B-class adventurer, expelled adventurer, let’s hear your stories – Chapter 5 – END

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Thinking about it, I can think of a lot of things. 

Ten years ago, she asked me to go with her to the Royal Capital.

That I received regular letters from the Royal Capital twice a year. 

I never heard any rumors about Kirie getting married. 

When I wrote to her asking about Al, the reply came back in the fastest time imaginable, and the letter was filled with many sentences.

If you think that all of these things are because Kirie likes me, it fits very well. 


“… Katie has never said she likes me…”

Saying this in a mumbled voice, Al says in a dumbfounded voice.

“… You should understand a woman’s heart. She has been desperately trying to get you to confess to her for a long time.” 

“Eh? Really?”

“You really don’t get it, do you? I am amazed. You called me ignorant, but you are no better than a child when it comes to love.”

“I-I don’t know what to say…” 

I really don’t.

I have no right to make fun of Al.

“But, Oldman, you already know how Miss Kirie feels. Right?”


“And what about you, Oldman? What do you think of Miss Kirie? What do you think about her?”

“About Kirie…”

Let me think.

It was so sudden that I had to turn my blank mind to full speed. 

When Kirie asked me to go to the Royal Capital, I turned her down.

I’ll just slow her down. 

I’ll never be able to catch up. 

I can’t stop a bird that wants to fly forever.

So I thought. 

After that, I think I just envied Kirie, the S-class adventurer. 

I wanted to be one. 

If I became one… 

Maybe… Surely? 

Why did I want to become an S-class in the first place? 

Since when… 

When I first became an adventurer, I don’t remember having such a strong desire to reach the top. 

Of course, I would have been happy to become one….

As I recall, it was probably after Kirie became an S-class adventurer that my longing became so strong.

The feeling suddenly became stronger. 

For some reason…

It’s because I… I have to become an S-class too… 

That’s right… 

because I thought that if I didn’t become S-class, I wouldn’t be able to keep up with Kirie. 

In order to walk beside Kirie, I had to be strong enough to walk with her. 

In other words, I… I wanted to be with Kirie…

“… From the very beginning, I liked Kirie.”

I felt so refreshed when I said that. 

It was as if the haze I’d been feeling all this time had cleared. 

Al looked at me with a smile and said, 

“… I’m glad you feel the same way.” 

And then he added, 

“… So, Miss Kirie, you’re awake too, aren’t you? Why don’t you answer the Oldman or something?” 

Surprised, I looked at Kirie on my lap and saw that her visible ears had turned bright red. 

“Kirie, you…” 

When I said that, Kirie got up with great speed and grabbed my cheek, “

“…. I’m only going to say this once, so you have to listen to me! I like you! I love you! Ever since ten years ago! L-Lets get  ma-marrieeeed~”

That was all she said, and then she fainted.

This time she fell asleep completely.

“… Maybe the stimulus was too strong. But the Oldman and Miss Kirie… I thought they were adults used to things… but they turned out to be a bunch of weirdos…”

“Shut up! What about you then?”

“I’m seeing a girl named Ys. It’s a little tricky being the duke’s daughter, but I’m on good terms with the duke. So it’s no problem. We’re going to get married soon.” 

“Seriously…Are you sure about that? “

I asked, thinking that he might be surrounded by people who only wanted his power. 

But Al replied, 

“Don’t worry. I’m not like I once was before. I’m stronger now, but… I’ve done my homework. The first time I met the lady, it was when she was out of the house. She was about to be attacked, so I saved her. That’s how we got to know each other.” 

“…It sounds like the opening of a heroic tale to me.”

“Say what you want, hehehe.”

It seems that I’ve already suffered a great defeat, not only as an adventurer but also in love.

I’m glad my apprentice is growing up. 

I thought so from the bottom of my heart. 

But he’s growing up too fast. 


“…Do you swear to the creator god Filthia to help each other in sickness and in health?”

In church, the priest asks me in my knightly attire and Kirie in her wedding dress.

I said, “Yes. Kirie also said, “Yes.” in a calm and happy voice, different from her usual triumphant voice. 

