An Unconscious Genius Magic Tool Maker Wants to Live a Leisurely Life – Chapter 47

An Unconscious Genius Magic Tool Maker Wants to Live a Leisurely Life – Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Make a Wish Upon a Star

While gathering materials along the way, we joined up with Gardo-san and the others. The amount of luggage had become too much for His Highness to carry alone, so the timing was perfect.

We got their help to transport the materials to the management office.

By that time, the sun had set and it was completely night.

“That’s enough for today. We’ll continue tomorrow.”


And so, the first day ended with gathering materials.

We headed to tonight’s lodging with His Highness as our guide.

There seems to be a mansion in this city managed by the royal family, and we will be using it tonight.

In each city, there is at least one mansion set up for the royal family to stay in.

There are also nobles who own multiple villas.

However, the scale of the royal family is different.

When we arrived at the mansion, we were each given a room.

Even if each person uses one room, there are still many extra rooms.

Nero-kun and I were given a neighboring room, while the royal guards and His Highness had rooms that were a little further away.

After dinner and bathing, all that was left was to sleep.

I’m alone, staring blankly at the ceiling in my room.

“…I can’t sleep.”

I have work from tomorrow morning as well.

I should go to bed early so that I can work properly.

The members of the royal guard are resting in preparation for tomorrow.

His Highness must be tired from carrying my belongings today.

He’s probably fast asleep by now.

I sit up from the bed and stare towards the window where the moonlight shines in.

“It’s safe inside this mansion…maybe..”

Nero-kun said that before going to bed.

He told me that he has set up a barrier to protect the mansion.

Thanks to that, everyone in the royal guard can rest.

“It’s probably okay to go out a little bit.”

It should be okay as long as it’s inside the mansion.

I can’t sleep anyway.

Besides, I remember something written on that flyer.

“A meteor shower…I hope it’s tonight.”

I leave the room and head to the balcony.

The night breeze blows through.

It’s a little chilly, but it’s comfortable enough right now.

There isn’t a single cloud in the sky.

The stars are clearly visible.


“No meteor shower…”


I hear a voice from behind.

I quickly turn around before even seeing who it is.

I already knew who it was from the voice.

“Your Highness.”

“Good evening.”

“Good evening. What brings you here?”

“That’s my line. I came to see the stars.”

His Highness approached with a wry smile and stood next to me.

Leaning against the balcony railing with both arms, he looked up at the night sky.

“I came to see the stars.”

“Huh? Does Your Highness also have that flyer?”

“Well, I happened to see it. Or rather, I noticed that you were looking at it, and I found it too. Is it tonight? The meteor shower.”

“It seems so.”

His Highness also came to the balcony to see the meteor shower.

Just like me.

“Do you like stars?”

“I don’t dislike them, but I wouldn’t say I’m particularly interested in them.”

“Is that so? I thought you must like them since you came to see the night sky without sleeping.”

“I just couldn’t sleep.”

I looked up at the night sky.

There are some particularly bright stars in the sky that I gazed at.

Around them, there are fainter stars.

Overwhelmed by the strong star light, It felt like they were about to disappear.

Just like…

“Me and His Highness.”

“Hm? What about it?”

I inadvertently let my thoughts slip out.

I quickly covered my mouth, but it was too late.

His Highness looked at me with a puzzled expression.

“Well…I just realized how presumptuous it was…”

“What are you talking about?”

“…That I’m in love with you, Your Highness.”

My voice was barely audible.

Even I thought it was a pretty unconfident thing to say.

“It’s a little late for that. Have you been thinking about it for a while?”


“Did anyone say anything to you?”

“No, it’s just…it feels like a dream.”

Before I met His Highness, all I thought about was work.

What to do tomorrow.

How to finish my work quickly and efficiently.

When will my next day off be?

I was so preoccupied with these things that I had no room to think about anything else.

And my future…

I can now think about it.

I can even choose what to do tomorrow.

I’m living days that feel so liberating and free, it’s almost like a dream.

It might be the first time I’ve ever felt this positive and able to imagine my future.

That’s why I’m starting to feel anxious.

How long will this happy present last?

Could it all just be a dream?

After all, happy dreams always come to an end.

Where am I right now?

“Anxiety due to happiness… Isn’t it a luxury problem?”

“That’s right.”

I feel like it’s almost too wasteful for me to have this problem.

“I’m also thinking about similar things.”


“If you ask me if I have no worries about the future, that would be a lie. I am a prince. The future of the country is inevitably involved in my future. I cannot decide everything on my own. It’s suffocating.”

“Your Highness…”

It may be the first time I have heard His Highness express such weakness.

Even when he was afflicted by the curse, he never gave up and struggled.

And yet, he’s expressing his anxieties now.

About me…

How selfish of me.


At that moment, shooting stars streak across the night sky.

“Your Highness!”


One, two, one after another.

A night where stars fall.

We look up at the night sky.

“It’s beautiful.”

“Yes, very much so.”

We stand side by side, gazing at the stars.

This moment may not last forever, but for now, it’s enough.

Let’s live with anxiety and various thoughts.

I make a wish upon a star.

That someday, we’ll be able to feel nothing but happiness, without any anxiety.

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