Why Calling Someone by Their First Name in Anime Suggests Romance

Are you tired of scratching your heads and wondering why the hell they’re calling each other by their first names in anime? Well, put down your damn chopsticks and listen up, because we’re about to take a deep dive into the world of Japanese sociocultural norms.
You see, in Japan, communication is all about groups and hierarchies. It’s not just about the person you’re talking to, but also about the various categories they belong to, such as age, status, and relationship. And let’s just say, the Japanese have a lot of ways to show and express these asymmetries in daily life.
From specific handshakes and bows, to specific titles and honorifics, the way you address someone carries a lot of weight in Japan. It’s like walking up to the President of the United States and saying “Yo, what’s up?” You wouldn’t, right?
But in Japan, it’s not just in formal situations, it’s in every damn minute of your waking life spent with other people. So, when it comes to calling someone by their first name only, it’s reserved for people you are extremely close with, like family. Or in the romantic case, it’s like stripping down the name of the other person to the bare minimum, devoid of any politeness or formality. It means you’re no longer talking to “an upperclassmen/a student/a boss/an employee/whatever.” You’re just talking to this one human.
In short, calling someone by their first name in anime suggests romance because it’s a sign of closeness and intimacy in Japanese culture. Now, go forth and impress your anime-loving friends with your newfound knowledge! Or, you know, just keep it to yourself and enjoy the sappy romance scenes in peace. Your call.



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