The Truth About Fighting Without Gloves: A Look into the Safer Side of Boxing

When Joe Rogan says it would be safer for fighters to fight without gloves, some may think he’s lost his mind. But hear him out, because it may just change your perspective on the sport of boxing.

Imagine a bare-knuckle boxer standing in the ring, ready to take on their opponent. They stand tall, with their torso protected and their head exposed. Seems strange, right? But there’s a reason for this. You see, when you’re fighting without gloves, you can’t just go punching someone in the head willy-nilly. If you do, you risk breaking your own hand on their hard skull. Ouch.

Now, contrast that with a modern boxer. They’re decked out in gloves, ready to pummel their opponent with punches to the head. But why? It’s because the gloves aren’t there to protect their opponent, they’re there to make the sport less bloody and to make the fist a better weapon. With gloves, a boxer can punch their opponent in the head all they want, and maybe even knock them out.

But here’s the thing: before gloves were introduced, boxing was mostly scored on points. Now, knockouts are commonplace and that repeated head trauma causes permanent damage. So, even though modern boxing may look safer because of the gloves and lack of blood, it’s actually way more dangerous than it was before.

Some may argue that it’s possible to hit someone in the head safely by using an open palm or the bottom of one’s fist, but that’s not allowed in the sport of boxing. However, it’s a useful thing to know if you find yourself in a real-life fight. But let’s be real, if you find yourself in a real-life fight, deescalation or escape should always be a priority. You never know if the other person has a weapon.

In conclusion, Joe Rogan may be onto something when he says it would be safer for fighters to fight without gloves. It may be bloodier, but it would also be less dangerous in the long run. So, the next time you’re watching a boxing match, remember to take a step back and think about the potential dangers of the sport. And, you know, maybe don’t go starting any bare-knuckle brawls in your backyard.


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