How a Reincarnated Warlock Lives – Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Trial (1)

Even a three-year-old child knows that good and evil can never be reconciled.

This fact, which has been passed down since ancient times, perhaps even before humans appeared on the continent, is a truth that no longer requires proof.

Just as darkness recedes when a light is lit in a dark room, the magic of demons tends to diminish when exposed to holy power.

It was quite a novel fact that the methods of wielding these opposing forces, which are absolutely incompatible with each other, were so similar.

Of course, it was not as if there had been no opinions on the matter, however few they may have been. Warlocks are also a branch of wizards.

Exploring deeper knowledge and truth is in the nature of mages.

Special beings positioned above and below the human realm. Beings who, in some ways, share similarities.

Although they were treated as eccentrics and quickly forgotten, there had been such similar opinions in the past.

Of course, those who expressed such opinions were all servants of darkness, that is, the warlock faction.

It was unimaginable that the devout followers of God, who shouted that all heresy must be eradicated from this land, would make such blasphemous claims.


I, too, was once slightly intrigued by such claims, but like other warlocks, I had no intention of delving into it further.

Unless I wanted to commit suicide in a slightly different way, holy power was never a power that was permissible for warlocks in the first place.

How many servants of evil had been burned to ashes before the radiance of light?

I, who had reached a level that even demons could not ignore, had no reason to abandon all the power I had accumulated until then and accept holy power, which was nothing short of deadly poison to warlocks.

For warlocks, including myself, holy power was something that could cause a burning sensation just by being nearby.

Of course, that was until now, before I was reborn into a new body.


I could feel the holy power within my body moving.

A bright and warm sensation, unlike the tingling and somewhat moist sensation of magic.

If I were a devout believer, I would have been moved by this mysterious power that had come upon my body and offered repeated prayers of gratitude to God.

However, my impression was simple.

‘This is useful.’

Holy power, magic, mana.

These special powers, granted only to a select few who are born with talent, were not objects of worship or devotion, at least to me. To be precise, they could be seen as just fine swords.

And to someone’s misfortune, I was a skilled swordsman who wielded those swords better than anyone else.

‘So in this way. . . . . .’

I closed my eyes and ignited holy power in my hand.


A warm sensation that I could feel even with my eyes closed.

Although it was similar to magic, the way it was handled was not exactly the same, so it was not yet perfect.

I guess I need a little more practice.

I opened my eyes slowly, savoring the feeling. And in front of it.

“. . . What the heck.”

Anton Revecht, his face filled with shock, stood there looking at me, unable to lower the hand he had raised to help me.


“Have there been any similar precedents?”

Holy power, like magic, can be used in many ways.

Basically, it can be used to heal the body, perform holy magic to purify evil, strengthen the mind, and strengthen the body.

“Not that I know of.”

“. . . Unbelievable.”

It was a bit, no, quite a pity that I couldn’t do proper damage to high priests and others with this power that I had obtained almost for free.

Of course, I could inflict as much damage as the physical force contained in the holy spell, but rather than waste holy power like that, I’d rather learn swordsmanship and wield a weapon myself.

“I heard you were from a noble family. What’s your family name?”


“I’ve never heard of it. Are you from a priestly family?”

“. . . It’s a knight’s family. They’re not far from here.”

This place is prepared for candidates.

For now, before the other candidates arrive at Herentica, it was a space for me alone, where I didn’t have to care about anyone.

“It’s a story that only appears in old books, but was there a half-blood among your ancestors who inherited the blood of an angel?”

“. . .Or a grand wizard.”

Except for those two who have been watching me practice holy power for hours now.

Inquisitor Anton Revecht and Baroque, the support department chief of the Inquisition.

“You’re outstanding compared to when I was an acolyte, to the point that it’s embarrassing to compare.”

“Who would say that.”

. . . Were those two always so talkative?

It bothered me a little, but there was no need to hide it. Rather, it would be better to actively prove my talent and become an inquisitor who could freely roam the continent as soon as possible.


The white light that shot out of my hand fired at the target in front.


The target, made of solid iron, vibrated and made a deep echo. I squinted and looked at the dent in the iron target.


I’m not yet able to infuse enough physical force to break the iron in one shot, but if my opponent has magic, it will be quite a threatening attack.

Holy power was originally a power intended solely to deal with evil.

‘The next application is. . . . . .’

Satisfied, I flicked my hand and flipped through the book in front of me.

The pile of books containing various methods of operation and spells accumulated by inquisitors over a long time may be boring to some, but to me, who is more passionate than anyone about exploring new knowledge, it was like sweet fruit.

‘Herpacus’ Rope.’

I discovered a new spell and read the theory with gleaming eyes.

Thirty minutes later.


