Genius Martial Arts Trainer – Chapter 5

𝐂𝐥𝐨𝐬𝐞 𝐊𝐢𝐧𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐩

𝐂𝐥𝐨𝐬𝐞 𝐊𝐢𝐧𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐩

In the evening, after all the tasks that followed the Yeonhwan Fist training conducted from 11:00 to 13:00 were completed.

In the front yard of the dormitory given to the apprentices, Muhyul tilted his head and opened his mouth.

“Mujin? What are you doing?”


Mujin, who had been repeating something for a while, took a break to catch his breath and answered Muhyul’s question.

“Practice to suppress Mugung at once.”

“Suppress Mugung-hyung?”


“Huh? Mugung-hyung makes a whooshing sound from his fist? And he’s about a foot (about 30cm) taller than us?”

“Hey. It’s not a foot, it’s about 20 centimeters. . . no, let’s see. Since one foot is 3cm. So, he’s about seven inches taller.”

At the incomprehensible words about centimeters, Muhyul made a dizzy expression for a moment and asked again.

“Hmm? Mugung-hyung is seven inches taller and his fist makes a whooshing sound?”

“Tsk tsk. Muhyul. A fight is not always won by the bigger size.”

“Huh. Was it a fight? Wasn’t it a match?”

“No. That’s not what I mean.”

At Muhyul’s naive reaction, Mujin sighed lightly.

‘I can’t say anything in front of this kid.’

‘The adults’ words that they should be careful with their words in front of children were not wrong at all.

“Anyway, a match is not always won by the bigger size. So, Muhyul, you too, don’t be scared if a guy bigger than you bullies you. Got it?”

After leaving a life lesson to Muhyul appropriately, Mujin repeated the original action again.

‘Hoo. I have to practice because it’s been a long time.’

Although he had devoted himself to the exercise of growing and managing his body for the past ten years, he was a human weapon who had served in a special forces unit for seven years. Well, he was groaning for the last two years due to the aftereffects of the injury.

Anyway, he had practiced and experienced enough to get sick of real combat martial arts for five years before he got injured.

And most of the real martial arts were full of techniques that were just right to become crippled or die if they were caught wrong.

The reason why he is practicing so hard now is not to win Mugung, but to suppress him without getting hurt.

It was also the first time in more than ten years that he was trying to use it, and now his body was not the original Cho Kang-hyuk’s body, but still awkward Mujin’s body.

If he didn’t practice to some extent, Mujin judged that it would be dangerous in many ways.

And when Mujin was immersed in training to beat Mugung.

“Is Mujin a fool?”

Muhyul tilted his head again.

“If you have to win Mugung-hyung, why do you keep rubbing your body against a tree?”

To Muhyul’s understanding, the training Mujin was doing was too profound.


After honing his skills for a duel with Mugung during his free time, it was time for bed.

“Hey, if you sleep like that, you’ll get a stiff neck.”

As Muhyul was about to lie down on his blanket, Mujin abruptly pulled it away.

“Why would I get a stiff neck from sleeping and resting?”

When Muhyul asked with an innocent face, Mujin clicked his tongue and replied.

“Your muscles have been strained from moving continuously since dawn. If you don’t relax those tense and tired muscles, they’ll harden in a contracted state.”


“You don’t understand what I’m saying, do you?”

“Yes! Hehe.”

“Just do as I tell you. It’s all for your own good.”

“Hmph. Aren’t I your hyung?”

Ignoring Muhyul’s whining, Mujin made him sit cross-legged, placed his right arm on his left knee, and stretched his left arm over his head to the right.

It was a stretching exercise to relax the quadratus lumborum, located around the side of the human body, connecting the pelvis and the rib cage.

“How is it? Feels good, right?”

“Huh? Feels good? Does this make a cool breeze come out of my body?”

“No. . . Didn’t your uncomfortable muscles feel better?”

“Oh! Yes!! They feel much better!”

At the sight of Muhyul, who took everything at face value, Mujin burst into a quiet laugh.

After that, Mujin showed various stretching movements, relaxing his body and teaching Muhyul the movements at the same time.

‘He’s an interesting guy. He seems dumb, but he’s good at following physical movements.’

Mujin was surprised to see Muhyul, who was good at following the stretching exercises.


The next morning at dawn.

Mujin, who woke up early in the morning for dawn training as usual, woke up Muhyul, who was still sleeping.

“Uh, huh? Why did you wake up so early?”

It was a time when the morning bell hadn’t even rung yet to announce dawn training.

“You have to stretch before exercising too.”

Mujin had slept in late yesterday because he was suddenly dragged into a novel. But Mujin was a man who lived a busy life, almost to the point of being called a workaholic.

He forcibly woke up the drowsy Muhyul and began to stretch his body just like last night.

“But what’s this stretching you’ve been talking about since yesterday?”

As Muhyul, who was stretching with a sleepy face, yawned and asked, Mujin pondered for a moment.

‘Well, you can’t use English in a martial arts world.’

If he kept using it, the surrounding characters would definitely find it strange.

“It means muscle extension technique. I’ll call it that from now on. You know what muscle extension technique means, right?”

“Yes! It means to extend the muscles.”

“Good. If you understand it to that extent, it’s a passable word.”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“Just talking to myself.”

“Hehe. You really like talking to yourself.”

Around the time Mujin and Muhyul finished stretching adequately, the sound of the morning bell, announcing the dawn of Shaolin, echoed throughout the Shaolin Temple.

The two of them got ready and headed towards the training ground.

As soon as the children arrived at the training ground, Hyejeong, who had already revealed his presence, glanced at Mujin and turned his head.

