How To Train the Wolf King – Accidentally Spending the Night Together and Triggering the Death Flag, I’ll Tame Him To Aim for a Happy Ending! – Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Ojou-sama out of place

‘Ojou-sama is a bit off.’

Anya had that impression from the first time they met.

With silver hair that seemed to capture the brilliance of the stars and deep, beautiful, and intelligent blue eyes like the depths of the sea, she looked like an impeccable young lady at first glance. By the age of 10, she had already acquired the dignity of a Marquis’ daughter.

But something was off. She felt that way from the moment they met.

Prime Minister Jordan du Noel himself led the investigation and destroyed the criminal organization that operated in the back alleys. Anya was once one of about 20 orphans who worked for the organization.

What made the Prime Minister great was that after dismantling the criminal organization, he took care of the orphans who were left without a place to go. He hired them as servants in Loire Castle, assigned them as apprentices in artisan workshops, or introduced them as footmen or maids-in-training to nobles.

In the midst of all this, he himself hired Anya to work in his mansion.

“She is Anya. She will be our new maid-in-training from today.”

Prime Minister Jordan – her master – introduced Margaery and Anya to each other.

Margaery, who was ten years old at the time, was so cute that she looked like a fairy, and Anya couldn’t believe they were the same species. However, she had the dignity of a noblewoman, and Anya knew what to expect at first glance.

She knew because she had peeked into the world outside from the back alleys. Children like her had pride in their bloodlines. As a result, they looked down on people at the bottom, like Anya.

‘It’s over. My life.’ 

Anya couldn’t help but sigh quietly, though she felt bad for her master. Being bullied by a child like this didn’t hurt or bother her, but it certainly wasn’t a comfortable way to live.

Meanwhile, her master continued to talk briskly. He explained that Anya came from a back alley and worked as a maid-in-training, mainly taking care of Margaery. He was telling his daughter all of this.

Anya was fed up and thought, “Stop it already.” Back alleys were a gathering place for criminals. There was no way someone from there could be normal. Even a 10-year-old child knew that.

Margaery would cry or get angry. She would scream that she didn’t want such an unknown person nearby.

That’s what Anya thought, but…

“Have you taken a bath?”


She was surprised that Margaery spoke to her in the first place. For a moment, she didn’t understand the meaning of the question. She nodded hesitantly, still confused.

“Since I was picked up, I’ve been cleansing myself every day.”

“Really? I can smell the soap.”

Margaery leaned in and sniffed her. Anya was startled.

Ignoring Anya’s dumbfounded expression, Margaery snorted in satisfaction. Then she swayed her silver hair and turned around.

“Hurry up and go to your room. I’m in the middle of choosing clothes for our outing!”

Margaery’s words made her doubt her eyes and ears. 

Is it all about appearance? Is that all that matters? Isn’t there anything else? She didn’t want to be disliked, but being accepted without resistance made her feel confused.

And then, there were often small eccentricities from her young mistress.

She would usually eat beautifully with perfect table manners, but sometimes she would sneak out with Anya and indulge in junk food in the city square.

She could effortlessly recite a sophisticated poem or play and impress those around her, but she would also enthusiastically preach to Anya about popular entertainment that the common people enjoyed.

One time, something happened. A child from another family who was visiting the mansion teased Anya and threw sand at her. Margaery then snatched a bucket from a nearby gardener and dumped all the soil inside on the child.

“I thought it was a new form of etiquette,” she said with a cool face, but it was clear that she was getting revenge for Anya. Although she was happy about it, it was not the behavior expected of a Marquis’ daughter.

“Ojou-sama, don’t you think you’re a bit strange?”

Anya had said it to her a few times, but Margaery seemed unaware and just tilted her head and said, “Really?” ‘What do you mean, “really?”’ It was enough to make Anya want to ask.

There were countless other examples. Margaery was off-kilter, but that “off-kilter” quality was undoubtedly her hidden charm.

Anyway, Anya had come to love her small, proud, and sometimes quirky mistress. 

Margaery’s strange behavior became even more decisive on the day of the Royal Academy’s entrance ceremony.

After returning to the mansion from the ceremony, she was even more peculiar than before.

“I-I-I managed to become friends with Flora… Is it okay? This method is not wrong for avoiding the destruction route, right?”

Margaery muttered to herself as she got off the carriage. It seemed that even the congratulatory words from the servants didn’t reach her ears.

She hardly touched the luxurious celebratory dinner and locked herself in her room.

Anya became worried and secretly peeked into the room. There, Margaery was hunched over the desk, scribbling something with great enthusiasm.

Occasionally, she would let out a sigh or a groan, as if desperately trying to remember something. There were several crumpled pieces of paper scattered on the floor.

After watching for a while, Margaery suddenly burst into laughter.

“I can do it! I can do it!”

“Let’s aim, De☆Death Flag!”

She thought to herself as she watched her raise her fist. ‘Ojou-sama, you’ve finally gone crazy.’

However, for some reason, Margaery seemed more alive than ever. She was filled with a mysterious and sparkling motivation, and she felt the determination to stand up against a formidable enemy.

She had the same sparkle as before.

“…As expected, Serge-sama’s cooperation is essential for Love Julius-sama plan…and what else can I use…”

During the early days of her enrollment in the academy… no, it was the same sight she had seen many times after enrolling. Margaery was hunched over her desk, muttering to herself endlessly.

Anya gazed at this nostalgic scene that she hadn’t seen in a while with deep emotion.

It’s troublesome. ‘It seems that Ojou-sama has picked up some kind of problem again.’

She smiled wryly and shrugged her shoulders cheerfully.

Last time, she had no idea what was going on, but this time it was most likely related to King Julius. And Anya didn’t mind lending a hand for Margaery’s sake.

Rather, it was the opposite.

(…It’s about Ojou-sama. If I leave her alone, she’ll drown in her own schemes and fall into a pit.)

She made an excuse for herself in her mind, without telling anyone.

Then, as Margaery continued to mutter to herself, Anya approached her and gently tapped her shoulder.

Smiling at Margaery’s surprised gaze, Anya asked, 

“What’s wrong, Ojou-sama? If you’d like, I can help you with anything.”


“As you know, I’m quite useful. It will be for Ojou-sama’s sake.”

Margaery blinked her eyes. Anya secretly felt superior, knowing that she was one of the few who knew this vulnerable side of the perfect Margaery outside of her home.

However, the black wolf of Loire Castle might soon find out. 

Margaery seemed to be troubled for a while, but she relaxed her expression with a hint of joy.

“Well, there is something I want Anya’s help with.”

“Of course, anything. Can you tell me the plan?”

Anya bent down, and Margaery leaned in close to her ear. Like a faithful watchdog, Anya waited for an answer with a serious expression. Margaery whispered with a serious face.

“You know, I want to turn King Julius into a fluffy hero who everyone loves.”

“Could you please speak in the Legrand language, Ojou-sama?”

And so, the night at Loire Castle grew late. 

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