How To Train the Wolf King – Accidentally Spending the Night Together and Triggering the Death Flag, I’ll Tame Him To Aim for a Happy Ending! – Chapter 30

Chapter 30: I say don’t stand before regrets


Anya threw her small knife as she turned around. It hit the nose of the demon beast at the front, but as it fell, a new demon beast chased after Margaery and the others.

“Ugh! They keep coming one after another… It’s so annoying!”

“Kyaa! They keep increasing more and more!”

Anya clicked her tongue, while Flora ran with all her might, her face turning pale. Margaery was in a state of confusion as she ran with the two of them.

(Why are there demon beasts in this forest?! There was no such scene in the novel!)

Demon beasts only inhabit places filled with miasma. Around the capital, there was only the Black Forest, a day’s ride away by carriage from the city walls. Margaery had never heard of demon beasts living in this forest, which was free of miasma and managed by the royal family.

However, a large group of demon beasts was now approaching from behind. There were already dozens of them. They were fierce beasts resembling foxes, and flames occasionally flickered from their mouths. Even if they climbed a tree to escape, the demon beasts would burn it down with their flames.

If it was an attack aimed at Julius, it was possible. But Julius was the Wolf King. If he took on his true form, his magical power should be enough to easily wipe out these demon beasts. If he was the real target, they should have sent even more powerful demon beasts.

(No, I can’t think about that now!)

Anya might be invincible in a one-on-one fight, but Flora would soon reach her limit. Even for Anya, it would be difficult to eliminate this many demon beasts while protecting the two of them on their backs.

At this rate, they would all be wiped out. Margaery quickly made a decision and shouted to the two of them as she ran.

“I’ll lure the demon beasts! Anya, evacuate with Flora-sama! After getting past the demon beasts, meet up with His Majesty and the others, and inform him of the situation!”


“That’s reckless! I can’t follow that order!”

Flora was shocked, and Anya immediately shook her head. But Margaery smiled fearlessly at them.

“This is not self-sacrifice, but a calm tactic based on the situation! Hey, Anya. You have the highest combat power among the three of us, but who has the fastest legs?!”

Anya gasped at Margaery’s words. She understood the meaning. After hesitating for a moment, she nodded.

“Good luck, Ojou-sama. We’ll be back soon with His Majesty!”

“I’m counting on you! It won’t take long!”

“Eh?! But, that’s… Ahh?!”

Flora was still confused, but her objection turned into a scream as Anya quickly grabbed her and jumped high into the trees.


Flora’s hands reached out towards her as she and Anya disappeared into the greenery. Margaery’s blue eyes shone as she watched them disappear from the corner of her vision.

(I didn’t expect to use it in a place like this… but I can’t hold back now!)

She would lure all the demon beasts and clear a path for Anya and the others. With that determination, Margaery took a deep breath and shouted.

“Release magic! Code, ‘Courage to run away, running away is winning’!”

Silver magic wrapped around Margaery’s feet. In an instant, it took the form of wings and lifted both of her feet off the ground.

“Let’s go! Here I come!!”

With her feet hovering just a few millimeters off the ground, Margaery kicked off into the air with great force. Then, with agility that was incomparable to before, she began to run through the trees.

This was Margaery’s last resort. She had developed a strengthening magic that only enhanced her “escape” ability, just in case she needed to run away with all her might.

(My feet feel light!)

As she kicked off into the air, Margaery’s eyes shone. Of course, this was her first time using it in practice, but she was able to pull away from the demon beasts much more than before. While adjusting to not leave them behind, Margaery’s mouth formed a smile for the first time.

For the three years since she regained her memories, Margaery had not only worked on her plan to become friends with Flora and the others. She also improved her physical abilities with early morning runs and efficiently wrapped her remaining magic around her feet to create a momentary, incredible speed to escape.

This was Margaery’s insurance. She had devised a plan to survive even if her scheme failed, and she was caught up in Julius’s magic rampage, just as in the novel.

“Hey, you demons! I’m your opponent!!”

With her silver hair fluttering, Margaery leaped through the gaps in the trees. Perhaps because she had the luxury of provoking them, dozens of demon beasts were chasing after her. If this continued, Anya and the others would be able to safely leave the battlefield and return to Julius and the others.