‘He must have decided to participate in the training after reflecting on his actions yesterday. Tsk. But we’ve already decided to have a duel.’

It was against the nature of Shaolin to torment a child who was reflecting on his actions.

However, Hyejeong’s worries were truly pointless.

Because Mujin had no intention of reflecting at all.

“Take the horse stance!!”

With Hyejeong’s shout, the other disciples began to abuse their knees again.


Mujin was catching his breath in a posture that had nothing to do with Mabo.

‘I worked on my lower body yesterday, but I can’t do my lower body again today. Damn.’

Modern exercise science is based on the theory of super recovery to grow muscles.

It was a theory that the human body, when injured, makes the injured area stronger during the recovery process.

And what’s really important here was ‘recovery’. The act of inflicting irrecoverable wounds on the muscles, or continuously accumulating wounds without time to recover.

That was not exercise, it was self-abuse.

But you can’t just rest for a day, two days, or three days for recovery.

That’s why there was a daily routine.

If you spent a day working on your lower body, you would work on other areas such as arms, chest, or back while your lower body was recovering.

And while you’re working on other areas, your legs recover and you work on your legs again.

Through such a regular routine, each part takes turns resting, but there are no days off from exercise, creating a beautiful schedule.

The area Mujin chose for today, who had worked on his lower body yesterday, was the chest and back.

Mujin took a prone position with both hands on the ground.


Mujin, who took a breath, focused on the movement of the pectoralis major (chest muscle) and scapula, slowly bent his arms.


He exhaled and lifted his upper body again by straightening his arms.

Commonly known as push-ups.

As a ten-year trainer, Mujin repeated push-ups in a posture that could be described as a textbook.

‘This, this, this guy dares?!’

Hyejeong, who was watching the disciples’ horse stanceposture, had blood vessels popping out on his forehead.

‘Was the appearance shown yesterday an act to belittle me!’

One of the biggest teachings of Buddhism was mercy, so Hyejeong’s heart softened a bit when he saw him actively participating in Yeonhwan Fist training.

‘Isn’t it even worse than yesterday!!’

At least yesterday, he took postures similar to horse stance(squats or lunges like lower body exercises).

Why is he doing push-ups here alone today?

This act is nothing but a belittlement of himself by that little guy named Mujin.

“Tree. . . crack. . . Amitabha.”

Naturally, a louder chant and groaning sound echoed from Hyejeong’s mouth.



Mujin, who was busy focusing on his muscles, didn’t even care.


Mujin, who had been tormenting his back and chest muscles during the dawn training for an hour, was waiting for breakfast time.

“Can I have a little more beans and mushrooms, please!”

Mujin, who had already filled his bowl, which the monks used for meals, with beans and mushrooms, shouted as if he could not be satisfied with it.

“Ah! The disciple of the Buddha is picky!”

The first disciple who was serving also shouted sternly, knowing Mujin’s notoriety.

“After all, don’t all the other kids avoid beans and mushrooms and leave a lot? Isn’t it really wrong to leave the food that the farmers and herbalists have grown and collected hard? I will bestow the mercy of the Buddha by eating the remaining beans and mushrooms and eliminating them.”

“. . . . . .”

The innocent first disciple, who looked like he was in his late twenties and had not had a proper social life because he had been training for over ten years, had no words to argue with Mujin.

After cooking the first disciple simply, Mujin finally made a mountain that seemed to overflow with beans and mushrooms, and sat down next to Muhyul.

“Here. You eat some too.”

“Hing. Why me?”

And he even showed mercy to give some of the beans and mushrooms he had brought in abundance to Muhyul.

The basis of exercise science was in super recovery, and to recover the lost part of the body, you had to consume the nutrients needed for that part.

In other words, it meant that you had to consume a lot of protein. And there was no meat, let alone protein supplements, in this damn Shaolin Temple.

In the end, to consume the lacking protein, you had to eat beans and mushrooms, even if you had to force yourself.

Of course, among the Shaolin disciples who had no knowledge of such scientific knowledge, there were some children who disliked beans and mushrooms like children.

Muhyul was one of those children.

“Do you remember the muscle stretching technique I taught you yesterday?”


“Your body feels much better after doing that, right?”


“It’s the same thing. Just trust me and eat it first.”

“Hing. . . . . .”

Muhyul, who was momentarily hesitant about Mujin’s coercion, began to eat the beans and mushrooms that Mujin had passed with a sullen face.

‘You little bastard. You’ll want to bow down in gratitude later.’

Mujin, who was looking at his cute nephew, also began to chew and swallow the numerous beans and mushrooms in his bowl.

The simple and ignorant training methods of Shaolin, which he himself refused, were too cruel acts for a child.

It would have been child abuse in modern times, and it would have been a big deal in the news.

Mujin wanted to personally guide the exercise right away, but he was not yet recognized. So, at the very least, he wanted to take care of stretching and eating.

Then why don’t you take care of the other disciples?

‘Why should I take care of them when they’re so rude?’

Among the dozens of disciples who could be called peers, the only disciple who did not laugh at Mujin was Muhyul.

Goodwill for goodwill. Evil for greater evil.

It was Mujin’s motto who had experienced all sorts of things.


After tormenting the muscles during the dawn training time, training the Yeonhwan Fist during the morning training, and recalling the destruction method. In the evening free time, he directly trained the destruction method with his body.

While eating beans and mushrooms like rice during meal times and recovering the body, and stretching whenever he had time, the seven weeks passed like an arrow.

And finally today.

The day of the confrontation with Mugung has dawned.

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