How To Train the Wolf King – Accidentally Spending the Night Together and Triggering the Death Flag, I’ll Tame Him To Aim for a Happy Ending! – Chapter 31

Chapter 31: That day, you were burned into my heart

She was an uncivilized girl. Honestly, that was his first impression.

“I’ll get scolded by my father~. Please, don’t take me home~.”

The girl occupied the opposite side of the carriage, whining and half-crying. Julius sighed for what felt like the umpteenth time in front of her.

It all started when he found her collapsed in the courtyard of the Royal Academy. He showed a little bit of compassion and spoke to her, and that was his downfall. Before he knew it, he was caught up in her pace, and now he found himself taking her home in his carriage.

Margaery De Noel. That was the name of the drunkard in front of him.

(I took her in because she’s the Prime Minister’s daughter, but I misjudged.)

Julius frowned as Margaery continued to whine and say, “I can’t go home~. My father will scold me~.”

He thought she was already quite drunk when he found her, but he didn’t expect it to be this troublesome. He wanted to push her back to the academy now.

“Okay, okay. I’ll handle it. So don’t worry.”

He waved his hand casually and then lost interest, looking out the window.

‘A perfect lady, huh?’ Julius furrowed his brow at the words of the academy director.

When he heard about Flora Hermeia, who the academy director praised, he thought it was the girl in front of him. 

A goddess full of love, always with a bird’s-eye view, guiding everyone towards a better direction.

(. . .Is this a goddess?)

For some reason, the image in his head didn’t quite match up. Far from being a perfect lady, she seemed to be so drunk that she didn’t even know who the man with a sour face in front of her was.

After thinking for a while, Julius gave up. It didn’t matter what she said. The carriage was heading towards the Noel family’s house. If he could sell one of his debts to that Tanuki Prime Minister who he couldn’t read his mind, it would be a great help.

Despite trying to come to terms with it, the girl in front of him was still noisy.

“Oh, that tree! I understand, you know. I’ve figured it out. This road leads to my house, doesn’t it?”

“. . .”

“I don’t want to go home! I don’t want to!”

“Then what do you want me to do?”

Giving up on ignoring her, Julius got angry. However, the girl, with her beautiful face made hazy by alcohol, just looked at him with a dazed expression. Her defenseless gaze exuded a sensuality that made even the cautious Julius feel choked up.

(It’s like she’s asking me to attack her. . .)

To dispel the wicked thought that had briefly crossed his mind, he ruffled his hair.

She was already a beautiful girl. Her silky silver hair shone like it had captured the stars, and her big, hazy eyes were so blue that they seemed to suck you in. When she clung to him at the academy, she even had a sweet fragrance.

Julius will warn the Prime Minister not to let his daughter drink heavily outside. Half out of resentment and half out of kindness, he sighed heavily.

“…Anyway, come back to the castle with me. You’ll be the one inconvenienced if rumors start spreading.”


“Don’t get deeply involved with the Wolf King. You are on Serge’s side.”

The daughter tilted her head in confusion. Her expression still showed that she didn’t know who Julius was.

Feeling slightly frustrated, Julius gave a faint self-deprecating smile.

Of course. This girl can remain so innocent because she doesn’t even have a hint that the person in front of her is the Wolf King.

If she knew the truth, she would turn pale and shut her mouth, as if trying to escape.

Everyone is like that. They are watching each other’s moves, trying to figure out which side to take―the king or the prince. 

Among them, she chose Serge, not him.

It would be a mistake to get involved with him―Julius.

At that moment, the lady sat up abruptly. Contrary to Julius’s expectations, she asked him something unexpected.

“Do you hate Julius-sama?”

“. . .Huh?”

“You hate Julius-sama, don’t you?!”

Julius was taken aback and couldn’t retort immediately. He would never forget this moment for the rest of his life. 

The daughter looked at him so seriously, it was hard to believe that she had been drunk and passed out just a moment ago.

With ruby-like red eyes blinking, Margaery leaned forward.

“Excuse me, everyone. It’s all wrong to say that Julius-sama is scary or cold. He’s actually very delicate and clumsy!”

“Huh? Uh, well. . .”

“He worries about how his existence has caused chaos in the kingdom. But he faces the country with sincerity to fulfill his duty as a king. And he overturned the invasion strategy that the previous king was trying to promote against neighboring countries because there are many enemies. It’s just that the invasion faction is shouting because the Empress doesn’t like His Majesty.”

Julius couldn’t help but hold his breath at her sharp but accurate criticism. It was a fact that the previous king had planned military aggression against neighboring countries, although it was not generally known. There were also invasion factions among the ministers and feudal lords who opposed Julius.

However, after thinking for a moment, he shook his head. She was the daughter of Prime Minister Jordan De Noel, a noble family. It wouldn’t be strange for her to know the internal affairs of the kingdom to some extent.

Nevertheless, her intelligence was more than enough to show. Margaery told Julius straight with a serious expression.

“I respect the strength of that person who tries to protect the kingdom and peace. I don’t know who you are, but I won’t forgive anyone who insults His Majesty Julius in front of me.”

Julius was taken aback by the strength of her gaze.

‘Respect? Did she say respect?’ He shook his head in confusion.

You’re on Serge’s side, aren’t you? You’re on the side of my half brother. You don’t need to protect Julius. You don’t need to flatter him

. . . There’s no need to say it as if you truly believe it.

