The Great Race Debate: How Adam and Eve’s Babies Became So Different

But let’s be real, the real question on our minds is – how did Adam and Eve’s babies end up looking so different from each other? Did Eve sneak a peek at the forbidden fruit of diversity? Did Adam spend a little too much time in the sun?
Well, the truth is, we may never know the true reason for the different races on Earth. But, one thing is for sure, God sure knows how to spice things up. Can you imagine a world with only one race? BOR-ING.
And let’s not forget the time God decided to switch things up and create different languages. Talk about adding insult to injury. Can you imagine trying to communicate with your spouse after eating the forbidden fruit? “Honey, pass the salt.” “What?” “SALT!” “Oh, you mean the stuff that makes your food taste better.” #MarriageGoals
So, in conclusion, the answer to the question of how we have different races on Earth if Adam was the first man is simple – God has a sense of humor and likes to keep things interesting. And as for where our spirits will spend eternity? Well, that’s up to you, folks. But, let’s hope it’s not in a world where everyone looks and sounds the same. That would be downright terrifying.



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