Why “Konnichiwa” is Rarely Used in Anime?

“Konnichiwa? More like Kon-no-chances-of-hearing-it-in-anime-wa!”
If you’re an anime fan, you’ve probably noticed that the characters in your favorite shows rarely, if ever, say “konnichiwa.” But why is that? After all, it’s just the Japanese equivalent of “hello.” Well, as it turns out, there are a few reasons for this.
First of all, anime screenwriters are all about making their characters stand out and showing off their unique personalities. And let’s face it, “konnichiwa” is about as bland and boring as a greeting can get. Why waste precious screen time on something so mundane when you can have your characters delivering epic one-liners or dropping sick burns instead?
But it’s not just the dialogue that’s to blame. In anime, characters often speak in a casual, informal manner, rather than using formal or polite speech. And honestly, who wants to hear “konnichiwa” when you’re hanging out with your soulmate or closest family member? It just sounds a bit stilted and unnatural in those situations.
But wait, there’s more! “Konnichiwa” is actually dependent on the time of day. It’s only appropriate to use from 11am to 5pm. So, if a character greets you with “konnichiwa” at 8am, you know they’re either a morning person or just really confused about time.
In conclusion, “konnichiwa” may be a common greeting in real life, but in the anime world, it’s about as common as a character with a normal hair color. So, next time you’re watching your favorite anime and no one says “konnichiwa,” don’t be surprised. They’re too busy being epic and saving the world to waste time on basic greetings.



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