“Did your father tell you to say that?”

Julius felt happy, but his timid heart made him look away from her kind intentions. He refused with a trembling voice.

“You were a candidate for my half brother’s fiancée, weren’t you? Did he choose another girl? Is it a retaliation against him? Did your father tell you to get close to the king to get back at my half brother?”

But Margaery laughed with her nose. She laughed lightly, as if blowing away Julius’s fear and anxiety.

“You say such strange things. I don’t want any retaliation. After all, I wanted both of you to be happy.”

And then. Margaery put her hand on her chest. She tilted her head gracefully like an actress, and smiled so beautifully and cunningly that it was almost scary.

“My heart is mine. No one can dictate who I love.”

‘How can he express the feelings he had at that moment?’

Captivated by her blue eyes, Julius couldn’t move for a while.

She smiled so nobly. Her dignified gaze was so straight.

Dazzling. Dazzling. Dazzling.

He wanted her.

Before he knew it, he had placed his hand on hers. Perhaps because she was drunk, her hand was warm like a baby’s. 

Julius asked as if praying, 

“Do you like the Wolf King?”

Had she been drunk again? Margaery, who had been so determined earlier, suddenly slumped and smiled weakly.

“I like him. I really do.”

She added that he was her favorite, but her words didn’t reach his excited heart.

His heart was pounding so hard it felt like it might burst out of his chest.

He knew it was strange. They had just met, and there was still so much they didn’t know about each other.

But she was so vivid that he didn’t care about anything else. She was dazzling and intense, and she burned brightly in his heart.

He wanted her. He didn’t want to give her to anyone else. Driven by that feeling, his lips spoke naturally.

“…If the king said he liked you too, would you laugh?”

Margaery burst out laughing.

“No way. That’s impossible.”

“It’s not a lie. It’s true.”


‘Believe me, please.’ He pleaded desperately, and Margaery swayed her body. Eventually, she showed a teasing red tongue.

“It’s impossible. . . but if you show me your wolf form, I might believe you.”


Without hesitation, Julius nodded. He looked at Margaery like a kneeling knight.

“I’ll grant that wish.”

And then he invited her. 

As he lifted her up like in a fairy tale, Margaery giggled ticklishly. Her bell-like voice, her joyful smile, everything about her was precious.

“How is it? This is what you wanted.”

She lay on the bed, looking up at him with sparkling eyes. As he covered her, Julius swayed his tail as if to show off.

“It’s like a dream. . .really, like a dream. . .”

He wasn’t sure what made her so happy. She blushed slightly and repeated the same thing. Seeing her so happy, Julius couldn’t help but smile wryly.

“You’re weird. Did you really want to see me like this so badly?”

“It’s not weird. It’s been a dream for so long.”

“A dream, huh. That’s a bit exaggerated.”

He laughed lightly, but didn’t feel bad. He had always hated this form, but if it could make her happy, he didn’t mind showing it to her as much as she wanted.

Margaery hesitantly reached out her hand, like a white fish, towards Julius.

“Um. . .is it okay if I touch you?”

“I don’t mind. If you want to, go ahead.”

Julius bent down to make it easier for her to touch him. Her slender fingers, her delicate touch, gently touched his ear. Her playful fingers were ticklish and sweet. Julius closed his almond-shaped eyes as if to cuddle.

When he opened his eyes again, his red eyes were flickering with heat.

“Margaery. I also want your permission.”

He begged her with an innocent gaze.

“I want to touch your cheeks, your skin, your lips. I want to engrave myself on every part of you.”

He gently touched her cheek. He couldn’t tell if the heat he felt was his or hers anymore.

“――Margaery. I love you.”

The sound of the sheets rustling echoed. As if drawn to each other, they melted together. Julius tried to kiss her――――.

From those lips, a soft snore escaped.


For a moment, his mind froze. When he hurriedly sat up, he sank into the white sheets and saw Margaery sleeping soundly. She was sleeping so deeply, muttering in her sleep and looking comfortable.

“Margaery? Hey, Margaery?”

He shook her shoulder gently, but all he got in return was a happy snore.

Then he realized. She wouldn’t wake up. She would sleep until morning.

“No way. . .”

He felt drained. He felt completely drained from the bottom of his heart.

He stumbled and fell next to her. 

He put his hand on his forehead and looked up at the canopy as if he had given up.

. . .Well, depending on how you look at it, it might have been a good thing. She fell asleep just before the kiss. Even if they had connected physically, she might not have remembered it tomorrow. There was even a possibility that she wouldn’t remember their conversation in the carriage. 

(But I’ll still resent it. . .)

He glared at her happy sleeping face. It was even more annoying that she was muttering in her sleep, saying things like “I won’t drink anymore.” even in her dreams. 

“This girl. This girl.”

As he gently pinched her cheeks, Margaery squirmed and giggled. But there was no sign of her waking up, and gradually Julius’s anger dissipated.

‘Well, it’s fine.’ He frowned while watching over his sleeping beloved.

Whether she remembers or not, he will never let her go. He will bind her tightly like thorns and make her his own.

To start with, he’ll surprise her tomorrow morning. It might be quite a shock, but it’s also revenge. After all, she had thoroughly stirred up his heart.

Besides, didn’t she say it herself? That she likes him too.

Rolling the words like a talisman in his mouth, he too slowly let go of his consciousness and fell into a light slumber.

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