Genius Martial Arts Trainer – Chapter 4

𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐏𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐫 𝐨𝐟 𝐒𝐡𝐚𝐨𝐥𝐢𝐧

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟒: 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐏𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐫 𝐨𝐟 𝐒𝐡𝐚𝐨𝐥𝐢𝐧

After the grueling session of recitation, which was akin to a battle against sleepiness, came to an end.

“Wow, Mujin. How did you manage not to doze off even once?”

Muhyul, who had been hit on the head at least twenty times during the session, asked with his eyes sparkling in admiration.

Muhyul, who had a clear mind, found the recitation time, when difficult Chinese characters were recited in succession, to be the most challenging.

So, he was usually hit on the head every day, but today, the number of times he was hit doubled.

Thanks to Mujin’s mishap during the morning training and breakfast, the first disciples are already planning to scold Mujin.

However, Mujin, who was analyzing the current situation and planning for the future, did not show any signs of dozing off during the recitation time, and sadly, Muhyul, who was sitting next to him, took all the affectionate hits that should have been directed at Mujin.

Innocent Muhyul, unaware of such circumstances, simply looked at Mujin, who had not dozed off even once during the countless times he was hit, with pride.

“Huh? How did I manage not to doze off?”

“Y-Yes! I get scolded every single day. Recitation is so sleepy no matter how much I listen to it. It feels sleepier than the lullaby my mom used to sing to me when I was young. Hehehe.”

Looking at Muhyul, who was still innocently laughing even after being hit on the head so many times, Mujin let out a small laugh.

If he hadn’t been so obsessed with his work and remained single until he was thirty-seven, he might have had a child like this.

“How did I manage to stay awake?”

“Yes, yes.”

“That’s simple. You just have to listen with one ear and let it out with the other.”

“Huh? How can I only listen with one ear when both ears are open? Should I block one side?”

At Mujin’s playful answer, Muhyul seriously blocked his right ear and mumbled to himself.

“Ah. Ah. Namu Amitabul. Huh? Can I only hear with my left ear? No? I can hear with my right ear too.”

“. . . . . .”

After watching that scene for a moment, Mujin decided to change his thoughts about Muhyul.

‘Not a son, but a nephew.’

No matter what, my future son wouldn’t be that stupid. Sigh.

“Ah, but Muhyul. What’s next after the recitation time?”

“Next is obviously the morning training! Have you forgotten the schedule again after just three days? Hehe. Mujin seems to have a surprisingly bad memory.”

“. . . . . .”

Mujin, who would have hit him if he weren’t his nephew, sighed and said.

“Then we should go to the training ground first.”

“Huh? There’s still some time left.”

“I have something to do in advance.”

“Huh? Something to do in advance?”

Instead of answering Muhyul’s question, Mujin moved towards the training ground with a brisk step.

“What do you have to do in advance?”

Following Mujin, Muhyul with a bright face chased after him.

When they arrived at the training ground while having a light chat with Muhyul, a few disciples had already taken their places and were moving their bodies here and there.

Most of the disciples of Shaolin Temple were still children who hadn’t even reached puberty, so they naturally wanted to play whenever they had free time.

Even at such free times, there were only a handful of children who came to the training ground to train.

Among those few exemplary disciples, some were doing the same tough training they had done in the morning, and the rest were practicing their fists in the posture of a horse.

“Tsk tsk.”

Looking at the scene, Mujin clicked his tongue with a regretful expression and sat down on the hard stone floor.

In that state, he slowly spread his legs to the left and right, and then tilted his upper body towards his left leg.

‘Oh. Is it because of the young body? It’s incredibly flexible.’

From the moment he stretched his legs, Mujin was slightly amazed as his body spread out without any particular pain.

The reason Mujin headed to the training ground before exercising was to stretch in advance.

Stretching before and after exercise was the most basic of basics. To avoid suffering when you get older, and to prevent your body from breaking down due to excessive exercise.



In the meantime, while relaxing the leg muscles by repeating deep breaths as usual.

Muhyul, who was standing awkwardly and looking down at him, caught Mujin’s eye.

“Yul-a. Do you want to do it together?”

“Eh, huh? The one Mujin is doing?”

“Yeah. You have to do it in advance. Otherwise, you’ll suffer from bone disease later?”

