Kirby the Seagull’s Rabbit Feast

Today, we’re taking a journey to a small Welsh island, where we’ll witness a seagull, whom we shall affectionately nickname “Kirby,” take his love for shearwaters to new and disturbing heights.
Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Neko, how could a seagull’s love for shearwaters be disturbing?” Well, let me tell you, Kirby had a taste for the finer things in life, or in this case, the finer things in winged creatures. He had been known to mug puffins for their catch and steal eggs and chicks from fulmar and guillemot nests. But on this fateful day, Kirby decided to up his game and go for something a little more…meaty.
Yes, you guessed it, Kirby decided to swallow a rabbit whole. And not just any rabbit, but one with bones and fur, no less! Even the other seagulls were disgusted by this display of avian gluttony. One might think, “How does he even fly after that? I’ve read that birds have hollow bones and that they have very fast digestion so they don’t carry much weight. This contradicts my bird ‘facts’!”
But Kirby was not one to be deterred by the opinions of others, and so he continued on with his rabbit feast. And as he sat there, bulging and bloated, it seemed like he pretty quickly regretted his decision. You might heard saying, “Reminds me of snakes that are too greedy sometimes and overeat themselves…Don’t know if the seagull will survive this.”
As it turns out, Kirby was a greater black-backed gull, which have a wingspan about the same as your arm span and a chunky, heavy body. So, it’s no surprise that he had a bit of a tough time digesting that rabbit. But, as they say, “When life gives you lemons, swallow a rabbit whole and hope for the best.”
But seriously folks, this incident serves as a reminder to not be like Kirby and to practice moderation in all things, even when it comes to seagulls and their love for shearwaters. And for those of you living at the coast, remember, it’s not ‘greedy like pigs’, it’s ‘greedy like seagulls.’ Thank you for joining me on this wild and wacky journey, and until next time, keep on exploring the wonders of the animal kingdom.


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