An Unconscious Genius Magic Tool Maker Wants to Live a Leisurely Life – Chapter 46

An Unconscious Genius Magic Tool Maker Wants to Live a Leisurely Life – Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Filtration System

With the permission of the Director, we immediately start working.

Gardo-san and the other royal guards will help deliver drinking water to the people in the town.

His Highness, Nero-kun, and I will stay at the management bureau.

The Director went into the back room, saying that he had work to do.

It must be tough for him in this situation.

We need to solve this problem quickly.

“First, let’s check the condition of the water.”

“Wait. Don’t touch the water directly. I’ll do it.”

Nero-kun stopped me from drawing water from the canal.

He peered into the transparent water from above.

“My body is a golem. Poison and curses don’t affect me.”

“The Director said it’s okay to touch it, right?”

“Still, it’s better to be safe than sorry.”

Nero-kun might be right.

Although it may be okay to touch it now, it could change if the concentration of poison increases.

There is also the possibility of delayed effects.

It’s best to leave it to Nero-kun, who is at no risk.

“You should learn to be more suspicious of others.”


Nero muttered under his breath as he passed by me, and then he stuck his right arm into the waterway.

“While I’m at it, I’ll check the state of the water.”

“Can you really do that?”

“Who do you think I am? I’m a great magician once hailed as the world’s best. It would be strange if I couldn’t do something as simple as that.”

“You’re saying that about yourself…”

Ignoring the exasperated His Highness beside him, Nero closed his eyes.

There is also a device in this facility that can examine the state of the water.

Although I don’t suspect the facility’s equipment, I also brought a simple magic tool for investigation.

I had planned to use it, but it seems unnecessary with Nero here.

He is probably using magic of the same quality as that recorded in the magic tool.

For a moment, a magic circle lit up on his fingertip as he put it in the water.

Nero opened his eyes.

“I see.”

“Do you understand?”

“…There are indeed toxins mixed in, but it’s not just one type.”

“Are they mixing multiple toxins together?”

Nero-kun didn’t respond immediately to His Highness’s question.

He looked around, scanning the waterway from one end to the other.

Then, he looked at the floor, walls, and ceiling inside the facility.

“Do you understand what toxins are?”

“Toxins are harmful substances to the human body, right?”

“That’s right. There are various types of toxins. Some only work as toxins under certain conditions. But this example is…special.”

“What do you mean? Don’t be so vague.”

It seemed like Nero-kun was avoiding giving a specific explanation about the toxins.

His Highness noticed it too.

After waiting for a while, he opened his mouth with a troubled expression.

“It’s still uncertain. I’ll investigate a little more. You guys just focus on your job.”

“No, we need to know what type of toxins.”

“If we’re just removing the toxins from the water, the type doesn’t matter.”

“Is that so?”

His Highness’s gaze was directed at me.

I nodded and explained.

“I wanted to examine the species to determine the cause of the toxin contamination. Even if we can remove the toxins, it’s only temporary if we don’t identify the cause.”

“I see. Then, should we leave that to Nero and focus on making the magic tool?”

“Yes. Is that okay with you, Nero-kun?”

“Yeah, leave it to me. But you have to stay in the same room as me. Make sure to let me know when you’re moving around, got it?”

Nero-kun shows an unusually serious expression, and both His Highness and I nod in agreement.

Looking at his reaction, I have an intuition that the situation happening in this city is not just a natural phenomenon.

For now, I focus on making the magic tool.

I will make a filtration device.

It is a device that purifies water, and there is a similar magic institution in this facility.

But even using it, the toxins have not been removed.

Therefore, normal filtration is useless.

So what I thought of is a magic tool that can return the water to its normal state.

Clean water stored for drinking.

If the water in the storage tank is in a normal state, then we just need to make the flowing water have the same properties.

“I’ve never heard of such filtration.”

“This is my first time trying it too.”

“Is it really okay, even though it’s your first time?”

“Of course.”

I can apply the technology of the magic tools I have created so far.

I might be a little short on materials though.

“Nero-kun, I need to buy some materials because we don’t have enough.”

“Hm? What do we need?”


I told Nero-kun the type and amount of materials we need.

“I think we can get everything we need in the city.”

“Got it. I’ll come with you for shopping.”

“Thank you. By the way, did you find anything?”

“Sort of. I’ll tell you later.”


We went out to the town to buy the materials.

Walking through the city again, it felt like a completely different world from the capital.

The pure white buildings were dazzling and beautiful.

It’s quiet now with few people walking around, but I imagine it must be lively during busy times, which is a bit exciting.

“Your Highness, I should carry it after all.”

“I’m fine. I mean, it’s heavy, right?”

“That’s why I’m saying it. I don’t want His Highness to walk around with heavy baggage.”

“It’s okay. Leave the heavy lifting to me, and Freya, please focus on your own work.”

I appreciate His Highness’s kindness, but I can’t help but be conscious of the people around me.

I’m just a simple magic tool maker, while His Highness is a prince of a country.

No matter how you dress it up, this class difference cannot be ignored.

If His Highness weren’t a prince…

When I suddenly thought about that, I caught a glimpse of a flyer in the corner of my vision.

With a big headline, it said, “The meteor shower is approaching.”

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