At Mujin’s words, Muhyul, who seemed to hesitate for a moment, sat down on the ground with a determined expression like Mujin.

“Is it okay to stretch my legs like this?”

“Oh. That’s right. That’s right. You’re doing well? Then do you want to try this too?”

As Mujin slowly leaned his body forward with his legs stretched out and exhaled, Muhyul also imitated that stretching motion very naturally.

‘Is it because this guy is also young, he easily follows the stretching?’

Maybe exercise should be learned from a young age? While Mujin was thinking about it.


As soon as the disrespectful time was over, Mugung, who had run to the training ground, clicked his tongue only inside and looked at the two.


And Mugung, who had caught his breath, focused on his body without paying attention to Mujin and Muhyul.

In fact, Mugung had no particular interest in Mujin. Although Mujin, who made a ridiculous excuse to fall into training, looked pathetic, he had no intention of laughing at him like other disciples.

It was because he understood that it was more helpful for him to swing his fist once more than to laugh at them.

Although he was still only thirteen years old, Mugung had a thicker head as his body grew faster than his peers.

It was more important to focus on training and strive to be recognized by the master than to pay attention to the quarrels among children.

Because it was his dream to become a famous disciple of Shaolin Temple and make a name for himself in the martial arts world.

In other words, Mujin was nothing more than a stepping stone that Mugung had to step on and pass in order to achieve his dream.


In order to be recognized by the first disciples and Hyejeong and become a famous disciple, Mugung shouted a huge shout and kept punching the air.

It was the beginning of the Shaolin Temple’s introductory martial arts, the early stages of the Yeonhwan Fist, which Mugung had learned over the past three months.

“Ah, you have a good voice.”

At the sound of Mugung’s roaring shout, Mujin, who was stretching with Muhyul, unknowingly let out a sigh of admiration.

“Hehe. Isn’t Mugung-hyung really great? His voice is loud and his fists are really strong! The fist makes a boom boom sound?”

While following Mujin’s stretching, Muhyul added a chirping sound to Mujin’s words.

Did he already forget that Mujin, who was sitting in front of him, had to compete with that Mugung in a week, and his voice was bright.


“Yeah. Of course it’s hyung. He came in two months earlier than me. Oh, by the way, you should call me hyung because you came in a month later than me?”

“Alright, so you’re saying that this guy named Mugung has been training for over three months?”

“Yes. He was probably one of the first to arrive. Plus, he’s doing much better than the other guys who came in around the same time. Even the monks and Hyejeong-sasuknim praise him every day. They say Mugung’s Lianhuan Quan is the best.”

“Oh, really?”

Muhyul finished explaining, and Mujin chuckled to himself.

‘He’s like a monk who only knows how to pour soy sauce.’

He thought they had just picked someone with a decent build, but it turns out they had chosen the most outstanding guy among his peers.

And they only gave him a week to prepare.

‘Well, it’s just a kids’ fight, so I won’t lose. . .’


As Mugung, who is not suitable for his age, continues to make a breakthrough and repeats the regime in the air, the image of a week later naturally came to mind in Mujin’s head.

Winning was not a big problem, but the problem was the process.

‘Is the physical difference too severe?’

Even if he wins, Mujin had a strong feeling that the sight would be unsightly.

If it was his original body, Cho Kang-hyuk, it would be different, but now he is still only twelve years old Mujin.

‘It’s embarrassing to fight fiercely against a kid who is over 20 years younger than you. Haa.’

While Mujin was thinking about such difficulties, the training ground suddenly became a little noisy.

During the break between the morning training time and the Buddhist prayer time. The disciples who were playing during that break began to flock to the training ground one by one.

As soon as they approached the training ground, the sound of the gong announcing the start of the eleventh hour echoed in Shaolin Temple, and soon Hyejeong and the first disciples appeared in the training ground.

“The morning training will be, as always, we will practice the introductory martial arts of our millennium Shaolin, the Yeonhwan Fist!”

As soon as he arrived at the training ground, Hyejeong, who had looked at Mujin for a moment, shouted in a serious tone.

And for some reason, Mujin, who heard Hyejeong’s shout, began to shine his pupils.

The opportunity to learn the introductory martial arts of Shaolin.

