B-class adventurer, expelled adventurer, let’s hear your stories – Chapter 1

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“… Alfred, I’m kicking you out of this party!”

I, Reg Burt, a B-class adventurer, was drinking in a tavern when I heard those words from the seat behind me.

I knew something unpleasant was about to happen.

It’s a common story in this tavern near the Adventurer’s Guild, but it’s not a story I want to hear over a drink.

But it would be too much trouble to leave now and drink somewhere else again.

So I had no choice but to stay there and listen to the story.

“H-Hey, why!? Why are you suddenly kicking me out…!”

“That’s because you’re completely useless, Alfred.”

That’s a terrible thing to say.

That’s not something you say to someone who’s in your party.

I looked behind me, and there they were: two boys and two girls.

I know their names and faces because I’ve seen them all before in the Adventurers’ Guild.

One of them was Alfred.

He’s a kind-looking boy.

The one who said things to him is Guise.

He’s kind of a crude and overconfident man, and it shows in his face.

The two girls with them, the blue-haired one is Ellis, and the red-haired one is Ellen. “

“It’s true that I… I know I haven’t been able to contribute much lately, but I’ve worked hard with you for three years, right? And even though I don’t stand out much anymore, I’ve done a lot of things like bating and recovering ma…”

“Shut up! Your little actions are of no use to us! What we need now is attack power! The Adventurer’s Guild only allows four members in a party, so it’s a shame that you’re filling up one of the slots. Just stop it, okay?”

“…N-No way… Oh, hey……”

Before Alfred could complain, the three party members got up and left the tavern.

Alfred’s shoulders slumped as he was left behind.

“… Damn it… Why… I’m still…”

He mumbles to himself.

It’s a terrible story.

But it’s a common story.

It’s not like they were the only adventurers in the world, and Alfred should have just given up and moved on.

However, he was still young and seemed to be having a hard time recovering.

Maybe it was the first time he had ever been to a party.

“It can’t be helped…”

I muttered to myself, then left my seat.

Then I sat down roughly next to Alfred.

“Hey, buddy.”

I spoke to him.

Alfred looked at me with a look of abandonment on his face, but I patted him on the shoulder and said,

“I heard everything. Don’t get discouraged! It happens all the time!”

I said sardonically.

Well, I know it doesn’t make him feel any better, but I thought it was better than continuing to be depressed.

Of course, said Alfredo,

“… What the hell do you know? You don’t know… You don’t know anything…”

“Well, I certainly don’t know anything. All I heard was you being called useless. What’s the real story? Are you that useless?”

It was a pretty nerve-wracking line, but he still had the will to look at himself objectively.

As if to calm his agitated mind, Alfred began to speak in rambling tones.

” …I wish I could say I didn’t mean it, but… It’s true that I haven’t been very useful lately. You heard what he said, didn’t you?”


“Like the guy who complained about me… Guise is a swordsman, and so am I. I thought it’d be better if we divided up the roles and let him do the fighting on the front. The monsters we’ve fought lately all have high defenses, so Guise has been playing an active role in many situations. I was more of an assistant, a baiter, a ranger. I don’t think that makes me useless…”

As I listened, I had a funny feeling.

Alfred continued.

“Did you also see the two girls? The one with blue hair is a priest, and the one with red hair is a sorceress. They did use offensive magic all the time while I did a lot of magic transfers on them. I thought that’s why they could kill so many demons with my magic transfers… But they said they didn’t need me…”

Hearing this, I thought.

“Are you sure about that?”

“…? It’s true. What’s so funny? Yes, it’s like I’m too pathetic. I shouldn’t feel so down about it. From the point of view of a mighty adventurer like you, of course I am…”

“No, no, no, it’s not like that. Is it true you can do magic transfer?

“Yes? See you yourself. “

So Alfred touches my hand and sends the magic through it.

Warmth pours into my body, filling me with a magic that should have been drained by the day’s work.

I feel like I could go on another mission right now.

“… unbelievable. Haven’t you used up your magic power yet…?”

“I haven’t used one percent. But that’s normal, right? I’m a magic bank. Besides, I’ll recover in five minutes, so it’s an ability that’s only useful in battle.”

“That’s impossible. What kind of common sense do you have…”

Alfred tilted his head, as if he thought it was strange that I was dumbfounded.

I explained it to him.

“It’s not every day that you find someone with such a rare ability as transferring magic power. There are only one or two in the whole country. On top of that, isn’t there only one person in the world who has an unbelievable amount of magic power? It is impossible to recover a person’s magic power in five minutes. I am a B-class adventurer, and even I couldn’t do that.”

“But I’ve been doing this since I was in the village with Guise and the others… No one thinks it’s amazing. “

“So, it’s the same story as before, right? No one realized you had a gift. You’ve got some serious talent there… Well, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get carried away, but… Don’t tell anyone else what you told me. At least not to people you don’t trust. Or you’ll be caught by the nobility or royalty and locked up for life.”

“…Is that so.”

“Phew~… It’s a good thing the tavern is empty today. No waiter came by and no one heard you.”

“You saved my life… But Guise and the others know, so they’ll find out sooner or later…”

“That’s true. It’s also possible they’re too stupid to even notice, but we shouldn’t count on that. Okay… Let’s get you strong before that happens!”


” You got fired from the party, right? You should join me. I’m solo, too.

“No, no, but, Oldman, you’re B-class, right? You don’t want to go with an E-class guy like me… Is that okay?”

“There are less than fifty B-class adventurers in this country, but none of them can transfer magic power to another person who, on top of that, has a large amount of magic power. You can use swords and magic as usual, right? They’re really stupid for letting you go. If I were them, I wouldn’t let you go even if it killed me.”


“Hahaha, that’s a joke. I’m not going to tie you down. I’m just saying, until you’re strong enough, you should come with me. I’ll train you, and if you can’t do it… I’m sure you will soon, but when you do, I’ll introduce you to better, more reliable people. You can probably make it to the S-class.”

Perhaps sensing that I was serious, Alfred thought for a moment, and finally nodded deeply and said,

“Oldman… Please! Please make me strong!”

That’s what he said.

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