I looked at the holy power that had flickered and gone out in my hand and looked back at the book.

‘This isn’t it.’

No matter how similar it is to magic, weaving a new spell based on that power and manifesting it in the material world is another realm.

Advanced sacred spells, rather than simple forms for beginners, had some difficult aspects for me at the moment.

I tilted my head and was about to concentrate again when I suddenly looked up and looked behind me.

“ . . . . . . ”

“ . . . Ahem!”

Anton, staring at me with a blank, brazen expression, and Baroque, turning his head away in a hurry.

‘Oh, right.’

I nodded and slowly got up from my seat.

Unlike my first and last teacher, who envied my talent and only taught me black magic of a very low level, those two would not be a hindrance to my growth, if anything, they would help me.

Even more so now that the war against heresy is in full swing outside.

“I have a question.”

I slowly approached them, who seemed a little flustered. Learning new knowledge.

There was nothing to hinder it.

Don’t they say that there’s something to learn even from a child, no, even from an enemy?

An hour later.

“ . . . . . . ”

“Boy, why don’t you focus on holy spells that strengthen your body? It seems to me that you have excellent aptitude for combat━”

“Nonsense. The best way to deal with heresy is to cover a weapon with holy power. . . . . . ”

I let out a small sigh as I looked at the two friars who were expressing their opinions more passionately than ever.


A week passed quickly.

Anton and Baroque.

The two friars, each specializing in their own fields, were very enthusiastic in teaching me holy spells.

Well then.

I, too, have lived a long time and have had something like a disciple, so I know very well how enjoyable it is to teach a child who learns diligently.

Of course, there has never been a guy who was talented enough to surpass my very strict standards.

Today, too, I left behind the two friars who were holding me back and exchanging sharp opinions, and headed outside. I sat down in front of the large fountain located near the main building of the Inquisition. It was because I felt stuffy after spending all my time in the gloomy basement since arriving in this town.


A strong stream of water poured from the mouth of the golden griffin statue.

In my previous life, too, I liked to travel around and gain new experiences, unlike dungeon masters who were almost always locked up in the basement and lived gloomy lives.

‘I’ve gained a lot thanks to that.’

Not ordinary black magic, but mysterious magic and ancient races that slumber all over the continent. And the connections I’ve built up over the years were definitely valuable.

‘No, the other party might think of them not as connections but as grudges.’

I chuckled.

It was a past that had been buried in the flow of time, but now that I have been reborn, I may be able to stir up a new wind and blow away that sand someday.

And someday, I may be able to accomplish what I failed to do in the past.

I had a reason and qualifications for that, and a right that even God and the devil could never deny.

“Excuse me. . . . . . ”

Someone tapped me on the shoulder as I was enjoying the fresh air for the first time in a long time and having some productive thoughts.

I reflected on the fact that I hadn’t noticed anyone approaching so close to me until they made contact with my body, despite being a great warlock with great power and senses, and not being in a state of alert. I looked back.

“ . . . . . .? ”

What appeared before my eyes was a girl. To be exact, she was a girl who seemed to be in her mid-teens.

“Do you happen to know where━is?”

It was a large stream of water pouring down right behind me, and a bustling street with quite a few people passing by, so I couldn’t hear her voice clearly.

I looked at her quietly.

She pointed at me, or rather, at the clothes I was wearing, and shouted again, looking at me blankly.

“Do you happen to know! The second path to! The Inquisition!”

“ . . . . . . ”


Is she one of the inquisitor candidates who are supposed to arrive one or two at a time from today?

Judging from the fact that she recognized the clothes I was wearing, which are issued to candidates, and was asking for directions to the Inquisition in the basement, it seemed like that was the case.

I looked at her with unfeeling eyes and raised my hand to point the way to the alley where the second entrance was located.

The path was a bit complicated even in that complex alley, but that was none of my business.

If she can’t find her way, she’ll go to the main gate. In fact, there were quite a few friars and assistant priests who worked at the Inquisition and couldn’t find their way through the complicated second path, so they used the main gate.

Of course, if Anton caught them doing that, they would have to listen to his nagging in his usual dry tone.

“Thank you!”

After hearing my answer, she expressed her gratitude in a loud voice, bowed her head slightly, made the sign of the cross once, and disappeared quickly. There was something long wrapped in cloth tied behind her back.

“ . . . . . . ”

I liked the way she tried to follow useless formalities like Anton, like a devout believer.


As I watched her back, I thought about whether I should take Baroque’s advice and focus on learning holy spells that strengthen my body and sharpen my senses.


There was one more thing.

‘The test will start soon.’

I got up, brushed off my clothes, and headed in the opposite direction of where the girl had gone, towards the main gate.

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