(All I have to do is escape and I win!)

She kicked a tree in her path and changed direction. Suddenly changing direction allowed her to distance herself from the demon beasts again. While confirming this, Margaery calmly calculated her next move.

It wouldn’t take Anya and the others more than a few minutes to meet up with Julius. If he knew the situation, he would come to her aid. The problem was whether he could find her location, but with the power of the Wolf King, it should be possible.

She had to hold out for seven or eight more minutes. If she could do that, Margaery would win.

(I can do this!!)

With confidence, Margaery smiled boldly.



Her vision suddenly opened up, and she panicked and hit the brakes. It was a split-second decision, but the right one. She had stopped at the edge of a cliff that was about thirty meters high.

‘This is bad. It’s a dead end.’ She felt relieved that she didn’t fall, but that feeling was short-lived. She suddenly remembered that fact and panicked, turning on her heel to leave.

However, it was already too late. Demon beasts emerged from between the trees, growling.

“Ah, ahaha, this many…”

Their eyes glinted, and flames leaked from their snarling mouths. Margaery laughed dryly as she was surrounded by them.

Why was it always like this?

It was the same with her plan to become friends with Flora. It was the same with the incident where she had a relationship with Julius outside of the plan. She always made a mistake at the most critical moment, even though she had planned everything perfectly. It was true that those who drowned in their own schemes were often warned. 

Despite struggling and persevering until now, it seemed like it was all for naught. She had managed to buy some time to let Anya and the others escape, but it wasn’t enough to meet up with Julius. By the time he found her, Margaery would have met a gruesome end.

She wanted to collapse and sit down, but she resisted the urge. Her pride and dignity wouldn’t allow her to kneel.

She barely held onto her breaking heart. But at the same time, all that came to mind for Margaery was the person with glossy black hair.


That shocking encounter where he exuded a magnificent sensuality and smiled at her with an entwining gaze.


The way he teased Margaery and her father when they were summoned to the castle, shaking his shoulders with joy.


The sincerity with which he spoke about wanting to change himself with a trembling voice.

Despite thinking that it was the worst possible timing, she couldn’t stop these thoughts from raging through her heart like a storm, while also enveloping her softly like feathers.

‘I wanted to see him. I wanted to see him. I wanted to see him.’ The heat that burned within her made her heart smell like it was scorched.

Ah, really. If it had to come to this in the end…

“…I should have just admitted that I loved him.”

As the words spilled out, tears streamed down her cheeks.

“Grrr!” The demon beast screamed in front of her and kicked the ground. It was a signal for the others to attack. As she watched them in slow motion, Margaery prepared herself for death.

Unconsciously, her hand reached for the necklace that person had given her.

“Margaery, where are you?!”

Startled by the sudden voice, Margaery opened her eyes wide. But all she could see were demon beasts jumping at her. ‘Have I finally gone insane?’ In her confusion, Julius’s voice echoed in her head again.

“Where are you, Margaery!! Call me! Call me!!!!”

Ah, she realized. The voice was coming from the jewel. It was the necklace he gave her, with an amethyst embedded in it.

She became absorbed in it and grabbed the necklace around her neck. Dodging the demon beasts that were jumping at her, she leaped towards the cliff behind her and shouted.

“Yuri-sama, I’m here! Margaery is here!”

In an instant, 

a flash of light ran through. Margaery’s feet left the ground, and she felt a sense of floating. Her body began to fall, but warm arms embraced her.

With one arm around Margaery’s shoulder, King Julius calmly set his sights on the sky with his burning red eyes. He mercilessly spat at the demon beasts jumping towards the cliff.

“Disappear. You beasts.”

After that, she didn’t know what happened. Something like a black shadow flew out of his outstretched arm. It became the head of a giant wolf and devoured the falling demon beasts one after another.

(So strong…)

Margaery watched the scene in amazement. The black wolf swept away all the demon beasts as if licking them, then disappeared like a mist.

“It’s okay now.”

When the last mist melted into the wind, his voice echoed in her ear. But she had no strength to answer.

She remained in his arms as the sky gradually moved away. After seeing his black and her silver dance in the sky, Margaery’s consciousness suddenly cut off.

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