Getting into a ‘Good School’ in Tokyo, Japan: What You Need to Know

Are you an international student looking to attend a top-notch high school in Tokyo, Japan? Well, you better start studying those kanji characters and brush up on your math skills because getting into a “good school” in Japan is no easy feat.
But wait, what exactly defines a “good school” in Japan? Is it a school with a good atmosphere? A fancy environment? Specific education policies and methods that you like? Or is it a school that excels in sports, music, or other non-academic activities? The answer is… drumroll please… all of the above!
You see, in Japan, schools are not just places to discipline children and make them memorize boring facts. Oh no, no, no. They are also places to broaden children’s interests and help them find their passion. And let’s be real, who wants to be a kid who can only do one thing – studying. That’s just plain boring.
But enough with the philosophy, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of what it takes to get into a “good school” in Tokyo. First and foremost, you need good grades and a good school report from your junior high school. This report will detail everything from your attendance rate to your attitude in class, your relationship with classmates, and even the prizes you’ve won in drawing contests.
Next, you’ll need to score higher on the entrance exams. These exams will test you on five subjects – Japanese, math, English, social studies, and science – for public schools and three subjects – Japanese, math, and English – for private schools. Some schools may also conduct interviews.
One thing to note is that the exams are all in Japanese, so if you’re not fluent, you might want to start learning now. And last but not least, remember that senior high is beyond compulsory education, so there is no additional consideration for “international” students.
In short, if you want to attend a “good school” in Tokyo, Japan, you’ll need good grades, a good school report, and higher scores on entrance exams. Good luck, and all the best!



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