Although I Am Supposed to Be the Villainess (Planned), I Just Want to Eat Confectionery – I Will Aim for a Peaceful Life with the Block Skill – Chapter 75

Although I Am Supposed to Be the Villainess (Planned), I Just Want to Eat Confectionery – I Will Aim for a Peaceful Life with the Block Skill

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Chapter 75: The conversation with the queen seems to be going smoothly

“Oh, are you nervous?”

“Well, I wasn’t used to attending parties very often at my father’s house, so I get nervous thinking about not making any mistakes.”

“But didn’t you have parties at home?”

“Not often.”

Lars-sama follows up on my words.

“The Count doesn’t throw parties for his daughter’s birthdays. Only her coming-of-age year, though, they had a small one.”

Upon hearing this, Her Majesty the Queen seems to remember the rumors about me.

“…Is it true that you don’t have any blood ties?”

“Unfortunately, he is definitely my real father.”

Her Majesty the Queen looks very sorry. Anyone would have a heavy burden with that father.

“It was my maternal uncle who received it (me) directly from my birth mother. So there can be no mistake.”

In this regard, I almost want to ask if my mother loved someone else… because it would be easier to understand if the real father didn’t have any affection for me.

But my mother was said to be a strong woman, so it’s unlikely.

“Is that why you called me here to talk about such a thing?”

Lars-sama asked the Queen suspiciously.

“No, I was interested, but that’s not the main issue. Linea Radin, I just wanted to confirm that you really wanted to become the adoptive child of Count Radin.”

I can understand the Queen’s concern.

After all, Lars-sama also holds the right of succession to the throne. She must have been worried that he might be involved in my father’s conspiracy.

If Lars-sama were involved, it would also affect the royal family.

I’m sure Lars-sama explained this before, but I wonder if there was a lingering doubt that he might have been deceived.

“After all, you don’t live in Count Radin’s mansion, do you? It’s no wonder that there are rumors that Lars is engaged. A young nobleman’s household is supposed to have a lady of marriageable age living there. How did that happen?”

The Queen tried to find out about my relationship with Lars-sama through a roundabout question.

But there isn’t much to hide about this, as long as I skip the story about my skill. I just have to think carefully about what to say.

“Let me answer.”

Lars-sama accepted that question.

“She was in a somewhat difficult position. Although she was coldly treated by her father, she was cursed with something inexplicable since the other day.”

Lars-sama seems to intend to talk about the lie I told my father as if it were true.


Her Majesty the Queen cocked her head. His Highness Conrad has a half-doubting expression.

I try to look a little sad to raise my credibility.

“A magician somewhere … probably someone with a grudge against Count Elvasti. She seemed to be worried about not being able to hear other people’s voices from time to time, but when her father found out, he locked her up in a villa like a small commoner’s house instead of letting her go to the Academy.”

“There is no honor to protect.”

His Highness Conrad mutters. He may be starting to believe this story a little.

Kvasir next to me looks like he is enjoying the story, but probably he looks like that no matter what he hears. Her Majesty the Queen doesn’t care about Kvasir at all.

“Even that was enough to be pitiful, but it seems that Count Elvasti, who was concerned about gossip, told her fiancé’s family that the marriage was no longer possible…”

“Were you released from your engagement?”

Her Majesty the Queen looks at me with such pity. If that were the case, it would have been good…

“No, it seems that the house was borrowing money from the Count Elvasti family, and when the engagement talks broke down, they thought they would be forced to pay it back right away, so they forcibly tried to marry her off by kidnapping her.”

Even His Highness Conrad, who had a skeptical attitude towards me, was naturally surprised.

“Did they go that far…?”

“Fortunately, I immediately protected Miss Linea when she escaped, so it didn’t come to anything serious.”

“So you protected Miss Linea and decided to hide her as she was.”

“That’s right.”

Lars-sama nods in response to the Queen’s question.

“Everyone knows that she has no one to rely on because of her father’s actions. I could not abandon Miss Linea like that.”

“You are a kind person… “

Her Majesty the Queen, who listened to the story, seems to have convinced herself.

However, it seems that His Highness Conrad still cannot completely abandon his doubts.

“Is there a possibility that all of this is your delusion?”

“No, there isn’t. I saw the scene where she was being chased and about to be caught.”

It seemed that Conrad had no choice but to retreat upon hearing this. He falls silent.

“Kvasir, you already have some interaction with this young lady, don’t you? Do you think Lars’s story is true?”

Kvasir smiles slyly when asked.

“Did you see a little bit of her talking with other noble children and young ladies? The trigger may have been made by Lars, but I think it could be felt that they also willingly talked with Miss Linea. Isn’t that proof that she is a person who can be trusted to a certain extent?”


Even though it wasn’t a clear way of saying it, Kvasir told me that I am a trustworthy person. That made me happy and I felt touched.

I can consider the fact that I was made to eat painful, crunchy sweets in my mouth excessively as not having happened.

“If you and Lars say so, then it must be true.”

The queen finally agrees.

“Miss Linea, I’m sorry for doubting you. I hope there will be blessings for you in the future.”

Saying that, the queen left the room.

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