Although I Am Supposed to Be the Villainess (Planned), I Just Want to Eat Confectionery – I Will Aim for a Peaceful Life with the Block Skill – Chapter 65

Although I Am Supposed to Be the Villainess (Planned), I Just Want to Eat Confectionery – I Will Aim for a Peaceful Life with the Block Skill

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Chapter 65: Idle Talk — Invitation to Michelia 1

It is very hard to pull up the water-filled bucket.

It was so heavy that I dropped it many times in the beginning.

Each time I was scolded by my colleagues, and in the end, I always heard the same thing.

——What are you pretending to be when you’re not a noblewoman anymore?

“I understand, such a thing.”

While pouring water into the bucket she brought, Michelia mutters.

“My father and mother are no longer here. There is no longer a house to live in. It burned down.”

Mother was interrogated by the sudden creditors and was desperate.

Even when an envoy came from the royal family to revoke the title, she became too stretched and started muttering something every day.

Michelia’s father said he was going to consult about the debts and never came back.

Then the servants, who had been friendly until then, scolded Michelia and left, turning their palms.

Michelia, who was left behind, was with her mother, who continued to mutter about something. However, one day, a servant forgot to take care of the fire and the mansion caught fire.

On that day, I could only stare at the mansion burning and losing sight of my mother and losing my home.

Albert, who once talked about making a eternal love, didn’t even come to help.

What came was a woman from a neighboring house who saw the flames and smoke.

She came because she was worried about the flames spreading to the surrounding forest. Rather, she was surprised that Michelia was still in the mansion, even though she had already lost her noble title. It seems that she thought Michelia had disappeared with her father.

She probably felt sorry for Michelia, who had been left behind.

Several of her father’s old stories hit the mark. But there are no noble families who will take Michelia in.

…But even in that family, there was no place for Michelia.

Days when I am only faced with glances that seem to be saying “Please leave soon.”

That’s why Michelia took the opportunity to get a job.

I thought it would be better to be a commoner than to stay here.

The Academy I went to is in this capital, thinking that I could at least do the cleaning I had to learn at the neighboring family’s house.

I was not very good at cleaning and was not welcomed by my colleagues, the servants.

However, in the case of Michelia’s colleague, who specifically targeted Michelia, it was not a problem with how to clean.

“I wasn’t trying to be charming.”

The maids at the Academy are mostly associated with merchants coming and going or their employees, or with the Academy’s own servants, male servants, and the servants of the nobles attending the Academy.

They approach Michelia, but it seems that her colleague’s lover is jealous.

It can’t be helped.

Michelia was a noble lady.

Even without considering the difference in appearance, she had more leisure to keep her skin and hair beautiful from a young age than any other maid. She must have looked beautiful to men compared to the other maids.

The maids who have a hard time with Michelia also envy her all the more because they know this.

On the other hand, Michelia had no interest in servants and the like.

“I had someone who promised to marry me.”

It was because she was still hung up on Albert.

——Why didn’t he come to see me?

——Why didn’t he help me?

Every time I think about a grudge, I think that there must have been a reason.

I’m sure he wasn’t even allowed to send a letter by father. Or maybe the letter he wrote was crushed.

There is a possibility that Michelia’s house being seized was also kept from him.

She couldn’t have borne it if she hadn’t thought so. Michelia had only one lifeline.

He might find me soon.

It must have become difficult to know where I am because the mansion caught fire. So I’ll hold out a little longer. Until Albert finds me.

I kept living as a servant with gritted teeth because of such hope.

And two years later.

The first person I found was Linea.

The person who caused Michelia’s father to fall into ruin.

Michelia’s father borrowed money from Count Elvasti to expand the mine. But soon after construction began, a collapsing accident occurred due to a long-lasting storm, and a carriage carrying materials fell off a cliff.

To make up for it, Michelia’s father said he found a place where sacred flowers were blooming and sold the sacred flowers.

However, the buyer of the sacred flowers complained that they were very fragile and almost all of them turned into powder while they were being transported.

As a result, they were unable to make up for the debt with sacred flowers that could only be used as ingredients for sacred flower confections, and they had to give up the mine.

The Allerid family, which had already lost assets due to repeated attacks by bandits, was in dire straits…

My father sold the sacred flowers in order to quickly raise funds, and the buyer was a foreign merchant, and it was illegal, which led to the Count family being crushed.

The people of the world say that it was all the Count Elvasti family’s conspiracy because they hated the Count Elvasti family so much.

Michelia doesn’t know for sure what happened, but she suspected the Count Elvasti family’s involvement because the strange situation continued for too long.

That’s why Michelia hated Linea.

She was demoted to the status of a servant, but Linea was able to remain a noble lady.

What was even more annoying was that she was seated in Albert’s new fiancee’s seat.

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