An Unconscious Genius Magic Tool Maker Wants to Live a Leisurely Life – Chapter 13

An Unconscious Genius Magic Tool Maker Wants to Live a Leisurely Life – Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Unforgivable

Aria Roster.

Her life was always overflowing with victories.

She was born privileged and treated like a precious jewel.

She could get what she wanted easily, living a life without any inconveniences.

In her view, there was always the pitiful figure of her sister.

Despite being the eldest, she was shunned by the family for being a child of a different mother.

She was treated as if she didn’t exist in the mansion and ignored even when she spoke up.

She couldn’t get anything she wanted no matter how much she desired it.

Aria felt some pity for her sister, who lived a life opposite to hers, but more than that, she felt a sense of superiority.

“Fufu, Aria is indeed special.”

The existence of her pitiful sister made her feel her own superiority.

She could think of herself as the chosen one only because her sister was by her side.

She was superior in birth, appearance, and talent.

She was only a little older, and other than age, there was no element in which she was inferior.

Oh, what an easy life she thought it was.

However, her pitiful sister, who could do nothing, had a rare talent that allowed her to be unparalleled.

It is the talent as a magic tool maker.

There are limited people who can bestow the effects of magic onto objects.

Talent in handling magic and the ability to manipulate and release magic itself externally are essential.

Magic tool makers release magic from their own fingers and use it as ink to give magic to tools.

It is necessary to express magic with characters or symbols, and there is a vast amount of knowledge required.

It was not an easy occupation that anyone could become.

It is a name of a position that only a chosen genius can attain.

Freya awakened her talent as a magic tool maker at a young age.

She learned the knowledge of creating magic tools by self-study and grew rapidly, becoming the youngest palace magic tool maker.

The reactions of those around her also changed slightly and softened.

Nevertheless, the superiority of her sisters did not change, but it was a fact that there were people who began to recognize her to some extent.

Aria couldn’t forgive that.

The fact that her sister had a field in which she was superior to her made her uncomfortable.

“Aria is the best.”

Therefore, I decided to further humiliate my older sister.

I will take away her fiancé, her position, and all the little property that Freya has.

After making her empty, I planned to pity her greatly.

But still…


After Freya left the study, Aria stands alone.

She bites her lip in frustration.

For the first time in her life, she feels the humiliation of being provoked by Freya, and her stomach feels like it’s boiling.

“Swoosh…well, never mind.”

Suppressing her overflowing anger with a deep breath, Aria leaves the study.

Her footsteps are light, and she heads to the entrance of the mansion.

There are visitors today.

Thinking of the face of that person, she smiles slyly.

“Hehe, Onee-sama, you should have waited a little longer.”

If she did, they might have bumped into each other.

I wonder what kind of face she will make.

Surely she won’t even be able to meet my gaze because of the frustration and embarrassment.

Imagining that scene, Aria basks in superiority again.

Yes, the visitor is…

“Hey, Aria.”

“Welcome! Cain-sama.”

Cain Balmoust, Freya’s ex-fiancé and Aria’s current fiancé, approaches Aria with a gentle smile and walks towards her.

“Thank you for inviting me, Aria.”

“No, I’m the one who’s happy that Cain-sama came.”

“You’re saying such a kind thing.”

Cain looks around the mansion, looking a bit lost.

“Is your father not here today as well?”

“Yes. Otoo-sama is supposed to come back at night.”

“I see. I was thinking of saying hello, but I can’t stay until night.”

“I will tell Otoo-sama that you came.”

“Thank you.”

The two move from the entrance to Aria’s room.

There was no particular reason for them to gather this day, just to chat.

They had been meeting like this even before they became engaged.

They used to do it secretly, but now that they are engaged, they no longer need to hide and can come to the mansion openly.

“Your father is always so busy. Aren’t you lonely being alone all the time?” 

“Thank you for your concern. But I’m fine. Just by having Cain-sama come to see me like this, my heart is full. I’m not lonely.”

“Aria… You’re really an honest child.”

“Because it’s Cain-sama.”

Cain is already captivated by Aria.

She intentionally contacted Cain and behaved intimately with him to take him away from her older sister.

She has mastered the gestures, way of speaking, and atmosphere that make men like her.

Any man would fall for her in front of her.

If there is no one who she truly cares about…

“Cain-sama is so kind.”

“Not really. I’m a terrible guy.”

“Are you talking about Onee-sama? Then, you don’t have to worry. She came to the study earlier and seemed very energetic.”

“Freya was there?”

“Yes. She said she was there to do some research. I don’t know if that’s true.”

She’s keeping a calm face even though her engagement has been broken. 

She is trying to give Cain the impression that Freya is a bad person by making him think that way.

“So, Freya is working under the second prince now, right? Did she tell you what she’s doing?”

“I asked, but she didn’t answer. Onee-sama is so mean to be mean to her little sister.”

“I see. And what about the research?”

“She didn’t tell me that either. It seems like she was reading a book about curses.”


“Yes. I wonder why she was reading it.”

Aria giggles.

“That’s scary. Maybe she was looking for a way to curse me.”

“That’s scary! Aria won’t let that happen!”

“Thank you, Aria. Let’s take it easy today.”


The two held hands and gazed at each other, as if they were seeking each other but looking in different directions.

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