Exploring the Rare and Unique Themes of Anime

Hold onto your ramen bowls, anime lovers, because we’re about to take a wild ride through the uncharted territories of anime themes. No, we’re not talking about your typical shounen battles or high school romances, we’re talking about the rare, the obscure, and the completely nonexistent. So put on your thinking caps and get ready to discover the untapped potential of anime themes that will blow your mind.

First up on our list is the hot topic of weed. Yup, you heard that right, we’re talking about the green stuff. But before you start searching for “weed anime” on Google, let us save you the trouble – it doesn’t exist. Unless you count that one episode of Pokemon where Ash and Pikachu accidentally smoke some, but that’s a whole different story. But seriously, can you imagine an anime about a group of pot dealers trying to make it big? It would be like Breaking Bad, but with cartoon characters.

Next up, we have the world of entrepreneurship. Sure, we’ve seen anime like Spice and Wolf or Amagi Brilliant Park touch on the subject, but none have made it the core focus. Can you imagine an anime about a startup company trying to make it big? Now that would be something. We’re talking about a show where the main character is a business prodigy, but also has to deal with the struggles of being an older person in society. Talk about a unique and impactful story.

And speaking of older people, why are they so underrepresented in anime? We’ve seen 1000+ slice of life shows, but none about the lives of older people. Whether it be characters in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, or the “old” group in their 60’s and 70’s. We’re not saying we want an anime version of Golden Girls, but it would be nice to see some representation for the older crowd.

Moving on, we have animes based on the perspective of parents. Clannad: After Story had some of these elements, but in general, this is not something you see in anime. Can you imagine an anime about a group of parents navigating the joys and struggles of raising children? Sign us up. But let’s not forget about the darker themes, like prostitution. Now, this is a very dark theme, but it’s not common, if at all, in the world of anime. This would fit into “slice of life” or something similar. We’re not saying it would be a lighthearted show, but it could bring some awareness to a subject that’s often brushed under the rug.

Animes based on an economy crashing, recession, etc. is also rare. We haven’t seen any anime that explores this theme yet. But imagine an anime about a group of people trying to survive during a recession. It could be a real-life thriller. And let’s not forget about animes based on the lives of those in jail or those who’ve done their jail sentence, and are now adapting to the real world. It would be an interesting perspective to see.

And let’s not forget about animes based on the lives of florists. While Alice To Zouroku does show a little glimpse into this world, a full-fledged anime dedicated to the daily struggles and triumphs of a florist would be a unique and interesting watch.

Moving on to more serious themes, animes focused on the lives of sick patients, such as those suffering from Aids or Cancer, are also extremely rare. While Sword Art Online season 2 does touch on this topic, a series fully dedicated to exploring the emotional and physical struggles of patients and their loved ones would be a powerful and impactful watch.

And last but certainly not least, we have animes based on the world of professional wrestling. Sure, we have shows like Tiger Mask W and Kinnikuman, but a series that delves into the behind-the-scenes world of professional wrestling, including the training, the drama, and the injuries, would be a unique and entertaining watch for both anime fans and wrestling fans alike. Imagine an anime version of Netflix’s GLOW, but with giant robots and superpowers. Now that’s a show we’d watch!

In conclusion, the world of anime is vast and diverse, but there are still many themes and subjects that have yet to be explored. From the selling of weed to the lives of older people, these rare anime themes have the potential to bring fresh and unique perspectives to the medium. So let’s hope that one day, we’ll see an anime about a florist-turned-entrepreneur, or a series about a celebrity who turns to a life of prostitution before finding redemption and recovery. The possibilities are endless, and the potential for unique and impactful stories is waiting to be explored. So grab your snacks, and get ready for some weird and wonderful anime themes that you never knew you needed.



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