.

As expected, she is happy with his reaction, and her mouth relaxes on its own.

(No, no! I can’t let my guard down yet.)

Chloe tightens her lips and glares at Zach Neal with a cold, condescending gaze.

Knowing that this expression, combined with her original villainous face, makes her look incredibly mean.

(I’ve checked this face in the mirror many times, so I’m confident in it.)

This is finally the opportunity to put into practice the expression of a villainous daughter that she has practiced so much until now.

“Don’t ask me what I’m doing when it’s obvious. I was waiting for you, of course.”

“I said I was waiting, but. . .”

It seems that he can’t continue his words any further.

It’s no wonder Zach is surprised.

Chloe is sitting directly on the ground and has thrown her shoes off in an impolite manner.

As a noblewoman, this was a serious breach of etiquette.

(So, Zach Neal? You can break off the engagement right now if you want.)

Chloe behaves like an outrageous girl to the point that Zach is taken aback, making him think that it’s impossible to marry such a girl.

This was Chloe’s plan.

“. . .Hmm. I heard you were a quiet girl, but you’re quite wild.”

Zach raises his eyebrows with interest without being intimidated, which is not pleasing, but it’s not a problem. The game has just begun.

“I’m pretending to be a good girl in front of the adults. The real me climbs trees and digs traps. I’m the worst kind of girl.”

However, this is what Chloe usually does.

Zach will surely be disgusted by her villainess-like behavior.

“That’s an interesting story. I’ll ask you more about it over tea. Well then, my fiancée, shall we go?”

Zach offers his arm in a gentlemanly gesture to help Chloe stand up.

His slightly narrowed eyes are observing how Chloe will react, and he doesn’t seem to be hiding it.

(So this won’t work on him, huh?)

Chloe’s competitive spirit ignites with determination.

(That’s fine! I’ll take you on!)

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