As a former reader who loved martial arts, it was a situation that he dreamed of in his dreams.

The physical training that was conducted in the morning was a field that Mujin knew best, so he rebelled, but if it was martial arts, the story was completely different.

Mujin was not a fool who was jealous in a field that he knew vaguely. Rather, if he tried to learn actively, it would be different.


‘If it’s Yeonhwan Fist, it was the martial arts that Mugung used earlier, right?’

It’s the martial arts that he has to compete with in a week. Didn’t the great saints leave a saying? If you know yourself and your enemy, you will not be defeated in a hundred battles.

To easily defeat that little guy, it was said that it wouldn’t be bad for Mujin to learn the Yeonhwan Fist.

“First form! Heart ticket!”



Following Hyejeong’s shout from the top seat, the disciples began to strike in order from the first form, and the first disciples assisting Hyejeong began to point out and correct the children’s postures around the training ground.

“Fourth form!”

Hyejeong, who was shouting with a deep spirit from the top seat, had a subtly frowning brow at some point.

“Why is that child so obediently training?” 

The reason was because of Mujin. 

The guy who had caused accidents during dawn training and breakfast time, as if he had repented, was now sincerely training, which was really frustrating. 

As an impossible disciple, he couldn’t persecute a child who showed remorse for his mistakes. 

If the mistake that child made was not just to refute the training method of Millennium Year Shaolin, if he showed that much repentance, he might have forgiven him. 

No, frankly, which sect forgives those who ignore their sect’s training methods. It was only because this place was Shaolin, and because the other party was a child, that they gave seven days and nights and tried to punish them in the form of a duel. 

If it was another sect, the moment they made such a rant, they would have been at least crippled. Even if it’s a child. 

It wasn’t just Hyejeong who was thinking about it. 

‘What? Why is the Yeonhwan Fist so perfectly imitated?’ 

The first disciples who were looking at the postures of the disciples while turning the training ground were also feeling a similar absurdity. 

That’s because Mujin’s Yeonhwan Fist was no less than other children. Despite being the latest to enter the mountain among the children here. 

Even the first disciples and Hyejeong didn’t know, but today was the first time Mujin learned the Yeonhwan Fist. Because Cho Kang-hyuk was replacing the original Mujin. 

Nevertheless, Mujin was unfolding the Yeonhwan Fist just like other children. 

It was partly because he had carefully observed Mugung’s movements during the break a while ago, and partly because the talent of the disciple named Mujin was outstanding as the protagonist of the novel. 

‘What’s so simple?’ 

Above all, the biggest reason was because the character in Mujin’s body was Cho Kang-hyuk. 

The Yeonhwan Fist is an introductory martial art. 

Especially since the disciples are young, the movements of the Yeonhwan Fist made for the disciples’ age were quite simple compared to other martial arts of Shaolin. 

But that’s just to say that the movements are simple compared to other martial arts. Normally, young disciples take a few days just to understand and memorize those movements. 

But Mujin now was a disciple, but not a disciple. It was a state where the soul of Cho Kang-hyuk, who had been working on physical work for ten years, and although he was not a martial arts expert, he had learned practical martial arts while serving in a special forces unit. 

Of course, the martial arts formulas for disciples felt too simple for him.

‘Ah, what on earth is this guy’s identity?’

‘Showing such an attitude at dawn, yet his talent is so outstanding.’

‘It seems that Buddha gave him talent and took away his character. Amitabha.’

The first disciples, who were unaware of such circumstances, struggled to hide their surprise at Mujin’s talent. There were no first disciples who wanted to praise the troublemaker disciple.

Well, whether the first disciples were surprised or not.

Mujin was immersed in his own thoughts while practicing the Yeonhwan Fist.

‘Is it really the stupidest thing in the world to fight that guy with this?’

The Yeonhwan Fist has quite simple movements. Conversely, it was a martial art that was easily influenced by physical abilities because of its low technical complexity.

In other words, fighting Mugung, who is physically superior to him, with the Yeonhwan Fist is no different from imposing a penalty on himself.

Then how can I cleanly beat that little guy?

He observed Mugung’s fist during training for a moment.

“Ah! I can use that!”

In Mujin’s mind, a method to suppress Mugung at once came up.

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