“Then you may kiss to seal the vow.”

She turned her head up, I lifted Kirie’s veil, and brought her face closer. 

Our lips almost touched.

Just as you thought this,


The window of the church was broken with a cracking sound, and three figures emerged from the window. 

One was a young man, and the other two were women with red hair and blue hair.” 

“… They are…”

“I’ve seen their faces before. I’m pretty sure that’s Al’s acquaintance that we caught trying to sneak into our house and failed…” 

After Kirie and I said that, Al, who had been watching our wedding from the front row on a bench in the church, stood up and said, 

“You guys… Don’t do anything stupid! This is a sacred church, and today is the wedding of my precious masters!” 

He shouted. 

Whereupon one of the intruders, Guise, laughs and says.

“That’s why… Al~, I knew you’d be here! I’m going to kill you!” 

That’s a pretty disturbing line. 

Kill him? 


I thought you’d either ask for money or tell him to go back to his former party. 

But if that’s the case, you’re screwed for coming here. 

In a sense, it’s the right choice, because it shows that if the goal is to kill, you’re definitely there.

As I tilted my head, Kirie said.

“They’re demonized. They’ve given up their souls.”

 “I’m amazed… Have they fallen that far?” 

Indeed, I could see black magic spewing out from their bodies. 

This is a characteristic of those who have become demons. 

An evil art that allows one to gain mighty power by offering one’s soul. 

Nowadays, there are only a few people who do this, but…

.” … After I kill you… I’ll sip Lady Ys’ blood… Then we can receive power directly from the Demon Lord!” 

“You… Ys… I see… You have teamed up with the Duke of Bran, don’t you!?” 

“Yes, we have joined forces with the Duke of Bran!”

The Duke of Bran is a rival family to the Duke of Todora, the family of Lady Ys, whom Al is planning to marry. 

There are rumors of demon-worshipping in this household, so it must have been true. 

They must have found out about the engagement of Lady Ys to Al, whose name had recently become popular, and didn’t want them to gain power as a result. 

So they wanted to kill both Al and Lady Ys.

But they chose the wrong person to work with. 

You’ve said too much, Guise.

I didn’t know he was so soft-spoken. 

The Duke of Bran should have taken precautions, but he didn’t.

…No, it looks like they got a lot more magic power due to demonetization. 

Not as much as Al’s, but half as much as Kirie’s. 

That’s why they broke the contractual spell to keep their mouths shut.

In addition, Guise and the others may have been unable to endure the excessive magic power, and their personalities and thoughts may have been greatly distorted. 

In any case, this is the end for Duke Bran. 

Of course, that’s if he can defeat Guise. 

But there’s no need to worry about that.

“Many things have happened, but for old times’ sake… If I could, I would turn you over to the authorities. But even I can’t help you if you’ve become a demon. I’m sorry, but I can at least let you die painlessly….”

As Al raised his hand, a holy light descended from the sky and illuminated the three of them. 

It seemed to be a soft light, but it was holy magic. 

It’s an extremely difficult art, and if you don’t have the right aptitude, it won’t work at all, but it will cause severe damage to those who belong to the dark forces. 

And Guise and the others that were hit by it…,

“Gyaaaaaah!!! “

and disappeared into ashes in a few seconds. 

It was a terrible end, but it was better than a clash of hatreds.

In the first place, Al no longer cared about Guise and the others to the extent that he could hold a grudge against them. 

That’s how strong Al had become. 

As soon as Al confirmed that Guise was gone, he said, 

“Ah, masters! It’s over. Let’s continue! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!”

He got back on his feet and started calling out like that. 

I think it’s a little too quick a change, but I suppose it’s a sign of concern for us.

The other attendees were similarly concerned.

” Kirie… What do you think?” 

“Fufufu… That’s obvious. Let’s show them what they came for.”

And then we came closer. 

And our lips touched.

I never thought it would turn out like this.

It all started with a little talk in a small tavern. 

I hugged the woman who had become my wife tightly and was deeply grateful to Al for the wonderful way he had arranged all of our destinies together.


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